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Atten: Having reviewed all the obstacles and problems surrounding the transfer of your USD2.8 Million Dollars and your inability to meet up with some charges levied against you due to the past transfer options, We are the Board of Directors, United Bank for Africa UBA has issue you a CORPORATE ATM CARD also registered it with DHL to delivery to you. Contact Dhl Director, Mr.Harrison Wilson, Tel:+229 99 368 172 [email address removed] With your Full name Delivery Address Your Country and Phone Number note that A Tax/Stamp Duty MUST be procured according to the New Customs Creed and the essence to ensure a hitch-free delivery Mr Mark Jones
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Tu cuenta de correo electrуnico no se pudo actualizar automбticamente con nuestro ъltimo Anti-Spyware y Anti Malware 8.7. Versiуn 2017 HAGA CLIC AQUН para actualizar manualmente. De no hacerlo, resultarб en la terminaciуn de su cuenta y pйrdida de archivos y correos importantes. Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente. Administraciуn del sistema de correo electrуnico Copyright 2017
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Good day to you,Thank you for your reply email attach is copy of the payment confirmation slip and our delivery order, kindly inform us as soon as you have the money in your account and send us the transport details.Kind Regards,Charl BotesAccounting DeptTel: 2782 [email address removed]
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NOTE:THIS IS YOUR PACKAGE REGISTERED CODE NO OVX950. I want to acknowledge you that we have finally succeeded in getting your package worth$B!G(Bs of $7.5million out of (UN)United Nations with the help of Mr. James George Attorney General of Federal High Court of Justice, which act as your foreign Attorney representative here in Benin Republic. Meanwhile every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with the Agent Jerry cook for the delivery of your Consignment Box and every Document guiding your delivery is well updated so you are advised to reconfirm your full delivery information to the Agent Jerry Cook right now as he is mistakenly arrived at JFK International Airport NEW YORK with your Consignment Box. He has already called me with his number on his arrival 4hours ago. He is waiting to hear from you today with the information, NOTE: The Diplomatic agent Jerry Cook does not know that the content of the consignment box is $7.5Million and on no circumstances should you let him know the content. The consignments were moved from here as India Cloths, so never allow him to open the box on OK. He is waiting to hear from you today with the information, So you are advice to reconfirm your full delivery information to the diplomat and ask him to send you the DHL Airway Bill so as to prove to you that he is currently in your country also ask him to give you his mobile phone number so as to have easy conversation with him and to enable you give him your full direction to get your Consignment Box delivered to you and hand you over your Consignment Box safe and sound, Furthermore you are advice to be very fast as the Agent Jerry cook has no time to waste due to his flight ticket. So the Information you are required to reconfirm to the Agent Jerry cook is as Follow. (1)Your Full Name============(2)Mobile Phone Number=======(3)Current Home Address======(4)Fax Number================(5)Country===================(6)City======================(7)Nearest Airport ==========(8)Passport/Drivers license =(9)your Occupation=========== Kindly contact him via his email address, Contact person, Name Agent Jerry cook Phone Number text him or call 619) 659-7518 So contact him to deliver your consignment box first thing tomorrow morning possibly today, Make sure the bellow stated codes are identified when contacting him and the content of the box should not be revealed for his does not know the content as it's a VIP Delivery dispatched directly from my office and the director of the Company SHIPMENT CODE GJK72DWQ PACKAGE REGISTERED CODE NO OVX950. SECURITY CODE EYTU/3055WEZ/273/ TRANSACTION CODE 7126/JLFS/7128/17355/ CERTIFICATE DEPOSIT CODE MCBS/PQLE/9-6/01 SINCERELY MR ROBERT WILLIAMS CALL ME AFTER GOING THROUGH THE EMAIL +229-6801-7715 The Director of DHL Courier Company Benin Republic
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I'm Diplomatic Agent Mr.John David , I have been trying to reach you on your Email or your Telling Phone about couple of days now, just to inform you about my successful arrival in South San Francisco International Airport California, with your ATM VISA CARD. Which I have been instructed by D.H.L COURIER DELIVERY COMPANY to be delivered to your home address. The Airport Authority demanded for all the legal back up papers to prove to them that the ATM VISA CARD ready delivery, I have presented the papers I handed to them and they are very much pleased with the papers I presented but the only thing that is still keeping me here is the airport custom yellow tag and International Clearance Permit certificate. Which is not placed on the package, one of the Airport Authority has advice that we get the custom yellow tag and International Delivery Permit certificate which cost $81usd,send through money gram to Ben Ikem,Cotonou,Benin Republic and forward mtcn and sender and address to this [email address removed] Regard DIPLOMATIC. Mr.John David CALL ME OR TEXT ME ON THIS LINE us : (209) 788-4491
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----- Forwarded Message ----- From: PCH To: [email address removed] Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2017 4:35 PM Subject: PCHLOTTO 2017....Claims Code..BLS89773453.., You are the Email Winner of 850,000.00 USD in the recent Publishers Clearing House Lottery.Kindly send your contacts to [email address removed] Names:Residential Address:Tel:Sex:Age:PCH LOTTOMr. Todd Sloane
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  Dear, Glad to learn you are interested of damping sheet which is falling in our production line. All our products have been Rohs certified. Free samples can be sent on request.Call me.Let’s talk more. Best regards, OliverFoshan Kebi New Materials2-4,FU AN INDUSTRIALS PARK,LIAN DU CUN,LELIU TOWN,SHUNDE DISTRICTPost code:528300,Foshan-China.Offic Ph:+86-0757-23818995
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My Dearest, How are you with your family? I hope you are all fine. this is about thehelp i told you before, I am a good person i cant not eat alone, Allah havehelp me work everything , I'm happy to inform you about my success in gettingthose my late father's funds transferred under the cooperation another personfrom south Korea , Presently I?m in south Korea, meanwhile I didn't forget yourpast efforts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed ussomehow . Now contact the Coris Bank secretary in Burkina-Faso West Africa Mrs.Latifa Koumbousi through her e-mail id [email address removed] ) Ask her to send you the total sum of $500.000.00 USD (Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ) which I kept for your compensation for all thepast efforts and attempts to assist me in to come out from refugee camp . sofeel free and get in touched with the bank secretary Mrs.LatifaKoumbousi she will send the money to you. Please give some part of thismoney to the motherless baby in your Country GOD will bless you. Regards, Miss. Harrita Kipkalya.
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Dear Friend, I need your help transferring (US$4.5M DOLLARS) to your bank account.I have every enquiries?details to make the bank believed you and release the fund in within 5 banking working days with your full co-operation with me for success. Send the below requirement to enable me advice you on how to apply to the Bank for the claim. 1)Full names. 2)country of origin. 3)Your Mobile No. 4)Your Age. 5)occupation. Reply [email address removed] Thanks. Ms Safi Kabore
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you contact me with this address:( [email address removed] ).....
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FROM THE DESK OF ALHAJI AHMED IDRIS THE ACCOUNTANT GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. Attention Honorable Beneficiary, I want to start by apologizing to you on behalf of Nigerians and my administration as the ACCOUNTANT GENERAL of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for everything you have been through in the past trying to receive your fund without success. I have made a promise at the just concluded 70th Session of the UN General Assembly with world leaders in New York to make sure your payment is released unconditionally. we understand you have had bad experience dealing with Nigerians in the past; I also made a vow to make sure you receive your fund without falling into the hands of wrong people. I am not happy with the rate of crimes and scams being committed by Nigerians including the past administration in the person of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. I have received series or calls/emails complaining of how they got swindled by the past administration. we have vowed to prosecute the past administration over their corrupt practices and their inability to release your fund to you and also try to divert your fund. Our Legal Unit has already reviewed your Payment Files and they have passed it on to my desk for the final endorsement of which I have done. Be rest assured that you will receive your due Funds as soon as possible as far as you comply with the directives of my office and disengage your dealings with every entities who have brought bad names upon Nigeria. Since you were not able to receive your fund from the past administration base on your file here and inability to pay the fee required from you,please note you are not required to pay a cent to anyone or bank regarding the direct credit of this fund to any of your provide bank account, the only fee needed from you to have your fund release is bank to bank MT103 telex charge of $375 and you will be advise to send it across when it is required and the transfer has been done for fund confirmation. You are also advise to the following information, how you wishes to receive your fund either bank to bank through as the only opportunity to receive your fund and i advise you to stop any communication you may have with anyone claiming to have access to your fund or anyone you are dealing with for your own good. I wait your immediate response to this email address:( [email address removed] ) and thanks for your co-operation. Once again, i am sorry for the delay and congratulations. Yours sincerely, ALHAJI AHMED IDRIS OFFICE OF THE ACCOUNTANT GENERAL. THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.
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Dear Sscatcher, New 1000watt LED spotlight. IP66, replace the old 2000watt MH or HPS. Philip LED chip, 130lm/watt. 5 years warranty. Please let me know if you want more details. Simon 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Dear Friend, I am consultant Mr. Pich Yan and I represent my client who wants to invest in your country by proxy. He is interested in any business venture that is capable of generating annual return on investment (AROI). I have been instructed to open communication with you. With due respect Sir, my investor client is seeking means of relocating business interest in the following sectors: Agriculture, Transportation, Real Estate, Schools or Trading and is set to relinquish a huge investment capital. If you have a good project plan that requires funding or looking forward expanding an already existing business you know you can handle, kindly get back to me with your executive summary for feasibility study. Thank you. Anticipating possible partnership, Regards, [] Mr. Pich Yan.
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Good Day,KVC Valve Co., Ltd. is looking for Companies/Individuals to partner with. If interested, write us [email address removed] Kun Lie HR Manager
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ZENITH BANK INTERNATIONAL Zenith Heights Plot 87 Ajose Adeogun Street,Cotonou Benin Republic Attn:Payment Notification, This is to bring your notice that,I have paid the re_activation fee and the delivery of your atm master card,I paid it because the ATM MASTER CARD code is 8119 and the $2.5 million inside the card has less than three days to expire,and when it expires the money inside will go into the government purse. with that i have decided to help you pay the money so that the ATM MASTER CARD will not expire,because I know that when you get your ATM MASTER CARD definitely you must pay me back my money and even compensate me for helping you.Now i want you to contact DHL DELIVER COMPANY with your full delivery information's such as You$B!G(Bre name You$B!G(Bre country You$B!G(Bre home address You$B!G(Bre Tel phone number include your ID Card so that they can deliver your ATM MASTER CARD to your designated home address without any more i stated early the delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their official keeping charges since they refused,and they did it because they do not know when you are going to contact them and the dummorage might have increase,they told me that their keeping charges is $185,per day and i deposited it yesterday been the 25th Day of march him as soon as you receive this email.Below is their contact Information's Contact person: DR JORGE WILLFRED DHL DELIVERY COMPANY Phone number: +22999524736 [email address removed] contact them today to avoid increase of their official keeping fee.and let me know once you receive your ATM MASTER CARD. Regards MR JAMES UBA ATM MASTER CARD OFFICE ZENITH BANK INTERNATIONAL Federal Republic of Benin West Africa.
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My name is Danny Smith, I am the branch manager of Israel discount bank Yehuda Halevi, how're you doing today my friend do you know any one called Edward ? i am contacting you because you have the same surname. Thanks, Mr Danny Smith [email address removed]
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Hi,I'm Christopher Pulham from Bellair Solicitors. I have a client who is interested to invest in your country in the area of Real Estate Development or inject funds into any lucrative business already in place on the basis of Joint Venture Partnership. Best Regards. Christopher Pulham Bellair Solicitors. Address: 9-13 St. Andrew Street, London, EC4A 3AF, England Phone: 00447784080282.
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Gert Claasen (MD/Owner)Rustic Furn Cpt (pty) LtdTrl: +27 79 111 9695Web: via my BlackBerry from Vodacom From: Elia Gomez <> Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 21:40:09 +0000 Subject: Required Quotation. P.O Good day to you, We have gotten the purchase order from our government, it is so large that your company alone cannot supply all, if you have to meet up with the time frame.   Please-send us the revised-quotation so we can make the payment at once and do advise us about the shipping.     Waiting for your reply,  Best regards. KRISKO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD                          320/4, G.I.D.C. Chitra,                          Wang Lee Hung. Contact No.- +86237887743 FAX: +8654389623 " We Create Value to Your Business "
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Hi everyone, I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the weekend. I want to let you know that my home email address has changed as of March 26, 2017. From now on, please send all communications to: [email address removed] I will no longer be receiving emails at [email address removed] Thank you all for your attention to this matter.. All the Best, Beth P.>S. I had to copy and paste email addresses from Verizon message to this one, so I apologize if any of you receive this update twice. : )
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HI, This is Oliver from FOSHAN KEBI New Materials Co.,ltd. I am supplier of damping sheet. All our products have been RoHS certified and get a high reputation and hot market in Americas,European country and Turkey,other countries. Please contace me and talk more. Best regards, OliverFoshan Kebi New Materials2-4,FU AN INDUSTRIALS PARK,LIAN DU CUN,LELIU TOWN,SHUNDE DISTRICTPost code:528300,Foshan-China.Offic Ph:+86-0757-23818995
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from Mrs Tifany Williams
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Greetings Approved Beneficiary, Your name and your contact details was given to this office in respect of your total inherited compensation sum owed to you which you have failed to claim because of either non-compliance of official processes or because of your unbelief of the reality of your genuine payment. We wish to bring to you the solution to this problem right now, You are hereby notified that your Inheritance Contract Payment of Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars $4.5 M has been Approved to be made to you through United bank for Africa ATM Visa Card. The debit card can be used on any ATM machine all over the world or you can go to your bank to off-load the funds. We will approved United Bank for Africa International ATM Visa Card on your favor that will be credited with $4.5 Million United states dollars, before it is been sent to you direct to your doorstep which you are to use in accessing your fund in any ATM Stand location worldwide, our cash card will give you access for amount of withdraw via Internet or any cash ATM machine in the world at maximum of $5000 per day. It's easy to manage even with custom options to suit your particular business needs worldwide, Our cash card is available to transfer or withdraw money through our ISP online transfer, withdraw banking system anywhere you are in the world and you are also given an option to transfer funds from your ATM card to your local bank account. If you like to receive your fund this way, kindly contact me with the following information's Full name: Full mailing info: Your cell phone line: Country: Age and gender Occupation We have been mandated by the ECOWAS parliament to issue out the sum of $4.5 million in your favor this fiscal year so be informed that all the necessary arrangement of processing your fund of US $4.5 M into ATM Visa Card that will be dispatched to your designated address for your use in making daily withdrawals will be made as soon as we hear from you We are here to serve you better. Regards, Stephen West wood, E-mail: [email address removed]
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Hello, I recently sent you an email regarding our company and providing a Trying to Connect. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss this further. I look forward to your response. Kind Regards, Melissa Website Analyst _____ From: [email address removed] [email address removed] Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 8:10 AM To: [email address removed] Subject: Trying to Connect Hello, My name is Melissa and I work for a Search Marketing company. I was doing some research on your industry and I landed on your website. Thing is I had a look at some of the other businesses who are currently ranked on Page 1 and I truly believe you have a better website and a better brand. Long story short, I have created a 12-Page Analysis Of Your Website which addresses all of the technical and web errors on your website that is stopping you from ranking on PAGE 1... I am happy to send you this 12 Page Analysis Of Your Website FREE. All I want is the opportunity to call you and discuss THE WEBSITE AUDIT in greater detail. What do you think? Kind Regards, Melissa Website Analyst
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Estimado usuario Su direcciуn de correo electrуnico ha superado 2 GB creado por el webmaster, se estбn ejecutando actualmente en 2,30 GB, que no puede enviar o recibir un nuevo mensaje en subirlo 24 horas, por favor ingrese sus datos a continuaciуn para verificar y actualizar su cuenta: (1) Correo electrуnico: (2) Nombre: (3) Contraseсa: (4) Confirmar contraseсa: Gracias Administrador del sistema
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Dear Sir We, Fushun Tianyu Filtration material Co., Ltd. is one of the largest companies producing Bag Filters for Pollution Control Equipments. Polyester/polypropylene/nomex/ptfe/p84/pps/fiberglass dust collector filter sleevesUsed in cement/steel/power/chemical industry and other mills Why Choose US:Focus on dust filter bag and liquid filter bags production field for more than 20 yearsWith 10 person our own technology departmentOur products sell well in US, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Germany, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and other different countries in the world.   Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent out for your evaluation! We shall be pleased to receive your requirements for the same.   Best wishes! SunnyInternational Sales Divn Fushun Tianyu Filtration Material Co., Ltd.No.6 Chuangxin 4th Road, the Economic Development Area,Fushun city 113122, Liaoning Province, China.Tel: +0086-24-56608630Fax: +0086-24-56608603Pone: 86-15842306462
Click to view scam #226895 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 3:55 pm by
Wishing you have a nice day! Our PWM Solar charge controller from 3A to 30A. Our MPPT Solar charge controller from 5A to 80A. There are LCD display and LED display and also have IP68 water proof Solar charge controller. Our Solar charge controller are also hot sale in many projects from all of the world. Welcome enquiry from us to discuss more. Welcome take a step to our website to learn more our company and our goods. Best wishes, Sarah Wang
Click to view scam #226888 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 2:23 pm by
Dear Sir or Madam, Nice day,Glad to hear you are in textile market,We are Supplier for polyester woven wholesale ladies garments fabrics:4 ways stretch Barbie, high quality chiffon,all high &medial qualities of crepe,satin,bubble ggt……. 1,High quality.We have professional team and factory.2,Prompt reply on line3,Competitive price and quality.4,Accept small order.5,big product range. More than 1000items.6,Free samples for wholesales customer.7,Greige available,and Fast delivery. Wish you will interested in. Rgs,Lisa
Click to view scam #226885 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 1:34 pm by
Hello My Dear, I have contacted you because I have sent you the first payment of $5,000.00 from western union office, the total amount of your funds is $2.5, 000.00 which I have compensate you (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollar) Therefore you need to contact Western Union Director Dr.PAIUS SAM in western union in charge of your transfer payment slip, to give you the transfer payment information and MTCN to enable you pick up the first transfer of $5,000. 00 Western Union Director: DR.PAIUS SAM Contact this Email: [email address removed] ) to get him immediately. Office#: +229 67357662 Please try to contact him immediately today for him to forward the MTCN information to you, indicate the registration code of WU-PJP-489 to him, when contacting or calling him +229 67357662, He will be sending you $5,000.00 daily as per our bank discussion with him and your Acc/Code is, Do get in touch with me once you have received your money complete and try to send him all your information such as. Your full name:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: your phone number:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: your address:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: your country: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sincerely, Mr.Joesph Ben
Click to view scam #226883 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 12:02 pm by "Joesph."
From The Desk of Mrs Alkhazzan Mona Ahmed. Branch Manager National Bank of Abu Dhabi Al Ain Branch Ali Ibn Abi Talib St, Near Oud Al Tawba Round About,United Arab Emirates U.A .E Assalamualiakum, This message might meet you in (utmost surprise), however,it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction.I got your e-mail address in Internet while browsing after I decided to contact you and ask for your assistance in this urgent matter,requiring trust and confidentiality, I am Alkhazzan Mona Ahmed Saudi Arabian Citizen,am the Branch manager, National Bank of Abu Dhabi,(UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), Married with Five children.I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds of US$12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million United State Dollars) our bank deceased customer late Mr. Thomas Stone who died on (Egypt Air Flight 990) along with his family left unclaimed with our bank to you as the beneficiary. I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the Petroleum Corporation that Mr. Thomas Stone, died in the plane crash On October 31, 1999, (an Egyptian Boeing 767 Flight 990) with other passengers on board as you can confirm it yourself via the website below. Hence i am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 50/40 while 10% will be mapped out for expenses that may occur on the process.As a woman I want to entrust this fund in your hands for the future of my family. Please note that by the virtue of my position in the bank, I have worked out the perfect modality as well as I shall provide the relevant information's and documents for the successful claim and transfer of the funds in the account that will be provided by you. I can not stand in the forefront of this transaction because I work with the bank, that is why I have come to you, for assistance be rest assured that this project involve no risk to you, upon the receipt of your acceptance mail , I will provide you with further details.Reply through my private email address below. Respectfully yours, Alkhazzan Mona Ahmed. Branch Manager National Bank of Abu Dhabi Al Ain Branch Ali Ibn Abi Talib St, Near Oud Al Tawba Round About, United Arab Emirates Private [email address removed]
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Do You Need A Loan offer start from $30,000.00 to $10,000,000.00? Email Us Now At With Amount Needed As Loan And Phone Number. So please make sure that you apply with this info. Contact Email: [email address removed] Website:
Click to view scam #226878 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 12:14 am by
Dear Good Day, My name is Barr. Nicolбs Adam Mimiado, I am the corporate legal officer of Eco bank Lome, Togo here in West Africa I have emailed you earlier without a response. In my first email I mentioned about a deceased bank customer whose relatives I cannot get in touch with and I would like you to become the beneficiary of his assets. I am compelled to do this because I would not want the bank to push the late customer funds into the bank treasury as unclaimed inheritance. If you are interested you do let me know.I can be reached on this email address: [email address removed] Yours faithfully, Barr. Nicolбs Adam Mimiado
Click to view scam #226877 - Sent on March 26, 2017, 12:13 am by
  Dear Friend I seek your permission to work with you as my partner. I have about ?12.6 million from a very real source and I want the funds to be invested in your country. I want you to invest into real estate and other companies, which could yield high returns on investment (ROI), invest to lead. Please contact me through this email [email address removed] Sincerely, Michael Wellington    
Click to view scam #226876 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 9:48 pm by
Dear Beneficiary, Last Chance,......As the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) investigations carried out by my Office reveals that you are one of several foreign beneficiaries that has lost so much money to the Nigerian criminals but advise you to work with me if you want to receive your overdue $35.5 million dollars payment ok. To prove that you are the real beneficiary, I advise you to reconfirm all your details so I can cross-check if it tallies with what we have in our system to avoid any mistakes ok. As a matter of urgency and to avoid any mistakes trying to release your fund since we have conflicting details, kindly reconfirm all your details to me now while I advise you what can be done to receive your overdue $35.5 million dollars ok. Note that if you want your payment by Atm Card, Draft or Cheque, do indicate it so we shall work towards your chosen payment option to avoid any further delays but if you want to receive your fund by wire transfer, do state your receiving Bank details to me same time ok. Lastly, your payment has been enlisted among the 10 claims to be released any moment from now while assuring you that you are dealing with the real Governor of CBN now and you can be sure you will receive your fund if all genuine fund release documents are complete in your file and if not, I will advise you what to do to receive your fund ok. I am expecting you to respond to this mail promptly and if you fail, it means that your claim is fictitious and non-existed and would be treated accordingly. Note that my investigation to find out if you are the real beneficiary of the fund starts from your name, address and phone number and possibly your Bank details while awaiting your details so we can move ahead ok. Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
Click to view scam #226875 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 9:08 pm by
Good day I am Williams Dale     A private money changer and also into trading and also deal on bank instrument on bank to bank basis.     I buy Venezuela bolivars to pay USD/EURO and other bank instruments     We have 3 procedures for buying Venezuela bolivars at exchange rate of 100 for 1 usd/euros     1, After sign of contract we show our bank statement not later than 6months and once verified seller makes deposit to our local account in Venezuela and send us payment copies and once confirmed we wire usd and pay commission and first tranche is 5b to 10b     2, After sign of contract we give a verifiable bank draft on seller name and send soft copy for verification and once verified seller makes deposit to our local account in Venezuela and send us payment copies and once confirmed we wire usd and pay commission and first tranche is 5b to 10b     3, After sign of contract our bank send POF by MT199 to seller external bank and send copy to seller for verification and once verified seller makes deposit to our local account in Venezuela and send us payment copies and once confirmed we wire usd and pay commission and first tranche is 5b to 10b European bank, HK, Philippine, Swiss or send us your bank details first for approval from our bank before signing contract.     Regards, Williams Dale
Click to view scam #226874 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 8:55 pm by
Dearest in the lord, My name is Mrs Precious Ken am 69yrs old of age, I stay in new york city, USA.I am a good merchant, I have several industrial companies and good share in various banks in the world. I spend all my life on investment and corporate business. Along the way, I lost my husband and two beautiful kids in a fatal accident that occurred in November 5th 2015.After the incident that took away my husband and two beautiful kids, people ran away from me and now I realized that it's because of my greedy I don't care about people before. Later in the year 2016 I was sent a letter of medical check up from United Kingdom. My personal Doctor testify that I have a lung cancer, which can easily take off my life soon. I found it uneasy to survive myself, because a lot of investment cannot be run and manage by me again. Presently I am in United Kingdom for treatment because I don't know how long I am going to stay again. I quickly call up a pastor/prophet to give me positive thinking on this solution. He advised and minister to me to share my properties ,wealth, to motherless baby/orphanage homes/people that need money for survivor and for future raising. So I made up my mind to follow the instruction from God. I am writing this letter to people who really need help to contact me urgently. I have made available preparation to share the funds in various banks in the world especially the Orphanage, Homeless and divorced women.Please contact me and stop weeping. probably the little you can get from me will improve your living and God will be happy with me and forgive me for not being kind to people before. Let me know what you really need the money for, and if you can still help me to distribute money to nearest orphanage homes, feel free to contact me or you give me their contacts so that I ca n reach them. Now I am so much wi   Best Regards Mrs Precious Ken
Click to view scam #226873 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 8:30 pm by
Dearest One, I am Rosy kaka by name with age of 23 years old, my nationality is Ivorian, My father was a highly reputable business man (a cocoa merchant and supplier of aggro allied material Gold) who operated in the capital of Ivory Coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously during one of his business trips abroad in February last year. Although his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by my uncle who traveled with him at that time. But God knows the truth! My mother died when I was just 4 years old, and since then my father took me so special. Before his death on February last year, he told me about a box he concealed the sum of Five million, Five hundred thousand United State Dollars.($5.5M) and some Golds) deposited in one of the security company's here in Cotonou Republic of Benin West Africa, which he disguised and declared the box to contain family valuables instead of money, by this way the company does not know the true content of the box and He registered the consignment using the name of beneficiary or next of kin to be his business foreign partner living overseas. I have in my possession the deposit document which the company gave to my late father when he deposited the box with the security company. I really don't know what to do. This is because have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis that was in Ivory coast.The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. I am in a sincere desire of your assistance in this regards. I will like you to help me and contact the company as the beneficiary or next of kin for the claim of the box so that i can come over to your country and continue my Education there while you look for a very good lucrative business you can invest on since i am still too young to handle a business that will need such huge amount of money. Because since the death of my father, things has not been easy for me due to my uncle who killed my father also wants to eliminate me because of my fathers landed properties in order to claim them, I managed to escape from my fathers house to Cotonou where i am now hiding in one of the Refugee camp here in Republic of Benin because he is still in search of me. As soon as i hear from you i will forward the contact of the security company and the Deposit certificate. Now permit me to ask these few questions:- 1. Can you honestly and willingly help me as your sister? 2. Can I completely trust you? 3. What percentage of the total amount in question Will be good for you after the money is in your country? Please, consider this and get back to me as soon as possible. HERE IS MY EMAIL ADDRESS [email address removed] Thanks and god bless. Best Regard, Rosy Kaka
Click to view scam #226870 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 5:01 pm by "annekaka."
Click to view scam #226868 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 4:29 pm by
From Desk Of Mr. james heawardBank Of Africa Financial PlannerAddress: ACI 2000 ? Imm. SIPROVET ? HamdallayeBP E 566 - Bamako - Mali                                 RE:  $10 Million, ATM Master Card PaymentDear Fund Beneficiary,This is the 3rd time i am sending you this notification letter regarding to your abandoned ATM Master Card valued sum of US$10 Million and i have not received any positive respond from you or making a suggestion on how you wish to receive your ATM Card. Once again; I am Mr. james heaward, the new director ATM Head of Operation Bank Of Africa, I resumed to this office on the 5th of February 2015 and during my official research I discovered an abandoned ATM Master card valued sum of $10 Million belonging to you as the rightfully intimate beneficiary.I tried to know why this card has not been released to you but I was told by the Union management that the former director ATM head of operation who left this office four months ago withhold your card for his own personal use without knowing that his evil plans towards diverting your fund will be discovered.Now that your ATM Master card is still available and ready for your receiving, therefore you can come down here to our bank to pick up your card direct from my office or alternatively it can be arranged ship to your address through any registered reliable courier service company that you will take care of the courier charge, hope it is cleared and accepted by you?I don't know the courier cost of shipping the card to you but if you  permit me and accept the terms, then I can make an inquiry from the courier shipping company to find out the cost, but in that case you will be required to forward to me your address where you want to receive the card to enable me find out the shipping cost to your location.Your direct telephone number and address will be needed and more details of your ATM card payment will be made known to you as soon as I receive your swift positive response.Thanks for your co-operation and i wait for your kind positive respond.Yours Faithfully,Mr. james heaward
Click to view scam #226867 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 4:13 pm by
Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: Healthy Leaf > Date: 25 March 2017 at 1:28:03 pm GMT > To: > Subject: CBD Oil Legal in all 50 states > > CBD Oil Legal in all 50 states > Relieve Anxiety Today! > > > > ? ? ?
Click to view scam #226863 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 1:41 pm by
Dear Sir, Guangzhou Hong Peng Animation Technology Co.,Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, agents, cooperation, promotion in one of the professional animation equipment supply business. Our company was established in June 2008, there are 2,000 square machine exhibition hall, and all kinds of high-end configuration and new models readily available. Products:Fully transparent chassis/Game maker/Robot baccarat/Transparent chassis/Fishing game machine/The sea king fishing machine/Online baccarat/Mobile manipulator/LAN manipulator/Manipulator source factory Advantage:design team,product line,and sales team Service:offer technology for door to door If you have any interest, please contact me Waiting for your reply soon. Best regards, JenniferGuangzhou Hong Peng Animation Technology Co.,Ltd.QQ:1374901222
Click to view scam #226860 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 12:30 pm by
Urgent Attention: We have finally succeeded in getting your package worthy of $12.5Million Dollars out of delivery your consignment with the help of Dr David Don Attorney General of Federal High Court of Justice Benin which act as your foreign Attorney representative here in Benin. So every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with the Agent Mr. Nathaniel Douglas of your package and every Documents guiding your delivery is well updated so you are advice to re-confirm your full delivery information to the Agent right now as he is currently at Washington DC International Airport in USA with your consignment box, As he called me this morning to inform me that he misplaced your delivery address which he has. So you are advice to reconfirm your full delivery information to the diplomat and call him with this Number +1 {3134512385 so as to have easy conversation with him and to enable you give him full direction to get your package delivered to you and hand you over your package safe and sound, Furthermore you are advice to be very fast as the Agent Mr. Nathaniel Douglas has no time to waste due to his flight ticket, So the Information you are Required to Reconfirm to the Agent is as Follow. (1)Your Full Name................... (2)Mobile Phone Number............ (3)Current Home Address........... (4)Fax Number........... (5)Country............... (6)City..................... (7)Nearest Airport.............. As he is at Washington DC International Airport in U.S.A right now because of the Searching and Scanning of the consignment box which made him to misplace your address (8) A Copy of Your I D For attached Identification. So contact him to deliver your package first thing tomorrow morning possibly today, So get back to u immediately you contact the Agent to make sure that your fund has getting to you without any hitch, Please try to make sure that you contact him with this INFORMATION. Agent Name : Mr. Nathaniel Douglas Email [email address removed] Call or SMS: +1 {3134512385 So contact him to deliver your Consignment box first thing tomorrow morning possibly today, So get back to us immediately you contact the Agent to make sure that your fund has getting to you without any hitch, Furthermore remember the Agent delivering the Consignment Box does not know the content of that consignment box is money,Because the Attorney which represented you registered it as a family value to avoid hitch during the delivery so unknown circumstances should you let him know the content of that consignment box is to avoid lost of your fund as your Consignment was Sign and Stamp by Federal Ministry of Justice to make sure that it is protected until it gets to you.. Regards Rev. Jerry Mark Mobile: (+229) 64106352
Click to view scam #226857 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 11:57 am by
RE: INSTRUCTION TO TRANSFER OVER DUE PAYMENT Attention: Beneficiary This is to inform you that this bank did received payment advice from bank of america (BOA) in conjunction with common wealth bank austraia to pay to you the total amount of US$5.8Million. Note that a final approval has been given to your claim and your funds have been transferred from US bank who has the final authority to transfer out of the shores such amount of Fund. We have just received an email from one MR. KAMICHI YASHITA who introduced himself as your next of kin also that you have instructed him to receive the funds into his account on your behalf. MR. KAMICHI YASHITA informed us that you are dead also that the instruction was given to him before your death. We have asked him to forward the copy of the letter you gave him but have not yet heard from him. THIS IS THE ACCOUNT DETAILS HE FORWARDED TO US: Bank Name: MIZUHO BANK, NARIMASU BRANCH. Address: 2-11-2, NARIMASU, ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN SWIFT CODE: MSDKBGHUT. Bank Account No: 239-1-563-321. Beneficiary: ROS LTD. (KAMICHI YASHITA) we are writing for you to confirm this message and if it is not true, you are required to forward with immediate effect the following information to enable us carry out this transfer to your account within the next 48 hours. forward as a matter of urgency the following: FULL NAMES AND ADDRESS................................................. DIRECT TELEPHONE....................................... BANK NAME AND ADDRESS.................................................. ACCOUNT NUMBERS........................................................ SWIFT CODE............................................................. ROUTING NUMBERS........................................................ You don't have to pay any charges to receive your fund anymore as you have met up with the whole requirements,your representatives in Africa or United Kingdom will tell you to still go ahead with them but know that your on own risk.The only thing required from you is to obtain the transfer authorization code. Since that is what our correspondent bank in United State needs for the transfer of your fund to your designated bank account. And endeavor to send me mail if you know you did not send MR. KAMICHI YASHITA for Fund. Email: [email address removed] We await your urgent response Allen Smith
Click to view scam #226853 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 10:04 am by
Hi, I Am *Shreya *(Business Development Manager) We specialize in *re-designing and re-developing websites* if you are considering any of the following projects. Please let us know in case you are interested. I would be happy to* share our Work Portfolio, Client testimonials and Service Packages* *You can give me your Skype id or Phone number to discuss more.* *Kind Regards, * Shreya Business Development Manager
Click to view scam #226848 - Sent on March 25, 2017, 9:44 am by













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