Estimado usuario de correo electrónico;Superó 23.432 conjunto buzón RepositorioWeb / gerente y los problemas de servicio de envío ycontrolar para recibir el correo. necesita actualizarHaga clic en el enlace de abajo y llene la información para verificar la cuenta.Haga clic aquí para actualizar la bandeja de entrada.¡Atención!Si es así, no será sólo un acceso limitado al buzón de correo.Si no actualiza su cuenta dentro de los tres díasnotificación de actualización, que será permanentemente excluidos de la consideración. * * * * * Universidad de Granma http://www.udg.co.cu Participe en el VI Congreso Cubano de Desarrollo Local, Hotel Sierra Maestra, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba, del 28 al 30 de marzo de 2017.
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PGh0bWw+PGJvZHk+PFA+RGVhciBGcmllbmQsPC9QPg0KPFA+TmljZSB0byBrbm93IHlvdSwg VGhpcyBpcyBNcyBDaGVuIGZyb20gSklBTkdZSU4gWkVDIEZBQlJJQyBDTy4sTFREIHdoaWNo IGlzIGEgbGVhZGluZyBtYW51ZmFjdHVyZSBwcm9kdWNlIGFsbCBraW5kIG9mIG5vc2Ugd2ly ZSBhbmQgZWxhc3RpYyBlYXIgbG9vcCBmb3IgTm9uLXdvdmVuIGZhY2UgbWFza2luZyBVc2lu Zy48L1A+DQo8UD5BcyBhIGxlYWRpbmcgbm9uLXdvdmVuIGZhY2UgbWFzayBtYXRlcmlhbHMg bWFudWZhY3R1cmVyIGluIENoaW5hLCB3ZSBzcGVjaWFsaXplIGluIHByb3ZpZGluZyBoaWdo IHF1YWxpdHkgYW5kIHN1aXRhYmxlIHByaWNlIGZvciBldmVyeSBjbGllbnQgLHdlIGFsc28g aGF2ZSBlc3RhYmxpc2hlZCBnb29kIHJlbGF0aW9uc2hpcCB3aXRoIG1hbnkgZmFtb3VzIGNv bXBhbmllcyBmcm9tIENoaW5hLCBKYXBhbiwgVVNBLCBSdXNzaWEgYW5kIHNvIG9uLjwvUD4N CjxQPldlIGhvcGUgd2UgY2FuIGJlIHlvdXIgcGFydG5lciBhbmQgb2ZmZXIgbXV0dXJhbCBi ZW5lZml0IGNvb3BlcmF0aW9uIGluIHRoZSBuZWFyIGZ1dHVyZS48L1A+DQo8UD5JZiB5b3Ug d2FudCB0byBnZXQgbW9yZSBkZXRhaWxzIGFib3V0IG91ciBwcm9kdWN0cyxwbGVhc2UgcmVw bHkgbWUgYmFjaywgSSB3aWxsIGdpdmUgeW91IGFsbCB5b3VyIG5lZWQuPC9QPg0KPFA+Rm9y IG1vcmUgaW5mb3JtYXRpb24sIHBsZWFzZSBmZWVsIGZyZWUgY29udGFjdCB3aXRoIG1lLjwv UD4NCjxQPkxvb2tpbmcgZm9yIHlvdXIga2luZCByZXBseS48QlI+QmVzdCBSZWdhcmRzLjwv UD4NCjxQPk1zIENoZW48QlI+Q29tcGFueSBOYW1lOkppYW5neWluIFplYyBGYWJyaWMgQ28u LEx0ZDxCUj5BZGQ6Tm8uMjgsemhlbnlhbmcgUm9hZCxRaW5neWFuZyBUb3duICxKaWFuZ3lp biBjaXR5LENoaW5hPEJSPlRlbC9GYXg6Kzg2IDUxMCA4MTYxMTAyMyZuYnNwOyA8QlI+V2Vp Y2hhdDorODYgMTUwNTIxNzkxMDE8L1A+PC9ib2R5PjwvaHRtbD4
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Attention Dear!!! The Dept OF African Union wishes to officially notify you once again of your status via your email address as our previous letter to your home address mailbox was returned undelivered,therefore we use this above email/letter to inform you that a cash payment for the over due of your contractual- inheritance payment,which have been RELEASED and APPROVED for onward paying you in fiscal Cash. And we are using this cash payment method to pay you after all attempts to pay you through Bank, and some other failed means. We made a private arrangement with a financial expert and a higher delivery agent an International Diplomatic Dispatch Officer to convey these cash boxed-money to your designated door step for at personal collections. The high delivery agent has left since three days ago with the security proof box in worth of $12,700.000.00 Million, and has arrived in the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Georgia (USA). You're advised to reconfirm your delivery address to him immediately to enable him deliver the boxed-consignment to you within the stipulated time. So contact him immediately via his email Contact Name: mark Edward Telephone Number: +1(404)719-5474 Email: [email address removed] Thanks for your understanding. Yours in service, Mr.James Mike
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ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION NIGERIA INVESTIGATION BUREAU (EFCC) No5 FOMELLA STREET,OFF ADETOKUNB0 ADEMOLA CRESCENT WUSE II ABUJA. Tel: +234-0838232641 Attn: Beneficiary, I am Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde the chairman of ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC). EFCC in alliance with economic community of West African states (ECOWAS) with head Office here in Nigeria. We have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam Artists in Western part of Africa With the help of United States Government and the United Nations. We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various parts of west African countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO, GHANA CAMEROUN AND SENEGAL) and they are all in our custody here in Lagos Nigeria. We have been able to recover so much money from these scam artists. The United Nation Anti-crime commission and the United State Government have ordered the money recovered from the Scammers to be shared among 100 Lucky people around the globe. This email is being directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria and with the information gartered from this Scam artist, we notice that you have been scammed of so much money and have decided to compensate you with a little token to recover the lost of your fund. You are therefore being compensated with the total sum $2.5 Million Dollars. We have also arrested all those who claim that they are barristers, bank officials, Lottery Agents who has money for transfer or want you to be the next of kin of such funds which does not exist. Since your name appeared among the lucky beneficiaries who will receive a compensation of US$2.5 Million, we have made arrangement to register an Online Banking through our Global Bank, where you will have full access to your Online Banking Account Fund, to transfer your fund personally to your Private Bank Account with no complication of things or questioning as the Account will be fully registered in your Name. Feel free to contact the processing officer MR JAMES GODWIN. The online Banking Processing is made much easier for you to transfer your fund to your private Bank Account personally, to avoid any delay or complication of things. With this Online Banking Transfer Processing, you can only transfer the Maximum Amount of US$500.000.00 daily/install mentally until the total amount of your Compensated/deposited fund is transferred and completely paid to you. So you are advice to contact, processing officer MR JAMES GODWIN with your provided information?s required for verification below. CONTACT PERSON: MR JAMES GODWIN CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email address removed] CONTACT TELEPHONE: +234-0838232641 Provide the information below to enable the processing of your Online Banking Account for deposition of your total compensated fund. 1) YOUR FULL NAME. 2) YOUR ADDRESS. 3)YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER. 4) YOUR OCCUPATION 5) YOUR IDENTITY. 6) COUNTRY Contact MR JAMES GODWIN with the information required for verification to enable him start the processing of your Online Banking Account Registration. We guarantee your safety and wish you the best of luck. Best Regard, Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde CHAIRMAN ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) FOREIGN OPERATIONS DEPT, LAGOS-NIGERIA
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ATTENTION: We the IMF receive the scan copy of the certificate and check in your winnings package forwarded to us by the Airport Authority and we have carry out all our investigation on this said winning in order to ensure that you are the real owner of the winnings and it has been clear and certify that you are the owner of the winnings, which we have also confirm its the needed certificate that was attach and send to us, we will release your winnings in a short time but for the process of this certificate to be concluded, We will have to sign an AFFIDAVIT PAPERS AND GUARANTEE AGREEMENT, that will also enable your winnings to be release to the DHL Courier Asap. because this papers are very necessary in releasing your winnings and in other for any other security agency to hold you for any charges or custom service in your state, so to sign the Papers for you its will cost you the sum of $95USD once the payment is confirmed your winnings will be released to the FedEx to proceed on the disbursement of your winnings package to your delivery destination without any delay. Your urgent reply is needed ASAP. You Are to make the payment to the address below to: Receiver?s Name :Godwin uzoma City::::::::: ::::::Cotonou >> Country;::::::: ::Benin Republic >> Question ::::::::::Info >> Answer:: ::::::::::Info >> Amonut:::::::::::$95 >> Mtcn::::::::::::::::: >> >> Regard >> Mr Sam Johnson >
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Responsive Email .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; max-height:0; line-height:0; padding:0; mso-hide:all; overflow:hidden; } @media (min-width: 481px){ .mobile-hide{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:inherit !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; overflow:hidden; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ body{ background-color:#FFFFFF !important; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ .mobile-hide{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ .portrait{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:none !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .mobile-hide{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:inherit !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; overflow:hidden; } } Bosley can help you change your life! If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this important message, visit here. This message was delivered to you because you have subscribed at the site of one of our valued affiliates and have expressed an interest in receiving offers of this type. If you no longer wish to receive these offers and want to stop future mailings from this affiliate, you may do so here. Please allow 2–5 days for this to take effect. You can also send correspondence to: GRS Customer Service, 8930 State Road 84 Suite 217, Davie, FL 33324
I Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault , wish to make this donation to you as part of my charitable gesture. If you are interested do contact me. Regards, Bernard Jean Arnault
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CONTACT DHL OFFICE IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR ATM MASTERCARD  Attention; Beneficiary,       This is to official inform you that we have been having meeting for the past three (3) weeks which ended two days ago with DR. JIM YONG KIM, the world bank president and other seven continent's presidents'. on the congress, we treated on solution to scam victim's problems.Note: we have decided to contact you following the reports we received from anti-fraud international monitoring group and your name/email was submitted to us. Therefore, the united nations have agreed to compensate you with the sum of (USD $1.5Million). this compensation  also include international business that failed you in the past due to government problems etc.        We have arranged your payment through our ATM MasterCard and handed it over to Benin Republic DHL Office to deliver it to you which is the latest instruction from the World Bank president MR. JIM YONG KIM, For your information, the   delivery charges has already been paid by U.N treasurer, so therefore, the only money you are expected to send to DHL office Benin Republic is $165 dollars for security keeping fee, U.N coordinator has already paid for other charges for delivery except the security keeping fee, the  DHL office refused collecting the security keeping fee from U.N coordinatorbecause the Director of DHL office said that they don?t know exactly when you will contact them to reconfirm your details to avoid counting demurrage that is why they refused collecting the $165 dollars for security  keeping fee.       Therefore, you are expected to contact Rev: John Mbaka DHL Office Director Benin Republic who is in position to deliver your ATM MasterCard to your location address, contact DHL immediately with the bellow email & phone number aslisted below. Contact name: Rev: John MbakaEmail :( [email address removed] +229-98652007 Make sure you reconfirmed DHL Office your details ASAP as stated below to avoid wrong delivery. Your full name..........Home address:.........Your country...........Your city..............Telephone..............Occupation:...........Age:??????............  Let us know as soon as possible you receive your ATM MasterCard for proper verifications. Regards,Mrs Vivian kakadu.DEPUTY SECRETARY-GENERAL (U.N)Cotonou Benin Republic    
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-----Original Message----- From: OurTi me To: nonibdt Sent: Sat, Jun 25, 2016 8:44 pm Subject: Reset OurTime Dear [email address removed] Your account was recently Log in from Unknown Location...Kindly SigninHere to avoid account closure Thank you! OurTime.com administrator!
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My Sincere Greetings, I am MRS.LOUISA BESSON; I have decided to donate what I have to you/Churches/ Motherless babies/Less privileged/Widows' because I am dying and diagnosed for cancer for about 2 years ago. I have been touched by God Almighty to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to you for good work of God Almighty. I have asked Almighty God to forgive me and believe he has because he is a Merciful God I will be going in for an operation soon. I decided to will/donate the sum of ($8.5 million Dollars) to you for the good work of God Almighty, and also to help the motherless and less privilege and also forth assistance of the widows. At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls right now due to the fact that my relatives (that have squandered the funds gave them for this purpose before) are around me and my health status also. I have adjusted my will and my lawyer is aware. I wish you all the best and May the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the funds judiciously and always extend the good work to others. As soon you get back to me, I shall give you info on what I need from you then you will contact the bank and tell them I have willed those properties to you by quoting my personal file routing and account information. And I have also notified the bank that I am willing that properties to you for a good, effective and prudent work. I know I don't know you but I have been directed to do this by God Almighty. If you are interested in carrying out this task, get back to me for more details on this noble project of mine. Yours Faithfully, Mrs. LOUISA BESSON.
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Refuse to delete me from their spam list, tried many times, now they spoofed my email ________________________________ From: [email address removed] on behalf of Christian Matchmaker.com Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 4:01 PM To: mohot22 Subject: Connect Through Faith Meet Christian Singles [http://onlinebesness2016.com/5435] [http://onlinebesness2016.com/5435/249837/176193201/4248] [http://onlinebesness2016.com/6a0273dc97/249837/176193201/4248]
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?This is a text part of the message. It is shown for the users of old-style e-mail clients
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More than 13 million people in the United States -- experience incontinence - Click Show Images
Good afternoon my boyWould you mind to finding a young and nice girl? 8-DMy name is Morissa. I am from Russia :-)Have you ever heard that the loveliest girls in the world live in my country? Don't even doubt!my profile is here: Thinking about youI have much more sexy pics for you, my superman! Call me!
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Agence des États-Unis pour le développement international "USAID- CANADA" Siège Social: 304 Rue Saint Antoine E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1A3, Canada [email address removed] PROGRAMME DE RECRUTEMENT USAID CANADA Vous êtes libre, vous avez des diplômes, vous voulez vous installez au canada, pour servir l?humanité, voila une possibilité avec USAID Canada qui vient d?être autorisé par le parlement canadien pour recruter plus de 10.500 personnels expérimentés, pour des embauches, ce projet est destiné a toute personne morale et prêt à voyager et à s?installer au Canada afin de lutter contre le vieillissement de la population canadienne qui pourrait doubler dans les 20 prochaines années. Nous recherchons avant tout des personnes capables de s?adapter à notre environnement de travail. POSTE DISPONIBLE A CHOISIR Audit d?entreprise, contrôle de gestion,expertise comptable, gestion des ressources humaines, montage de projet marketing, chauffeur, plomberie,communication, droits des affaires, commerce international, agricole, agro-industrie et transformation des aliments, management de qualité, connaissance dans les normes de qualités, transport et logistique secrétariat, secrétariat bilingue, secrétariat informatisé, opérateur bancaire, médecine, infirmerie,financements de projets, assurance, brevets, licences intellectuelle,hôtellerie, restauration, ingénierie, informatique, service publique,agronomie,relation publique, publicité CONDITION PARTICULIÈRES A REMPLIR ? Avoir entre 25 et 55 ans au plus ? Être de bonne moralité ? Être disponible pour voyager ? Être titulaire du BACCALAURÉAT ou autre diplôme professionnel ? Avoir acquis d'expérience professionnelle serait un atout ? Savoir parler le Français Pour postuler à ce programme de recrutement, il vous suffira d'envoyer a la direction ou le secrétariat général ici a Montréal par [email address removed] les pièces citées ci dessous - Un CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) - Une Lettre de motivation - Une Photo d'identité - les copies des diplômes - les attestations de travail ou les certificats des services rendus A signé Directeur général
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Hello Sir, I am Donald Douglas extending this proposal to you in my capacity as an Accountant and Chief Auditor of the Review/Audit Committee Scrutinizing all records of contracts awarded by the previous SENATE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN CONTRACT in the Nigeria National petroleum Corporation (NNPC). And during this process, I uncovered a floating amount of US$25,351,000.00 (TWENTY FIVE MILLION,THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) without a clear beneficiary owing to a deliberate act of over-invoicing and illegal inflation of contract value by dismissed corrupt officials of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) by our new President, Muhammadu Buhari.It will interest you to know that major changes has taken place in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) by the new Government of President Buhari,if you are following Nigerian Politics. Kindly accept my hands in business and friendship so that we can get this done without any hitch. In view of the above, this money US$25,351,000.00 has already been approved by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) where the contract was Executed and is secured under contract number. FGN/NNPC/02299C.B/98. As Civil Servants, we are not authorized to operate Foreign Bank Account and this is one of the reason why i am contacting you to assist in receiving this funds in your Bank Account as the beneficiary.Hence, I have chosen you as my Foreign Partner and upon your acceptance , I will regularize the approval documents to effect you as the true beneficiary under the contract number above. Note, I will be retiring from Civil Service immediately this funds is well deposited into your Account and I would then, wish to come and reside in your Country with my Family and shall rely on your expatriate advise to invest my own share of this money(US$25,351M) in your Country. I shall reward you with 30% of the total amount for your kind assistance and 5% for Logistic expenditures Account for both parties. I assure you, this business is in a very comfortable condition as every modalities to effect the smooth and immediate transfer of this funds has been carefully worked out if your cooperation is there.Please your prompt response is highly desired, indicate your willingness to assist by contacting me through my lawyer BARR GEORGE OWONIYI, [email address removed] for urgent attention to be taken. Do note that this is 100% legal and risk free. my words.You are free to ask questions where you are understand. I am waiting for your urgent response. Thanks and God bless I remain, Donald Douglas
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Attn: SIRWe receive instruction from the new president that all contractors that are due to receive their payment will receive their fund through MASTER CARD payment system, You are required to reconfirm you information to enable us commence the processing of your fund into your account.You are advice to stop every communication with any body or group of people regarding to this payment.Your urgent attention is needed in regards to this payment.I wait from your prompt response.Regards,Dr. Uzoma OyezeChairman Contract Award Division (NNPC)
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THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR CONTACT Our Ref: CBN/OHG/OXD1/09 Your Ref: ............... TELEX: CENTRAL BANK. PAYMENT FILE: CBN/BEN/09. PAYMENT NOTIFICATION, Definitely, I know that this letter will be a surprising one to you. Firstly, I will like to introduce my self formally as Mr.Godwin Emefiele, The Executive Governor of The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). I am officially contacting you today because your Inheritance Funds were Re-deposited into the "Federal Suspense Account" of CBN Central Bank Of Nigeria last week, because you did not forward your Claim as the Rightful beneficiary Well known to all, The Central Bank of Nigeria is the mother Bank of all commercial Banks here in Nigeria. So has the singular right to carry out this delivery. Really these men were unexpected by me because their visit was impromptu. I had to ask them why they came to see me in person and they said that they were here to collect the Inheritance Bill in Sum of ($5 MILLION USD) which rightfully belongs to you, on your behalf. In respect of your unfinished transaction which you are unable to collect your fund. At this development I asked them who authorized them to come down to Nigeria for the Collection of this Payment and they told me that you asked them to come and collect this Funds on your Behalf. In fact this was the biggest shock that this Bank have ever received so far because your Inheritance Funds is still in the "Federal Suspense Account" of CBN, yet you sent these men to come and collect this Funds on your behalf without notifying us. We in this Bank do not understand why you sent these men to come and Collect your Funds on your behalf. If actually you want them to help you collect your Inheritance Bill Sum, at least you should have informed me as the Executive Governor of this Bank. They actually tendered some Vital Documents, which proved that you actually sent them for the Collection of this Fund. Honestly, it really baffles me that you took such decision without my consent, by and large we still have to consider the fact that as the rightful owner of the fund you still have your own rights too. Here are the Documents, which they tendered to this Bank: 1. LETTER OF ADMINISTRATION. 2. HIGH COURT INJUNCTION. 3. ORDER TO RELEASE. Actually, these Documents, which they tendered to this Noble Bank, is a clear Proof that you sent them to Collect this Funds for you. Finally, I told them to come back and they promised to come back. As the Governor of this Noble Bank, I was supposed to Release this Funds to them but I refused to do so because I wanted to hear from you first. Due to the Nature of my job, I will not want to make any mistake in Releasing this Funds to anyone except you whom is the Recognized Bonafide Beneficiary to this Funds. Kindly clarify us on this issue before we make this Payment to these foreigners whom came on your behalf. In receipt of this confidential Letter, you are required to respond immediately to this email : with your full name, address and phone number for reconfirmation and immediate action. However, I want you to know that this fund will reach via bank to bank transfer, neither by any courier nor postage because we found out that there have been much Problems when trying to deliver this via courier services. Moreover the transferring bank will be introduced as soon as we confirmed from you if really you send those men to get your fund on your behalf. I also want you to know that the only fee attach to this fund which you must have to take of is the administrative charges and the paper work $90usd.So be informed. OFFICIALLY SIGNED. GOVERNOR OF CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA GOVERNOR GODWIN EMEFIELE
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________________________________ From: [email address removed] on behalf of Renewalbyandersen Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 4:33 PM To: mohot22 Subject: Renewal by Andersen ? Free Window Consultation Save on windows this spring ? Free Consult From Renewal by Andersen [http://shorecities.com/5828] [http://shorecities.com/5828/249890/176193201/3918] [http://shorecities.com/6a0273dc97/249890/176193201/3918]
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________________________________ From: [email address removed] on behalf of CCU Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 2:42 PM To: mohot22 Subject: timgibsonguitarsmith, Learn About Our Flexible Schedules, Small Classes and 40+ Degree Programs and Certificates timgibsonguitarsmith, Learn About Our 40+ Degree Programs and Certificates - 100% Online [http://clock.sommarketing.net/4276] [http://clock.sommarketing.net/4276/249821/176193201/4475] [http://clock.sommarketing.net/6a0273dc97/249821/176193201/4475]
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AID AFRIWEST for Africa Is ready to purchase the listed below foodstuffs. 1. Rice 2. Beans 3. Milk 4. Sugar 5. Vegetable Oil 6. Onion 7. Cement As an authorised foodstuffs agent. This is 2016 foodstuffs supply contract project from AID AFRIWEST for Africa The foodstuffs is for the sustenance of refugees of war affected countries, Like Somalia, Sudan, Liberia and others. Payment has been made to be 100% full payment by Telegraphic swift Transfer (T/T) after signing of the contract agreement with the contract awarding board of directors in Mali. If your Company can supply any of these products please reply me, then I will help you to get the contract through my office. You will receive the complete payment of the contract value before shipping your goods. Port of destination is TOGO LOME Sea Port. Best Regards, Mr Camara +223 96183471
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On Saturday, June 25, 2016 12:08 PM, Ramphis Martin via LinkedIn wrote: | LinkedIn Ramphis Martin sent you a private message Date: 6/25/2016 http://www.linkedin.com/?action=viewMessage&nt=profile&member=aac4c View/reply to this message Don't want to receive e-mail notifications? Adjust your message settings. This email was intended for [email address removed] Learn why we included this. © 2016, LinkedIn Corporation. 2029 Stierlin Ct. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA |
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Greetings, My name is Mrs Celine Ross, I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My health condition is very bad, I have few days to live due to my cancer problem. I want to donate this money $2,700,000.00 million dollars to you for the work of God. I wish to give this money to charity organization that will use this money $2,700,000.00 million dollars in activities like, Orphanages homes, building schools for poor and propagating the work of God. If I don't hear from you I will look for another person or any organization. Please this is reason why I ask you to send me your full name and address so I will obtain the affidavit that will prove you the right beneficiary to this money. Your Full names------------------- Your Address----------------------- Your Age----------------------------- Your Occupation------------------ Your Telephone-------------------- Please write back immediately to my private email: [email address removed] I am waiting for your reply immediately so that I will send you the certificate of deposit of this money. Remain blessed in the Lord. Thanks, Mrs Celine Ross
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JPMorgan Chase Bank, 112th & Broadway Branch Full Service Brick and Mortar Office 2875 Broadway New York, NY 10025 Lobby Hours Mon-Fri::: 8:30 - 6:00 Sat::: 9:00 - 2:00 Sun::: Closed This is Mr Robert Justin From JPMorgan Chase Bank New York,I want to let you know that your fund of $9.8million was brought to our bank here in New York by one Delivery Agent from Benin Republic,According to the Delivery Agent he said that he cannot be able to complete the delivery of your cash consignment box of $9.8million to your address due to one reason or the other that is why he brought your fund here to be transferred into your bank account by JPMorgan Chase Bank New York USA, I want to let you know that we have finished every arrangement regarding the transfer of your fund of $9.8million into your bank account as was instructed by the Government of Benin Republic and we are ready to transfer your fund into your bank account but the only thing delaying the transfer of your fund into your bank account now is that the IMF are demanding for IMF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE before your fund will be transferred into your bank account,The obtaining of the IMF CLEARANCE PAPER will cost $199 only and they said that the IMF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE will be obtain from the Origin Country Benin Republic, I want you to be 100% assure and guarantee that your fund will be transferred into your bank account as soon as soon as you send the only fee $199 for the IMF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE,And be rest assure that the $199 will be the only and the last fee you need to send in this transction and your fund of $9.8Million will be realeased into your bank account and if any other fee is requested after you send the only fee of $199 I Mr Mr.Robert Justin will personal resend your money back to you and if i fail to do so let the Authorities arrest me, So all you need to do is to go ahead and send the only fee of $199 to the Country of Origin Benin Republic so that the IMF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE will be obtain and your fund will be transferred into your bank account as was instructed,The fee of $199 is the only fee you are expected to pay and no more fee after that until your fund of $9.8 Million is completely transferred into your bank account, You are instructed to send the only fee of $199 to the Country of Origin Benin Republic through Money Gram only with the information below ok, Receiver Name:: Leon Mba Address:: Benin Republic City: :::Cotonou Amount:::::::::::: Question:: God Answer:: Bless Senders Name: Best Regards Mr.Robert Justin JPMorgan Chase Bank New York
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Pour la lutte contre la pauvreté, favoriser à la promotion de l´emploi au processus de la mondialisation, le gouvernement CANADIEN par son ministère des affaires étrangères lance en partenariat avec Hydro Quebec Inter, un recrutement international : (Entreprises, usines, particuliers) : dans les domaines, comme: Électricité, informatique, Contrôle de gestion, comptables, gestion des ressources Humaines, marketing et communication, agro-industriel, Transport et logistique, secrétariat, opérateur bancaire. Hydro Quebec Inter est une structure humanitaire qui s'occupe du bien être des personnes âgées, des femmes veufs, des réfugiées, des enfants orphelins et des personnes victimes des tortures. Donc c'est pour cette cause que nous cherchons des personnes prêt et déterminer à venir travailler avec nous. voici notre e_mail: [email address removed] Visitez notre adresse web pour plus d'infos: http://hydroquebec.dx.am Ce message et toutes les pièces jointes sont établis à l'intention exclusive de ses destinataires et sont confidentiels. Si vous recevez ce message par erreur, merci de le détruire et d'en avertir immédiatement l'expéditeur. Toute utilisation de ce message non conforme à sa destination, toute diffusion ou toute publication, totale ou partielle, est interdite sauf autorisation expresse. L'internet ne permettant pas d'assurer l'intégrité de ce message, le Conseil Départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis décline toute responsabilité au titre de ce message, dans l'hypothèse où il aurait été modifié. D'autre part, le Conseil Départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis ne reconnait exclusivement que les délégations de signatures écrites par les personnes habilitées et ne peut donc être engagé par un message électronique
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Greetings To You. I am Mr. Amancio Ortega Gaona, a Great citizen of Spain a Spanish fashion executive and founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessories. I worth USD $64 Billion as the World's richest retailer in the world, I was born 28 March 1936 (age 78) am a Business man with 3 children. (1) Sandra Ortega Mera (2) Marcos Ortega Mera (3) Marta Ortega Pérez I want to use this medium to reach out to the poor and the less privilege, I'm donating USD $2 Billion to them because seeing children roaming the street everyday without good food education and proper upbringing touches my heart you and I need to help these children to have a better life so that they won't end up been a scammer, for the world we are today is full of scam and imposers due to the rate of poverty many of these children are lure into this evil trend of cyber crime we need to fight them by taking these children out of the streets so please I need a trust worthy person that can handle this project for me, to enable me reach out to needy 10% will be given to you for your exercises all I need is your assurance and your trust you don't need to worry about anything because I will personally inform the FBI to monitor the project until we concluded it. If your are interested and willing to do this with me, kindly fill details below and I will give you further details. FULL NAME:.................. COUNTRY:.................. AGE:...................... SEX:...................... OCCUPATION:..................... TEL:................. INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT OR DRIVING LICENSE. God bless you. Mr. Amancio Ortega [email address removed] http://www.forbes.com/profile/amancio-ortega/
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DearestOne, Contact methis email addres; [email address removed] How are you today, I hope my mail meet you ingood condition of health? Dear I have decided to contact you after much thoughtconsidering the fact that we have not meet before, but because of somecircumstance obliged me, I decided to contact you due to the urgency of mypresent situation here in the refugee camp for your rescue and also for abusiness venture/project which I need your assistant in this businessestablishment in your country as my foreign partner as well as my legalappointed trustee. I am Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, the only daughterof the embattled president of Libya, Hon. Muammar Gaddafi. I am currentlyresiding in Burkina Faso unfortunatelyas a refugee. I am writing this mail with tears and sorrow from my heart askingfor your urgent help. I have passed through pains and sorrowful moment sincethe death of my late father. At the meantime, my family is the target ofWestern nations led by Nato who wants to destroy my father at all costs. Ourinvestments and bank accounts in several countries are their targets to freeze.My Father of blessed memory deposited the sum of $10.5M (Ten Million, FiveHundred Thousand Dollars) in (ECO) Bank Burkina Faso which he used my name asthe next of kin. I have been commissioned by the (ECO) Bank to present aninterested foreign investor/partner who can stand as my trustee and receive thefund in his account for a possible investment in his country due to my refugeestatus here in Burkina Faso. I am in search of an honest and reliableperson who will help me and stand as my trustee so that I will present him tothe Bank for the transfer of the fund to his bank account overseas. I havechosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betraymy trust. But rather take me as your own sister or daughter. If thistransaction interest you, you don't have to disclose it to anybody because ofwhat is going with my entire family, if the united nation happens to know thisaccount, they will freezing it as they froze others, so please keep this transactiononly to yourself until we finalize it. Apologeticfor my pictures I will enclose it in my next mail and more about me when I hearfrom you okay. Please I want you to contact me here on my email; ( [email address removed] ) for more conversation. Thank and BestRegards, Yours Sincerely. AishaGaddafi
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Responsive Email .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; max-height:0; line-height:0; padding:0; mso-hide:all; overflow:hidden; } @media (min-width: 481px){ .mobile-hide{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:inherit !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; overflow:hidden; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ body{ background-color:#FFFFFF !important; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ .mobile-hide{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; } } @media (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 480px){ .portrait{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:none !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .mobile-hide{ display:block !important; overflow:visible !important; width:auto !important; max-height:inherit !important; height:auto !important; } } @media (min-width: 481px){ .portrait{ display:none; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; overflow:hidden; } } Celebs Exposed* If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this important message, visit here. 1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801 This message was delivered to you because you have subscribed at the site of one of our valued affiliates and have expressed an interest in receiving offers of this type. If you no longer wish to receive these offers and want to stop future mailings from this affiliate, you may do so here. Please allow 2–5 days for this to take effect. You can also send correspondence to: GRS Customer Service, 8930 State Road 84 Suite 217, Davie, FL 33324
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If you are honest and Charitable, I have something for you. I have a gift for you this is my email: [email address removed] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gina_Rinehart
Click to view scam #191625 - Sent on June 25, 2016, 12:34 pm by tsubajin@hkg.odn.ne.jp
Hello Dearest friend, My name is Miss.Zahiya Huda Ben Amer,from Benghazi?Libya, 25yrs old female. seeking for your assistance regards to my situation since the death of my parents and my ground Mum, I know this letter might come to you as a surprise because we have not met each other or see face to face before. My late father and all my family Members, Ben Amer, was shot death by Islamist-linked militia within the anti-Gaddafi forces on 28th July, 2011 and after two days later my mother with my two brothers was killed one early morning by the rebels as result of civil war that going on in my country Libya. I am now writing to seek for your assistance from Spain, where I managed to escape nearby country through the help of United Nation after the death of my parents, and now seeking asylum in Refugee Camp here in Spain. The main reason why I am seeking for your assistance is because of some money my late father was deposited in the banks here in London in my name as his next of kin, the amount is .£ 12.900 million Euros Only. However, I have being advised by the bank manager to look for a foreign partner who will stand as my trustee to claim the fund due to my late father will to the bank and my refugee status. And i will forward you with the necessary information on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and statement of the fund in your country. As you will help me in an investment, also it is my intention to compensate you with 50% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my capital in your establishment. Please get back to me if you are interesting by assisting me claim the funds, so that I will give you all the details /contact of the bank where the fund was deposited. Honestly I want the fund to be transferred into your account before I come over your country to continue my education, honestly I am really suffering since I arrived in this country, it is too painful, but I hope with your help I will have the fund transferred into your account to enable me to come over to your country and have a better life to live in your country. Reply me here in this mail Address: [email address removed] Best Regards Miss.Zahiya Huda Ben Amer. Email Address: [email address removed]
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Hello, Compliment of the day. I am Mr. Pedro Quezada a native of Jarabacoa (Dominican Republic), I won a Jackpot Lottery of three hundred and thirty eight million United States dollars ($338,000,000.00 USD) in the month of March and I and my family have decided to do God's work after having a long talk with some ministers of God and prayer sessions and voluntarily decided to donate the sum of two million United States dollars ($2.million) to you as part of our own charity project to support child safety and up bring and Improve the standard of motherless children, and aid low income parents around the world give their children quality education because I had difficulties with the support loan grant I got for my child the moment I won my Powerball Lottery, as I speak my child case is before the court. I am doing this to tell the world that helping a child shouldn't be seen as a profitable project but be seen as charity to the needy children around the world. If you have received this email, then you are one of the lucky recipients I saw the profile on a list of registered email addresses provided to me by Microsoft list from which I picked you. All I want you to do is get back to me via my personal email contact; [email address removed] with the below details of yours so that I can send your details to the payout bank because I don't have much to say about myself for I am so over excited for now. You can verify this by visiting the web pages below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-21947887 http://www.vosizneias.com/127070/2013/03/27/lawrenceville-nj-338m-lottery-winner-feels-pure-joy-uncertainty Congratulation. Best Regards. Mr. Pedro Quezada
Click to view scam #191619 - Sent on June 25, 2016, 11:31 am by pedroquezadafoundation@walla.com
Attn: Beneficiary,I am Mr. James Comey, the FBI director on behalf of world security agency.After proper investigations, we discovered that your impending payment thathave been withheld by imposters, claiming to be Lamido Sanusi Lamido(Governor of the Central Bank of Benin Republic), Mr. Patrick Aziza, Mr.Frank Nweke, none existing officials of the oceanic bank of Benin and zenithbank, UK winning lottery, Andy Lear of HSBC bank, coca-cola winning lotteryand among a list of others is now under our custody with the help of theeconomic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) and the local police force.Investigations revealed that you have spent a lot of your personal earnedmoney just to conclude the successful transfer of your funds into yournominated bank account by obtaining transfer documents as requested by theimpostors, costing you a lot of money but all to no avail.The FBI Executive Officers had sent some financial crime investigators fromour headquarters in Washington DC to Africa in order to carry out properinvestigation, after receiving series of other reports similar to yours asyou are not the only person awaiting the legal transfer of funds fromAfrica. The FBI has giving authority to the international monetary funds(IMF) to assist the federal ministry of finance and all the organizationinvolved; such as the central bank, zenith bank, and legit lotteryorganizations to immediately commence with the compensation of all thebeneficiaries awaiting the successful transfer of their funds. With the helpof some best internet investigators attached to the FBI, we traced yourinformation from the internet as one of the beneficiaries awaiting thesuccessful transfer of funds to your nominated account.I am pleased to inform you that a meeting was held as regards the best wayto carry out with the compensation exercise for transparency and mostespecially to avoid re-occurrence of the delay in transferring your fundsand the high cost of procuring transfer documents and came to a finalconclusion as all head of organizations involved was duly represented. Itwas approved to be issued to you as a valid international ATM card cash-ableat any ATM machine designation in the world. The ATM card account hasalready being credited with Five Million eight hundred thousand united states dollars($5.800,000.00) with a daily limit of withdrawal of 10,000.00 thousand UnitedStates dollars only. ($10,000, 00). The ATM card has already being packagedand approved to be delivered to your door step via express courier deliveryservice.To affect the release of your ATM card valued at $5.800,000.00. Contact Mrs.Ogechukwu Nichols, F.B.I agent in Benin ( [email address removed] and reconfirm your deliveryinformation as stated below and your security code with five digit (FBI10)number has to be submitted as subject alongside with your deliveryinformation for security reasons. To contact Mrs. Ogechukwu Nichols, doclick reply bottom and send message direct to her.You are advised to contact him with these information as stated below:Delivery information:Full name and age:Delivery address:Cell phone number:Current occupation:Preferred payment method (ATM / cashier check)Have it in mind that the delivery fees of your ATM card package delivery toyour destination have been settled with the courier company in charge ofyour ATM card delivery. so you are mandated to pay for the 2016 singing feeonly for your ATM card to be delivered to you. A reliable and a trustedcourier company have been contracted to deliver your package to yourdestination, as soon as you contact Mrs. Ogechukwu Nichols she will updateyou with the courier company email contact address in other to avoid anyundue delay of your ATM card.Note: under normal circumstances you are suppose to come and collect yourATM card in person and sign some documents as proof of the collection ofyour ATM card but IMF and the finance minister agreed that you pay for thesigning fee only of your ATM card via western union money transfer, whichwill cost you only $221.00 to cut down travel expenses. We hope that this isvery clear.  A receipt to this effect will be sent to you and a copy kept inyour file for future documentation. There is no much time left and the feesneed to be paid today to enable them board tonight flight and it will take18 hours to get the package delivered to you.Use the details below to send the $221.00 via western union or money gramand forward the payment slip for documentations.Receivers Name: JAMES  EZELocation: Cotonou/ Benin RepublicQuestion: When?Answer: NowAmount$201Senders:MTCN:We also advise that you stop further communications with these imposters andforward any correspondence / proposal you receive from them to Mr.Solomon Morgan in other for us to bring justice to those still at large.God bless us.RegardsMr. James Comey (F.B.I Director)Cc: Canadian Police AssociationCc: General Intelligence Department (GID)Cc: Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG)Cc: Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I USA)Cc: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)Cc: Financial Action Task Force (FATF)Cc: International Monetary Fund (IMF)Cc: International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)Cc: International Banking Security Association (IBSA)Cc: International Air Transport Association (IATA)Cc: Institute de Formation Interbancaire (INSIG)Cc: World Customs Organization (WCO)Cc: Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)Cc: Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors (OGBS)Cc: World Central Bank (WCB)
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Dear Managing Director/Export Manager,I would like to know more about your products and your company. Please send me a brochure, a product catalog and price details. Do you have a sales point in Ghana? Hoping to receiving positive response from you.Best RegardsThank youMr.Alfred MansuNo 1129 Addo lineTudu Square Accra Ghana.
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Hi This is David from Cooper Industries Ltd. Can you provide me with more information regarding your Products? Also whats the Min.Order Quantity ? I would appreciate it if you can reply to me as soon as possible. Sincerely David Williams.
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[email address removed] Tel: 225 40 18 10 95 AgriBusiness Partner Needed. DEAR SIR How are you, I hope you are well and fine. I came to know of you while making a private search for agribusiness partner, I am Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent a native of Baoule, most popular tribes here in my country cote d'iviore, I study here in the university and will be graduating in the next year, i have come to understand that an investor doesn't rely on good luck. Instead, they take the time to consider their investment goals. Then they develop a plan and choose investments that align with their needs and objectives. This is the reason why i am writing you this mail to seek your cooperation in developing the resourcess in my care, I stand as the eldest son of my parent ,late Mr and Mrs Ayoo Blah the rightfull owner of many forest in the west and north of COTE D'IVIORE , my father while still alive sold some potions of lands and forest to chinest investors,and to government the most recongnised forest in the capital city of the economic capital of the country known as BANCO FOREST here in abidjan.and kept the money in suspense accord which is duelly for onward transfer for investment. Sir, its with the vission of becoming an international business investor and i wish to seek collarboration with you to invest in AgriBusiness parternship , the forest exploration,Raw minierals and also lands development with the funds already deposited in the bank by our late parent,therefore, our business plan is to associate with a capable hands to transfer this funds to a secure account abroad. i will be very happy to work with you with all sincerity as i can assure you of good benefits if you can stand as our family business partner and secure this funds to your account for the investment. Looking forward to your soonest response. Yours sincerely. Mr. Ayoo Blah Vincent [email address removed] Tel: 225 40 18 10 95 To Develop Cultural Dexterity, Seek It Out What military service taught me about bridging diverse groups. 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Greetings Please permit me to introduce myself, I am Vivian kones 24 years old female from western Kenya. Africa, I'm the Daughter of Late Mr. Kipkalya Kones. My Father (Hon. Kipkalya Kones) was the former Kenyan road Minister. He and the assistant minister of home affairs (Mr.Lorna Laboso) were on board when the plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008 which was headed to kericho and crashed in a remote area called kajong'a, in Western Kenya and the plan number was (Cessna 210). You can read more about my father in the link below: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/06/10/kenya.crash/index.html I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father because my mother died during child birth and I was left alone with my step mother to take care of me. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe, but she hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contained important documents. Now I am presently staying in the Mission in Burkina Faso. I am seeking for long term relationship and investment assistance. My father of blessed memory deposited Au Gold and the sum of US$ 5.7 Million in Africa Development Bank here in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being place an instruction on the fund that I must present a foreign trustee who will help me in investment of the fund overseas. However, he advised me to provide a foriegn trustee who will stand on my behalf for the transfer. I had wanted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but I am afraid that she will not offer me anything after the release of the money because she threatening to kill me. Therefore, I decide to seek for your help in transferring the money into your bank account while I will relocate to your country and settle down with you. As you indicate your interest to help me I will give you the account number and the contact of the bank where my late beloved father deposited the money with my name as the next of kin. It is my intention to compensate you with 30% of the total money for your assistance and the balance shall be my investment in any profitable venture which you will recommend to me as i have no any idea about foreign investment. Please all communications should be through this email addressfor confidential purposes. Thanks in anticipation of your positive response. Yours sincerely. Mrs.Juliet Kipkalya
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Click to view scam #191601 - Sent on June 25, 2016, 1:10 am by LisaKonte@ssctv.net
How do I get rid of these off my computer and any further scams like this? Very frustrating. Thanx On Friday, June 24, 2016 2:10 PM, Mrs.Michelle Obama wrote: CONGRATULATION DEAR BENEFICIAL. I am Mrs.Michelle Obama and I am written to inform you about your Bank Check Draft brought by United Embassy from the government of Benin Republic to the white house Washington DC and has been mandated to be deliver to your address on friday  being June 25th 2016 as soon as you get back to me with your below information. Home address:............................. City:................................... Phone number......................... Your check is containing the sum of $25 million USD. Here is my number. (202 697-7298) or [email address removed] . you can call me or send me an sms, but i prefer sms because I'm always busy in the white house and i cant be able to pick calls all the time.I will be waiting to hear from you immediately, thanks and God bless you. Sincerely Mrs.Michelle Obama First Lady
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html,body{font-size:12px;background-color:#fff;color:#333;font-family:sans-serif,Arial,Verdana,Trebuchet MS;line-height:1.4;}OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL  UNITED NATIONS OFFICE AT GENEVA  Palais des Nations  AVENUE DE LA PAIX 8 - 14  1211 Geneva 10  SWITZERLAND  RE: FUND ADMINISTRATION ORDER CAP 000623 CODED  I am Michael Møller, Director-General, United Nations office at Geneva in charge of economic and financial matters. I have been mandated by United Nations Department on International Fund delivery to confirm if you have received your assigned compensation award of $ 2,500,000.00 among those paid in the first quarter payment schedule between 1st of  January to 31st March 2016?  If you have not received your payment, then forward the Following details: Full Names, Contact Address, Your Private Telephone / Mobile Numbers and Valid Means of Identification and Your Current Receiving Banking Details to Sir Moses Lambert payment coordinator European Union Monetary Group. United Kingdom his contact information below:- NAME: SIR MOSES LAMBERT  EMAIL: [email address removed] TEL: +447418469393 Warm Regards, Michael Møller  Director-General  United Nations Office At Geneva. Tel: +41225181581
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