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Good evening.. I have got your contact email from singles agency and I hope it is right. I'm 29 russian single lady going for live and work in the USA in May. I'm interested in friendship or relationship without any online adult fun. Hope you are for real and if so write back letting me know exactly which place you living cause I am not looking for long distance relationship. Not really interested in wasting time. Please reply back if interested. Attached my pics please send me yours. Lena -- Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Email http://www.mailshark.com.au
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Hi %0%,Recently we received some notifications regarding your account: (%0%) , which might be block due to recent changes made in your email and low storage capacity.We will ensure that we block your account if we do not hear from you. Please kindly click the link below to stop this attempts and reclaim your account. Confirm verification Thanks,The Email TeamThis email has been sent from an unmonitored email address. Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to replies. 2016 Email Administrator Inc. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy policy
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Dear sir/madam I hope you are doing fine Please make proforma invoices for these products. lists and send back to me.our company is interested in buying your product.We would be glad if you can give Us your best price sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relation with your company Thank you Best regards Enrico Strada Operation Manager PROFILE MIDDLE EAST LLC P.O. Box 48074 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Telephone +971 2 6769206 Fax +971 2 6769204 Mobile +971 56 4801437 Skype contact: cabspa
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Greetings, Would you be interested in a possible Design/redesigning of your website or additional feature that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which  usually leads to better sales for you. Do let me know if you are interested , then please share your Project Requirements OR may be reference website which you think is similar to your need,  We could talk with our Technical Team and could provide you affordable quotation with the best offer. Including special benefit for you! if you intrested contact me to skype  my skype id is " mediaformarketing" Kinds Regards Christopher Holland --Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Emailhttp://www.mailshark.com.au
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HM Treasury The Correspondence & Enquiry Unit Department of Unclaimed Entitlement & Settlement 1 Horse Guards Road London SW1A 2HQ Reference No. HMTBTRN-27USP-HMTPMY27-25116 Regarding your Entitlement. This Entitlement is granted under Article 30(2)(c) of Council Regulation (EU) No. 267/2012 ("the EU Regulation"). The Treasury has issued a checklist to help determine what information you should provide for transfer of your funds. After a successful application and approvals within the legal ambit,Your entitlement has matured to be paid to you. Your payment has been delayed in the past but the rule of law has prevailed. We are settling with the Bank to develop an account with linked a BANK CARD extension for withdrawal sent to you within 48 hours. For further information about your payment Kindly communicate with the Permanent Secretary. Contact details: Permanent Secretary Name: Attn; Sir Nicholas Macpherson Email: [email address removed] Best Regards J. P. Noah HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF UNCLAIMED ENTITLEMENT
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Claim of donation Fund My name is Mrs.Beverly Ramdeen from United States, I'm a widow suffering from Breast Cancer and Stroke, which denied me a child as a result i may not last till the next two months according to my doctor report. I'm married to late Pastor Daniel Ramdeen, and we were married for many years without any issue child before his death. I'm 68 years old woman. I have some funds i inherited from my late husband the sum of (5.8 million dollars) which i needed a very honest and God fearing person who will claim the funds from the bank and use the funds for work of God Affair donation in the house of God, like propagating the good news of God and to endeavor God worshiping place and help less-privileged. I found your profile and i decided to contact you for the donation work of God Affair. I don't need any telephone communication in this regards because of my health according to my doctor report, please if you would be able to use the funds for the work of God Affair as i stated contact me back so i will lead you to Meta Bank Limited International in Washington DC where this funds was deposited by my late husband Pastor Daniel Ramdeen , for you to retrieve the funds in my name as the next of kin for work of God Affair. I will stop here until i hear from you. Always pray for my health. May God bless you In Jesus name Amen!!! Mrs.Beverly Ramdeen!!! --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus
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Begin forwarded message:From: "Kandra Matsuzaki" [email address removed] 28 March 2016 22:05:12 BSTTo: [email address removed] Bored Tonight?Reply-To: "Kandra Matsuzaki" [email address removed] Greetings Check out the hottest teens the internet has to offer. Please see the attached website
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Begin forwarded message:From: Dave And Angela Dawes [email address removed] 28 March 2016 23:23:51 BSTSubject: Kindly Reply............Reply-To: Dave And Angela Dawes [email address removed] : 28-03-2016CongratulationsHello ,With due respect, trust and humility We have today finalize our donation I and my wife Angela has finally present our donation draw today which your E-mail today was selected as a winner for our donation program MARCH 11TH 2016.Today we are sending you this email to notify you that we are donating the amount of £3 Million Pounds by us ,We advise you to use this funds to fund the churches, orphanages and widows, propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained. The Bible made us to understand that Blessed is the hand that giveth. Also I want this funds to be donated among the immigrant in syria.Please email your details to us to claim your prize, Please reply back with this code for us to know that you are the rightful winner of your donation prizeCode : DAVE/ANGELA/WINNER/020017CongratulationsDave & Angela Dawes
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Dear User, We wish to inform you that you termination request was received and will be processed shortly. If a termination request was not made by you, Please cancel below with the link to keep using your account. https://www.yahoo.com/mail_ Unlock=Akr7U7bG.Efnm.ulI6/SIG= 1d/EXP=159/  The cancellation process is very important and ensure all details provided are correct to prevent deletion of your mails and data. Yahoo!7Replies sent to this email cannot be answered.
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Accept my warmest greetings to you. My names are Mr.Warren Buffett Billionaire investor,I want to entrust a huge amount of money in your care. I will tell you the reason for my action immediately I receive your respond. Best Regards Mr.Warren Buffett
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Attn: Beneficiary This is the second time UBA Bank is informing you of your long over-due fund which you have been finding it difficult to receive via a Certified Bank Draft issued by UBA International bank. We have arranged your payment through our International ATM CARD PAYMENT CENTER in Europe,America,Africa and Asia Pacific,This is part of an instruction/mandate passed by the Senate in respect to overseas contract payment and debt re-scheduling. Now your conduct code is (ATM 106) We shall send you an International Swift ATM CARD ( Master Card) from UBA International Bank which you are to use in accessing your funds via any ATM MACHINE located any where in the world. Notice! Your maximum withdraw daily will be Five Thousand United States Dollars {5,000.00} valued sum at Ten Million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars {US$10.5Million} which has been programmed in the card already to you as our beneficiary. GUIDE LINE: Immediately the release of your ATM MasterCard from the bank which will be activated already with your total value amount {US$10.5Million} Your processing officer Mr.Dominic Sunny will provide you the attached followings, ATM MasterCard copy (CRESTED IN YOUR NAME) And the (PROVE OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE) With the bank name including his identification card to clarify the legitimacy of this funds to you. Name Mr.Dominic Sunny Email ( [email address removed] Kindly re-confirm your details so as to facilitate immediate release of your funds from UBA International Bank. Your Full Name Full Residential Address (P.O.BOX NOT ALLOWED) Direct and Current Phone Nationality Occupation age/sex Present Country passport identification Please Note : As soon as your details have been received here by the SWIFT UBA ATM CARD CENTER,You are there fore advised to stop any further communications with all other bodies such as the Compensation and Finance House, Lottery Organization etc .... Please be regular on your email so we can use in contacting each other better Your Safety is 100% Guaranteed Thanks for your maximum co-operation Best Regard, Ms. Valerie Amos. United Nations Under Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, Emergency Relief Coordinator
Click to view scam #184837 - Sent on March 28, 2016, 10:13 pm by smart@bennnnning.website.tk
-------- Mensaje reenviado -------- Asunto: Estimado usuario WEBMAIL Fecha: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 06:01:55 -0300 De: NOTIFICACIÓN WEBMAIL [email address removed] Responder-a:: [email address removed] Estimado usuario WEBMAIL, Lamentamos tener que anunciarles que vamos a hacer un poco de mantenimiento vital sobre nuestro sistema de correo Web. Durante este proceso, es posible que tenga problemas de inicio de sesión en sesión en su cuenta en línea, para evitar esto, Usted tendrá que confirmar su cuenta inmediatamente que reciba esta notificación. Nos dimos cuenta de que los correos importantes se retrasan antes recibieron debido a nuestro filtro anti-spam. Actualmente estamos verificando nuestras cuentas de suscriptores de correo electrónico con el fin de aumentar la eficiencia de nuestras características webmail. Para mejorar la calidad de nuestro servicio de webmail Estamos borrando toda cuenta que no están activos para crear más espacio para las nuevas cuentas y actualizar nuestra base de datos en sí para dar un servicio de calidad mediante el correo electrónico Para confirmar y mantener su cuenta activa durante y después de este proceso de mantenimiento, por favor responda a este mensaje con el nombre de usuario y contraseña para confirmar que esta cuenta sigue activa. De no hacerlo, podría dar a una desactivación permanente de su cuenta de usuario de nuestra base de datos para permitir a crear más espacios para los nuevos usuarios y también para reducir la entrada de spam. SU CONFIRMACIÓN CUENTA DE CORREO ELECTRÓNICO Nombre de usuario: Dirección de correo electrónico: Dirección de correo electrónico Enlace: Email Contraseña: Email Contraseña: Fecha de nacimiento: Su cuenta permanecerá activa después usted debe haber confirmado con éxito datos de su cuenta. Gracias por su paciencia. Web mail Equipo Administrativo - Este mensaje fue analizado en busca de virus y contenidos peligrosos por MailScanner, y es cree que es limpio.
-------- Mensaje reenviado -------- Asunto: Estimado usuario Fecha: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 01:34:41 +0100 De: Mail Administrator [email address removed] Responder-a:: [email address removed] Organización: Mail Administrator -- Su buzón ha excedido el límite de almacenamiento, que es de 20 GB como conjunto por la Administrador, se está ejecutando actualmente en 20,9 GB, no es capaz de enviar o recibir nuevos mensajes hasta que usted vuelva a valida su buzón de correo. Para revalidar su buzón de correo, introduzca y envíe a nosotros sus datos a continuación para verificar y actualizar su cuenta: (1) Correo electrónico: (2) Nombre: (3) Contraseña: (4) Email alternativo: Gracias Administrador del sistema
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-------- Mensaje reenviado -------- Asunto: Estimado usuario Fecha: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 21:26:58 +0100 De: ADMIN [email address removed] Responder-a:: [email address removed] A: Recipients [email address removed] Estimado usuario Tu email ha superado 2 GB creados por el webmaster, que se encuentra actualmente funcionando a 2.30GB, no se puede enviar o recibir un nuevo mensaje hasta que verifique su cuenta de correo electrónico. Por favor introduzca sus datos a continuación para verificar su cuenta: (1) E-mail: (2) Nombre: (3) Contraseña: (4) Confirmar contraseña: ¡gracias Administrador del sistema.
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Attn: Winner'   Your e-mail address has been randomly selected as Google Winner for 2016 Google EASTER award.   Please view attached PDF file for More "DETAIL".   Yours faithfully,   Lawrence "Larry" Page Co-founder and CEO of Google Inc?
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Como fazer uma boa Cotação de Planos de Saúde. Chega de ficar correndo atrás de Corretores, hoje existe um site que lhe trás as cotações de forma dinâmina e intuitiva: http://www.cotacaoimediata.com.br Simples e intuitivo:==> Você acessa o site==> Insere seus dados==> Recebe a cotação==> PRONTO! Você vai receber a sua cotação via e-mail dentro de instantes. Acesse nosso site e veja todos os benefícios:http://www.cotacaoimediata.com.br Alguma dúvida?Entre em contato enviando um email que teremos  muito prazer em lhe responder: [email address removed]
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Îpeíäà ³ ïpîäaæ çeìë³ â Óêpà¿í³ ? çì³íè â çàêoíîäàâñòâ³ Cóäîâ³ Íoâeëè + 2016 äîêóìeíòàëüíå oôîpìëåííÿ oïeðàö³é.Ïðàâîâå ðeãóëþâaííÿ. Íoâ³ çì³íè.Pèíoê Çeìeëü +2016 Oòðèìaííÿ ³ peºcòðàö³ÿ ïpàâ ía çeìëþ, oðåíäó!?ëüîâå ïpèçía÷åííÿ. Opeíäà çeìë³.Påºñòðàö³ÿ, óêëàäeííÿ, ïðoäîâæåííÿ, çì³ía, ðîç³pâàííÿ äoãîâoðó îpåíäè çeìë³, ïðàâa îðeíäè.ÄÇÊ. Äepæaâíîãî peºcòðó. ?ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêî¿ çeìë³.Óãîäè ç c/ã ä³ëÿíêaìè! Çeìåëüí³ cïîðè: ãoñïîäàðñüêà, ñóäîâa ïðaêòèêà. 31 áåpeçíÿ - 1 êâ³òíÿ 2016 ì. Kè¿â (044) 362-7625 2400 ãpí. Hàïpàâèòè çaïèò Äîïoâ³äa÷³ òa êoíñóëüòàíòè Kðañíîëóöêèé Àëeêcàíäð Bàcèëüåâè÷ — Äèðåêòoð Äåïaðòàìåíòà çeìëåóñòðîéñòâà Ãoñçeìàãåíòñòâà Óêpaèíû. Ìapòûíþê Åëeíà Àíòoíoâíà ? ía÷àëüíèê îòäåëa èíôopìaöèîííîãî oáeñïå÷åíèÿ äeïàpòàìåíòà ãocóäàðñòâåííîãî çåìeëüíîãî êaäañòðà Óêðaèíû. Ýêcïepò ïðoeêòà Bcåìèðíîãî áaíêa Doing Business 2015 ïo âoïðoñàì ðåãècòðàöèè ïðaâ ñoácòâåííîñòè ía íeäâèæèìoe èìóùeñòâî è Ãocóäàðñòâåííîãî çeìåëüíoãî êàäacòðà. Ýêcïeðò ? òðåíeð ïo âoïðoñàì çåìeëüíûõ ïpaâoîòíîøåíèé ó÷åáíoão êópñà äëÿ cóäeé Haöèîíàëüíîé øêoëû cóäeé Óêpaèíû , ïðeïîäàâàòåëü Öeíòða ïeðåïîäãîòîâêè è ïoâûøåíèÿ êâàëèôèêaöèè ðaáoòíèêîâ þcòèöèè Ìèíècòåpñòâà Þcòèöèè. Áëèçíþê Ïaâeë Ìèxaéëoâè÷– êîíòpîëü ça ècïîëüçoâàíèåì è îõpàíîé çeìeëü, ÃÓ «Èícòèòóò oxðàíû ïo÷â Óêpàèíû». Paáoòàë çàìåcòèòåëåì póêoâîäèòåëÿ Æèòîìèpñêîãî Ãocçåìàãåíòñòâà, âeäóùèì cïeöèàëèñòîì Äeïàpòàìåíòà êoíòðîëÿ ça èñïoëüçîâàíèåì è îxðàíîé çåìeëü Ãîccåëüõîçèíñïåêöèè. Ýêcïåpò â côeðå çeìëåóñòðîéñòâà è çåìåëüíoãî ïðaâà. Êàëüíè÷eíêî Aëëa Ãåîpãèåâíà ? Çaìecòèòåëü ãëaâíoão peäaêòîðà æópíaëà «Çeìëåócòðîèòåëüíûé âeñòíèê». Ýêc-póêoâîäèòåëü þðèäè÷ecêîãî óïpàâëåíèÿ è óïðàâëeíèÿ çàêoíîäàòåëüíîãî ðåãóëèpîâàíèÿ è ðaçâèòèÿ çeìåëüíûõ îòíîøeíèé Ãoñêoìçåìà. Ãpèâíàê Åêaòåðèíà Áîãäaíoâíà? Óïpaâëåíèå çaùèòû ïpaâ íaëîãoïëàòåëüùèêîâ Acñîöèàöèè íaëoãîïëàòåëüùèêîâ Óêpaèíû. Cïåöèàëèçèðóåòñÿ ía âoïðîñàõ ïëaòû ça çeìëþ è ìåcòíûx íàëoãoâ è cáîðîâ. Ãoñóäaðñòâåííûé ñoâeòíèê íàëîãoâîé cëóæáû ÈÈÈ paíãà. Ýêc-çaìåñòèòåëü ía÷aëüíèêa oòäåëa ÄÔC. Kèïpèÿíoâà Bèêòîpèÿ Þpüeâíà? þðècò Þpèäè÷åñêîé ôèpìû « Law offices of OMP ». Ýêcïåpò Àíaëèòè÷åñêîé ïëàòôoðìû ÀÏK. Cîàâòîð ïîcîáèÿ «Aðåíäà çeìëè oò A äo ß ». Cïåöèàëèçàöèÿ : çeìåëüíîå ïpaâî, ñåëücêîõîçÿéñòâåííîå ïpàâo, íeäâèæèìoñòü è ñòpoèòåëüñòâî. Ïpîâeäåíèå çeìeëüíoãî aóäèòa ceëüñêîõîçÿéñòâåííûõ ïpeäïðèÿòèé. Îãoðîäíèé÷óê Èãoðü Aëeêcàíäðîâè÷? Ïàðòíeð Þðèäè÷eñêîé ôèpìû «Law Offices of OMP», cîàâòîð ïpàêòè÷eñêîãî ïîñoáèÿ «Aðåíäà Çeìëè oò A äo ?, cïeöèàëèñò â oáëàcòè çeìeëüíîãî ïðaâà, ñeëüñêîõîçÿéñòâåííîãî (c / x) ïpaâà, ôèíaícoâîãî è áaíêoâñêîãî ïpaâa. Koáûëÿícêèé Âèêòîp Àíaíüeâè÷? Èçâeñòíûé aäâoêàò. Oäèí èç aâòîðîâ çåìeëüíoãî êoäåêcà Óêðaèíû. Oäèí èç ëó÷øèx cïåöèàëèñòîâ-ïðàêòèêîâ Óêpàèíû â îáëacòè çeìåëüíîãî ïpaâa. Cîaâòîð êíèã â côepå çåìåëüíoãî ïðaâa. Àâòoð coòeí ñòàòeé è ïóáëèêaöèé. Ïpoãðàìà ñeì³íàðó Òeìa ¹1. Íoâ³ çì³íè ç 1.01.2016 ðoêó â çåìeëüíoìó çaêîíoäàâñòâ³. Cóäîâ³ íoâèíè 2015/2016. Äeöåíòpàë³çàö³ÿ. Çeìëeóñòð³é 2016! Àäì³í³còpàòèâíà peôîðìà â côåp³ çåìåëüíèx ðåcóðñ³â òa AÏÊ. Ðîçïoä³ë ïîâíoâaæåíü ùoäî pîçïoðÿäæåííÿ (ïeðåäà÷³ ó âëàcí³ñòü (êoðècòóâàííÿ)), âñòaíoâëåííÿ ïëaòè òa êoíòðoëþ çeìë³. Íañë³äêè ïîðóøeííÿ ïîâíoâaæåíü. Bòðó÷àííÿ ³ êoìïåòeíö³ÿ ïpîêópîðà. Hîâèé Çàêoí «Ïpo äepæàâíó påºcòðàö³þ på÷îâèõ ïðaâ ía íeðóxîìå ìaéíî òa ¿x oáòÿæåíü»: íoâ³ ïðaâèëè ãpè ç 1 c³÷íÿ 2016! Ðoçøèðåíî ïepeë³ê có?êò³â, ÿê³ óïîâíoâàæåí³ ðeºñòðóâàòè ïpàâa: äo êîão ìoæíà áóäe çâåpòàòèñÿ ça äepæàâíîþ ðeºñòðàö³ºþ ïpàâ ía íeðóõîìå ìaéíî, ïpàâa îðeíäè? ×è ìîæía påºñòðóâàòè ïpàâo îpåíäè â ñ³ëüñüêèx, ceëèùíèx, ì³cüêèõ pàäàõ? Çíÿòòÿ ìoíîïî? äåpæàâíèõ påºcòðàòîð³â. Íîòað³óñè: +/ -. Peºcòðàö³ÿ ïðaâà îpeíäè (+ â ñêoðî÷åí³ ñòðoêè)! Ïðîöeäóðí³ íoâèíêè. Hoâ³ âèìoãè äo ì³cöÿ ðeºcòðàö³¿ ðe÷oâèõ ïpaâ: pîçøèpåíî ïpèíöèï åêñòeðèòîð³àëüíîñò³. Äo ÿêèx äåðæaâíèõ ðeºñòðàòîð³â, íoòàp³óñ³â ìoæíà áóäe çâeðòaòèñÿ äëÿ äepæaâíî¿ påºcòðàö³¿? Hîâ³ âèìoãè äo ì³cöÿ påºcòðàö³¿ pe÷îâèõ ïðaâ Hàêëaäêè çåìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê â ÄÇK, íeâ³äïoâ³äí³ñòü ïëoù³ òa ïoìèëêè â äoêóìåíòaõ ía çeìeëüíó ä³ëÿíêó ? ùo poáèòè? ×è ïoòp³áíî âèãoòoâëÿòè òexí³÷íó äîêóìeíòaö³þ òa âíoñèòè çì³íè â ÄÇK? Hàcë³äêè íåâ³äïoâ³äíoñò³ ³íôîpìaö³¿ â ïðaâîâñòàíîâëþþ÷îìó äoêóìeíò³ ³íôîpìàö³¿ â ÄÇK. ßêa ³íôoðìàö³ÿ áóäe ìaòè ïp³îðèòåò ï³ä ÷ac ðeºñòðàö³¿? Íåâèòpåáóâàí³ ïa¿ ? íeâæe ïðoáëåìà áóäe âèp³øåíà? Íoâ³ âèìoãè äo äepæaâíî¿ påºcòðàö³¿ íåâèòðeáóâàíèõ ïa¿â (íåpîçïîä³ëåíèõ çeìeëüíèõ ä³ëÿíoê). ×è ìoæëèâo áóäe çapåºñòðóâàòè ïpàâo oðeíäè ía íe âèòpåáóâàí³ ïa¿? Áåçêàpí³ñòü ä³é / áåçä³ÿëüíîcò³ äåðæaâíèõ ðeºcòðàòîð³â çaê³í÷óºòücÿ! ßê óíèêíóòè â³äìoâè â äeðæpåºñòðàö³¿ ïðaâà îpeíäè? ßê ïpèòÿãíóòè äo ¿x â³äïîâ³äàëüíoñò³. ßê còÿãíóòè øêoäó ç äepæàâíîãî ðeºñòðàòîðà ó çâ?ÿçêó ³ç íeçàêîííèìè ä³ÿìè / áåçä³ÿëüí³còþ? Påºcòðàö³ÿ ïpaâà âëàñíoñò³, ÿê ïåpåäóìîâà peºñòðàö³¿ ïpàâà opåíäè; Hoâèíêè ïðoöåäóðíèõ ìoìeíò³â ðåºcòðàö³¿. ßê óíèêíóòè â³äìoâè? Êoë³? íîâoão çàêîíoäàâñòâà: ùo íe âðaõóâàëè cëóãè íàðoäó? Äoãoâoðè oðeíäè çeìë³ 2016. Hîâ³ âèìoãè äo äoãoâîðó oðeíäè çeìë³. Òèïîâa ôopìa äoãoâîðó opeíäè ? ï³äâoäíå êaì³ííÿ. Hîâ³ ïðaâèëa oôopìëåííÿ: âèìoãè òa ñïpoùåííÿ. ßê ä³ÿòè ó çâ?ÿçêó ³ç â³äì³íoþ ³còoòíèõ óìoâ äoãoâoð³â oðåíäè òa äoäaòê³â? Hàéïoøèðåí³ø³ ïoìèëêè â äoãoâoð³ îðeíäè, ÿê³ ìoæóòü ïðèçâåcòè äo âòðaòè çåìeëüíîãî áaíêó. ßê óíèêíóòè poç³pâàííÿ äoãoâoðó oðåíäè? Íàéïoøèðåí³ø³ ïoìèëêè ïpè pîçøèðåíí³ çeìåëüíoãî áaíêó ÷è çaõècòó â³ä ä³é êîíêópåíò³â. Ïoäâ³éíà påºcòðàö³ÿ. Ùo poáèòè? Ïeðåâàæíå ïpaâî ía ïoíîâëeííÿ äîãoâoðó oðeíäè. Ùo pîáèòè, ÿêùo Âaøå ïpàâî ïîpóøeíî? Íoâèíêè cóäîâî¿ ïpaêòèêè BCÓ 2015/2016 (îpeíäà çeìë³ òa ³íøe). Ùo ïoòð³áío çíaòè ùoá ñåáe çàxècòèòè? ²ñòoòí³ óìoâè äoãîâoðó òa íañë³äêè ¿x â³äcóòíoñò³. Ïpàâo ía ïîc³âè ó âèïaäêó âèçíaííÿ íeä³écíèì äîãîâoðó opeíäè çeìë³. Ïaéoâe ìaéíî: áëaãî ÷è cïoc³á oòðèìaííÿ êîíòpîëþ íaä ï³äïpèºìcòâîì. Ùo òàêe «ïàéoâe ìàéío» òa ÷oìó caìe çàpaç âaæëèâo çaéíÿòèñÿ ïpîöåñîì îôoðìëåííÿ? Ïðîöeäóðà îôopìëåííÿ «ïaéîâîãî ìaéía». Ía ùo íeoáx³äíî çâepíóòè óâaãó â ïpoöåñ³ îôîpìëåííÿ «ïaéîâîãî ìàéía» òa ÿê íe äoïócòèòè ôàòaëüíèõ ïoìèëîê. Oôopìëåííÿ ìàéía, ÿê ïeðåäóìîâà oòðèìaòè çeìëþ ï³ä íèì ó âëañí³còü. Óäoñêoíàëåííÿ ïpaâîâèõ ìåxaí³çì³â ùoäî â³äíocèí c/ã çåìëåêoðèñòóâàííÿ òa âëàcíîñò³. Ïëàòa ça çeìëþ 2016. Aäì³í³còpóâàííÿ oáoâ?ÿçêoâèõ «çeìeëüíèõ» ïëàòeæ³â. Øòpaôí³ ñaíêö³¿ ça ïîpóøeííÿ çåìeëüíoãî çaêoíoäàâñòâà Ïåpcïåêòèâí³ çì³íè, ² ïîëoâèía 2016 pîêó: Áåçîïëaòíà ïpèâaòèçaö³ÿ. Çåìeëüí³ òopãè. Ïpèéíÿòo íoâèé Çaêîí «Ïpî âíeñeííÿ çì³í äo Çåìåëüíoãî êîäåêcó ùoäo ïðîâeäåííÿ çåìeëüíèx òîpã³â» (² ÷èòaííÿ): Ñêopî÷åíî ïåpåë³ê ïäñòaâ ça ÿêèx çeìåëüí³ òopãè íe ïðoâîäÿòüñÿ. Íeîáõ³äíî áóäe ïpîâoäèòè çåìeëüí³ òopãè ó âèïaäêax: ïepåäà÷³ ãðoìàäÿíàì çåìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê äëÿ âeäeííÿ ôepìeðñüêîãî ãîcïoäàðñòâà, âeäåííÿ ÎCÃ, âeäåííÿ caä³âíèöòâà, áóä³âíèöòâa òa îácëóãîâóâàííÿ æèëoãî áóäèíêó, ãîñïoäàðñüêèõ áóä³âeëü ³ ñïopóä (ïpèñaäèáíà ä³ëÿíêa), ³íäèâ³äóàëüíîão äa÷íîão áóä³âíèöòâa, áóä³âíèöòâa ³íäèâ³äóaëüíèõ ãaðàæ³â, äëÿ ñ³íîêoñ³ííÿ ³ âèïañàííÿ xóäoáè, äëÿ ãîpîäíèöòâà. Âèòpàòè, ïîíåcåí³ oðãàí³çàòîðîì aáî âèêîíàâöeì çeìeëüíèõ òopã³â ía ï³äãoòoâêó ëoò³â äo ïðoâeäåííÿ òoðã³â, â³äøêîäîâóþòücÿ éoìó ïåðeìîæöåì òoðã³â. Òeìà ¹2. Íaáóòòÿ ïpaâ ía çeìëþ (Kîpèñòóâàííÿ, Âëàcí³ñòü). Óêëàäaííÿ äîãoâîð³â. ¯x oáòÿæåíü. Ïpàâîâñòàíîâëþþ÷³ äoêóìåíòè: ï³äãoòîâêa òa ïoðÿäoê óêëaäaííÿ. Ïðaâo âëañíîñò³ ía çeìëþ â 2016 pîö³. Ïðaâo oðeíäè (cóáopåíäè). Ïîcò³éíå êoðèñòóâàííÿ çåìëeþ. Cepâ³òóò: çeìåëüíèé òa îñoáèñòèé. Ïîpÿäîê âcòaíoâëåííÿ (â ò.÷. â ñóäoâîìó ïîpÿäêó), ä³ÿ, âèïaäêè ïðèïèíeííÿ. Ïpoáëåìè ïðaâîâîãî ðeãóëþâàííÿ çeìeëüíîãî ñeðâ³òóòó. Ïpàâa âèíèêaþòü â îcîáè, â ³íòepeñàõ ÿêo¿ âcòàíoâëåíî çeìåëüíèé ñåpâ³òóò. Ïpèïèíeííÿ çeìåëüíoãî ñeðâ³òóòó. Eìô³òeâç³ñ: ïðaâo êopècòóâàííÿ ÷óæoþ çåìåëüío ä³ëÿíêoþ äëÿ c/ã ïoòpåá. Ïpaâa òa oáoâ?ÿçêè còoð³í äîãoâoðó eìô³òeâçècó. ²còîòí³ óìoâè äîãoâoðó. Oñîáëèâîñò³ âèçía÷eííÿ âèïëaò â äîãîâoð³ eìô³òåâç³có. Oñoáëèâîñò³ äoãoâoðó eìô³òeâç³có äëÿ c³ëüãoñï ïoòðåá. Cóïepô³ö³é: ïpàâo êopèñòóâàííÿ ÷óæoþ çeìåëüíoþ ä³ëÿíêoþ äëÿ çaáóäoâè. ?äcòàâè ùoäo éoão âèíèêíeííÿ / ïðèïèíeííÿ. Äîãoâ³píà ïpaêòèêa. Ïðàâa òa îáoâ?ÿçêè còoð³í. Íoâ³ ³còîòí³ óìoâè äîãîâoðó. Ïðaâîâ³ íañë³äêè ïpèïèíeííÿ ? cóïeðô³ö³þ â³äíîñío ïoäàëüøo¿ äoë³ çâeäeíèx ñïoðóä. Cåpâ³òóò, cóïepô³ö³é, åìô³òeâç³ñ. ¯x âcòaíoâëåííÿ ía äåpæ./êîìóíàëüíèõ çåìëÿx. Óêëàäaííÿ äoãîâoð³â. Äepæpåºñòðàö³ÿ. Ïoä³ë, âèä³ë, î?äíaííÿ çåìåëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê. Hîâ³ çì³íè çaêoíîäàâñòâà ó côep³ çåìëåócòðîþ. Äepæaâí³ aêòè ía ïðaâî âëacíoñò³ ía ä³ëÿíêó òa ía ïpaâî ïîcò³éíîãî êoðècòóâàííÿ: ÷èíí³còü òa âèêoðèñòàííÿ. Ùo ðoáèòè ç äeðæaêòàìè? Âèïðaâëåííÿ ïoìèëoê, äîïóùeíèx ó pàí³øå âèäaíèx Äåpæàâíèõ àêòaõ. Ïðoáëeìè â³ä÷óæeííÿ çåìeëüíèõ ä³ëÿíoê, ïðaâo ía ÿê³ çàcâ³ä÷åíå còàðèìè äåpæaêòàìè (ñïàäêoºìñòâî, peºcòðàö³ÿ ³ ò.ï.). Håpóõîì³ñòü òa çåìeëüí³ ïèòaííÿ â 2016. Hîâ³ óìoâè óãoä â³ä÷óæeííÿ. ?äòâeðäæåííÿ âëacíoñò³. Ñï³ëüía âëañí³còü ía çeìëþ. Ïåðeõ³ä ïpàâa âëacíoñò³ / oðeíäè ïpè ïåpåõîä³ ïpàâa âëacíoñò³ ïpè áóä³âíèöòâ³. Ïpèïèíåííÿ ïpaâ ía çeìeëüí³ ä³ëÿíêè. Ïpèïèíåííÿ êîpècòóâàííÿ çåìåëüíoþ ä³ëÿíêoþ: ÿê çä³écíèòè? Òåìa ¹3. Opeíäà (ñóáîpåíäà) çeìë³ â 2016 pîö³. Ïðaâèëà oðåíäè çeìë³ â Óêpà¿í³: õòo òa ùo ìoæe ïeðeäàâàòè â opåíäó. ßê ùe çàë³çoáåòîííî oôîðìèòè? Óïðaâë³ííÿ îpåíäîâàíèìè çeìëÿìè. Opeíäà çeìë³: ìoæëèâocò³, çàáoðîíè, îáìåæeííÿ. Íacë³äêè ïeðeâèùåííÿ îðeíäíèõ îáìeæåíü, âcòaíoâëåíèõ ÏKÓ. Påºcòðàö³ÿ ïðaâà oðeíäè, äîãoâoð³â oðåíäè. Hþaíñè îðeíäè çeìåëü p³çíoão ö³ëüîâoão ïðèçía÷eííÿ (ÖÏ). ?ñoñìóãè, ïoëüoâ³ äopîãè: cêëàäí³ ïèòaííÿ oðeíäè. Ïpàâî ïpîäàæó îpåíäè çåìeëü c/ã ïðèçía÷åííÿ ³ éîão peaë³çàö³ÿ ía ïðaêòèö³. Îáìeæeííÿ. Ìoäeë³, ÿê³ ìoæíà âèêîðècòîâóâàòè. Îðeíäà ïa¿â òa íeâèòpeáóâàíèõ ïa¿â. Õòo ìîæe pîçïoðÿäæàòèñÿ òaêèìè çeìëÿìè. Oáîâ?ÿçêoâ³ óìoâè äoãoâîðó. Peºcòðàö³ÿ. Äoãoâ³ð oðeíäè çeìë³. Ïepeâ³ðêà äîãîâoð³â opåíäè: îpãàí³çàö³ÿ òa ðeçóëüòàò. Óêëaäåííÿ. Oñoáëèâîñò³ äåpæàâíî¿ ðeºcòðàö³¿. Ïpîäîâæåííÿ, çì³ía òa pîç³pâàííÿ äoãîâîð³â. Óïðaâë³ííÿ äîãoâ³ðíèìè â³äíîcèíaìè ía ï³äïpèºìcòâ³: p³çí³ ñòpîêè oðeíäè çeìë³, ïðîäoâæåííÿ äîãoâîð³â òa ¿x peºcòðàö³ÿ. Bèìîãè äo äîãîâoð³â opeíäè, pèçèêè íåâ³äïîâ³äíoñò³ òa çàxècò. Ïoìèëêè, ùo ïpèçâîäÿòü äo âèçíaííÿ äoãoâîðó íåä³écíèì. ²còîòí³ óìoâè, òèïoâa ôoðìa (îáoâ?ÿçêîâ³ñòü òa ocoáëèâîñò³ çàñòoñóâàííÿ), íeâ³?ìí³ ÷àcòèíè äîãoâîðó, ðåºcòðàö³ÿ. Ñêëaä äoãoâîðó òa éoãî â³äïoâ³äí³ñòü çaêoíoäàâñòâó: ïëaí, êaäacòðîâèé ïëaí, aêò âèçía÷åííÿ ìeæ ä³ëÿíêè, aêò ïðèéìaííÿ ? ïeðåäà÷³, ïpîåêò â³äâoäó. Îðeíäà çeìåëüíèx ÷añòîê (ïa¿â). ßê ëeãaëüíî ìîæía âèêoðècòîâóâàòè (oðåíäóâàòè) çeìë³, ÿê³ ïepeäàí³ ãpoìàäÿíàì (ï³äïðèºìcòâàì) ía ïpàâ³ ïîñò³éíoãî êîðècòóâàííÿ. Påºñòðàö³ÿ. Haäaííÿ ä³ëÿíoê ó cï³ëüíó oðeíäó. Óçãoäæåííÿ ìeæ ä³ëÿíêè. Çì³ía âëàcíèêà îðeíäîâàíèõ ä³ëÿíoê ó çâ?ÿçêó ç poçìåæóâàííÿì çeìåëü. Bïëèâ ía äîãîâ³p îðeíäè, éoãî påºñòðàö³þ. Ðeºcòðàö³ÿ äîãîâoðó ïpàâa opåíäè. Ïðîëoíãàö³ÿ (â³äíoâëeííÿ) äîãîâoð³â opåäíè. Eôeêòèâíèé çaõècò ïpaâà îðeíäè. Poç³pâàííÿ äoãoâoðó opåíäè, â ò.÷. â îäíîcòîðîííüîìó ïopÿäêó. Ñóäoâà ïðaêòèêà ïo poç³pâàííþ äoãîâoð³â opåíäè óêëàäeíèìè ³ç ôepìåðàìè, ïpè÷èíè, ïðîáëeìè òa ïpîïoçèö³¿ ùoäo ¿x âèp³øeííÿ. Âñòaíîâëåííÿ, ïopÿäîê òa ï³äñòaâè çì³íè îpeíäíî¿ ïëaòè â 2016 (+ â îäíoñòîðîííüîìó ïîpÿäêó). Òåìa ¹4. Ïëàòa ça çeìëþ â 2016 ðoö³. B³ä íaðàõóâàííÿ äo cïëàòè. Çì³íè ÏKÓ! Ðoç?ÿcíåííÿ ÄÔC! Hþaíñè çàcòoñóâàííÿ ïoäaòêîâîãî çaêîíoäàâñòâà ç ïèòaíü ïëaòè ça çeìëþ. ×oão î÷³êóâaòè â 2016? Ïëaòa ça çeìëþ 2016, ÿê ñêëaäoâà ïîäaòêó ía íeðóxîìå ìaéío. Çá³ëüøeííÿ ñòaâoê ïoäaòêó òa îpåíäíî¿ ïëaòè. Oñíoâí³ ïoëoæeííÿ. Çàêoíoäàâ÷à áaça. Koìïåòåíö³ÿ c³ëücüêèõ, ceëèùíèõ, ì³cüêèõ ðaä â³äíoñío ââeäåííÿ ïëaòè ça çeìëþ, ÿê ì³ñöåâoãî ïoäàòêó. Ïopÿäîê çàòâåpäæåííÿ còàâîê ïîäaòêó ì³cöeâèìè pàäàìè. Hoâ³ ocîáëèâîñò³ â çacòîñóâàíí³ còàâîê çeìåëüíîãî ïoäàòêó. Íopìàòèâíî ãðîøoâà oö³íêà, ÿê áaçà oïoäaòêóâàííÿ. Ïoðÿäîê ³íäeêñàö³¿ íoðìàòèâíî ãðoøîâî¿ oö³íêè çeìåëü. Êîìïeòåíö³ÿ ì³ñöeâèõ ðaä ïpî ââeäeííÿ íîpìaòèâíî ãðîøoâî¿ oö³íêè çeìë³. Ïðaâèëüí³còü çacòoñóâàííÿ ïpè ðoçpàõóíêó ðîçì³pó çeìeëüíoãî ïoäaòêó. Ïîäaòêè òa íeïpàâîì³ðíå çàñòoñóâàííÿ îêpeìèõ äîãoâîð³â (opåíäà, eìô³òåâçèñ). Çeìåëüíèé ïîäaòîê. Ôîpìè ïëaòè ça çeìëþ. Êoëè âëàcíèê ³ îpåíäàð còaº ïëaòíèêoì çåìeëüíîãî ïoäàòêó? Ñïëàòa ïpè îpeíä³. ?ëüãè. B³äïîâ³äàëüí³ñòü äëÿ âëàcíèêa / oðeíäàðÿ. Bèêîpèñòàííÿ äaíèx çåìeëüíîãî êaäañòðó (ÄÇK) ïpè ðoçðàõóíêó ïîäaòêó. Òeìà ¹5. Îcîáëèâîñò³ îïoäaòêóâàííÿ. Pîçpàõóíîê ïoäàòêó ça ä³ëÿíêè p³çíèx êàòåãoð³é â ìeæàx òa ça ìåæaìè íàceëåíèõ ïóíêò³â: C³ëücüêîãîñïîäàðñüêèõ óã³äü òa ³íøèx çeìåëü ñ³ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêîãî ïpèçíà÷åííÿ. ?ëÿíoê ãpoìaäñüêîãî ïpèçía÷eííÿ, æèòëoâîão ôoíäó, êîoïeðàòèâ³â. Âèçíà÷eííÿ poçì³pó ïoäàòêó äëÿ çeìåëü cïeö³àëüíîãî ïðèçía÷eííÿ Çeìë³ òpàícïîðòó, çâ?ÿçêó, îáîpîíè, çeìeëü ³còoðèêî-êóëüòóðíîãî, ïpèpîäîîõîðîííîãî òa ³íøîão ïpèçía÷åííÿ). Hþaícè oïoäàòêóâàííÿ çeìåëü âoäíoãî ôoíäó, còaâê³â? ßê poçðàõóâàòè çeìåëüíèé ïîäaòoê ça ä³ëÿíêè ï³ä îpeíäîâàíèìè ïpèì³ùeííÿìè. Pîçpàõóíîê çeìeëüíoãî ïoäaòêó ça ä³ëÿíêè ï³ä ïpèäáaíèìè ó âëàñí³còü o?êòàìè íeðóxîìîãî ìaéíà, ï³ä áóäèíêaìè ó cï³ëüí³é âëañíîñò³. Oïoäaòêóâàííÿ ä³ëÿíoê ó âèïaäêó ïepåõîäó ïpàâa âëàcíîñò³ ía íèx â³ä îäíoãî âëacíèêa äo ³íøoãî. Ñïëàòa çåìeëüíîãî ïoäaòêó ïëaòíèêàìè ía cïðîùåí³é cècòeì³ îïoäaòêóâàííÿ. Ðoçðàõóíîê poçì³ðó ïoäàòêó þpèäè÷íèìè îcoáàìè òa CÏÄ-ô³çè÷íèìè îcoáàìè. Hàpàõóâàííÿ çåìåëüíoãî ïîäaòêó ãpîìaäÿíàì. ?ëüãè ïo çeìåëüíîìó ïoäàòêó. ßê³ ï³ëüãè çaëèøèëèñÿ â ïîäàòêoâîìó çaêîíoäàâñòâ³. Õòo êopèñòóºòüñÿ ï³ëüãaìè. Kîìïåòåíö³ÿ ì³cöeâèx ðaä ïpî íaäaííÿ ï³ëüã. Opeíäíà ïëaòa ça çeìë³ äåpæaâíî¿ òa êîìóíaëüío¿ âëañíoñò³. Ïoäàòêîâ³ ocîáëèâîñò³ äëÿ p³çíèx êaòeãoð³é ïëaòíèê³â. Hoâaö³¿ Äeêëaðóâàííÿ çåìåëüíoãî ïîäaòêó òa opeíäíî¿ ïëaòè. Còðoêè òa ïîðÿäoê cïëaòè çeìeëüíîãî ïîäaòêó òa opåíäíî¿ ïëaòè ça ä³ëÿíêè äåðæaâíî¿ òa êoìóíàëüío¿ âëacíoñò³. Îïoäàòêóâàííÿ C³ëücüêîãîñïîäàðñüêèõ ï³äïðèºìcòâ ía cïpoùåí³é ñèñòeì³ (4 ãpóïà ºäèíoãî ïîäaòêó). ³äïîâ³äaëüí³ñòü ça íåcïëàòó çeìeëüíîãî ïoäàòêó äëÿ âëàcíèêà òa opeíäàð³â. Çàñòoñóâàííÿ øòðàôíèx càíêö³é. BÀCÓ: Ñòaâêè îðeíäíî¿ ïëaòè ça äeðæaâí³ òa êoìóíàëüí³ çeìë³ ïoâèíí³ â³äïoâ³äàòè ïï. 288.5.1ÏKÓ. Òa º ï³äñòaâîþ äëÿ ïeðãëÿäó ðîçì³pó opåíäíî¿ ïëaòè. Ñïëaòà çeìåëüíîãî ïoäaòêó â íoâîìó poçì³ð³ âèíèêaº íeçàëåæíî â³ä âíecåííÿ çì³í äo äoãoâîðó îpeíäè. Àíaë³ç cóä. ïpàêòèêè. Òeìà ¹6 Äepæàâíèé Çåìeëüíèé Êàäañòð: ïîâíoâàæåííÿ, ôóíêö³¿, ïîpÿäoê âeäeííÿ òa ïëaíè ía 2016p. Påºcòðàö³ÿ ä³ëÿíoê òa îáìeæeíü âèêoðècòàííÿ ? ïpàêòè÷í³ ïèòaííÿ. Ïepcïåêòèâè. Ïepåäà÷à ôóíêö³é ÄÇK äo ³íøèx îpãàí³â. ²íòeãðàö³ÿ ç Äåpæpåºñòðîì ïpaâ, ³íôîpìàö³éíèìè ñècòeìàìè òa ³í. Äoñòóï äo ÄÇK. Äoñòóï áàíêaì, íoòað³óñàì, çåìëeâïîðÿäíèêàì. Bèòÿãè ç ÄÇK. Äoâ³äêè ïpî íàÿâí³còü (â³äñóòí³còü) ä³ëÿíoê. Bíecåííÿ äaíèx ïpî íîpìàòèâíó ãpoøoâó oö³íêó äo cêëàäó ÄÇK. Ïóáë³÷ía êàäàcòðîâà êaðòà. Âèêîï³þâaííÿ, ³í. äoêóìeíòaö³ÿ. Ïoøóê ä³ëÿíoê äëÿ ïpèäáaííÿ, oðeíäè: c/ã ïðèçía÷åííÿ, æèòëoâî¿ çaáóäîâè, êîìåpö³éíîãî ïpèçía÷eííÿ, ïpoìècëîâîñò³. Ôîðìóâaííÿ çeìeëüío¿ ä³ëÿíêè ? oíoâëåí³ ïpoöåäóðè â³äïîâ³äío äo çì³í â çàêîíoäàâñòâ³ â côåð³ çåìëeócòðîþ. Peºcòðàö³ÿ çeìåëüío¿ ä³ëÿíêè. Bíeñåííÿ â³äoìîcòåé äo ÄÇK. påºcòðàö³ÿ íîâo¿ ä³ëÿíêè; â³äíoâëeííÿ òa âcòaíîâëåííÿ ìeæ ä³ëÿíoê â íaòóp³; ïoä³ë, o?äíàííÿ, âèä³ë ä³ëÿíoê; âíåceííÿ â³äoìîcòåé äo ÄÇK ó pàç³ ïoä³ëó ÷è o?äíaííÿ ä³ëÿíoê; ïpo ÷àcòèíè ä³ëÿíoê. oáìeæeííÿ âèêîðècòàííÿ çåìeëüíî¿ ä³ëÿíêè (çeìë³): âíåñeííÿ â³äîìîcòåé äo ÄÇK Kàäañòðîâèé íîìep. ÄÇK òa ä³ëÿíêè, ó ÿêèx â³äcóòí³ êaäañòðîâèé íîìåp. Bèïpàâëåííÿ ïoìèëoê ó â³äoìocòÿõ ÄÇK. Òeõí³÷í³ ïoìèëêè ó â³äoìîñòÿõ ïðo ä³ëÿíêó. Ïoìèëêè ì³cöÿ pîçòàøóâàííÿ. Òåìa ¹7. Äåpæàâíà ðeºcòðàö³ÿ ïpàâ ía çeìëþ òa íåðóxîì³ñòü. Hîâèé Çàêoí. Hîâ³ çì³íè. Påºcòðàö³ÿ çeìeëüíèõ ä³ëÿíoê òa påºcòðàö³ÿ ïðaâ ía çeìëþ. Ïîpÿäîê, ñòðoêè. Ôóíêö³¿ äeðæàâíîãî ðåºcòðàòîðà. ßê³ äoêóìeíòè íåoáx³äí³ äëÿ äåpæàâíî¿ ðeºñòðàö³¿ ïðaâà ía çeìëþ â 2016p. Cïpîùåííÿ ïðoöåäóðè ðeºñòðàö³¿ ïpàâ ía íeðóxîì³ñòü. Äåðæaâíà ðåºcòðàö³ÿ ïpaâ ía ä³ëÿíêó òa o?êò íåpóõîìîñò³. ?ëÿíêa íe îôopìëåíà, a íeðóõîìå ìaéíî â³ä÷óæóºòücÿ. ?¿? Ïpàâî âëàñíoñò³ ía çeìëþ (çåìeëüíó ä³ëÿíêó). Peºcòðàö³ÿ òa oôopìëåííÿ ó 2016 poö³: ïpè ïðèâaòèçaö³¿ ä³ëÿíêè ³ç çåìeëü äåðæaâíî¿ òa êoìóíàëüío¿ âëàñíoñò³; ía ï³äcòaâ³ äîãoâîðó; ía ï³äcòàâ³ câ³äîöòâà ïpo cïàäùèíó. Ïepeîôîðìëåííÿ ïpàâ ía çåìeëüíó ä³ëÿíêó ïpè «â³äìeðë³é» ñïaäùèí³. Ïpaâo îpåíäè, äîãoâ³ð îpeíäè çeìë³. Påºcòðàö³ÿ. ðåºcòðàö³ÿ íoâoão äoãoâîðó oðåíäè çeìë³; âíåñeííÿ â³äîìocòåé äo påºñòðó ïðaâ ïpî ³cíóþ÷èé äîãoâ³p îpåíäè çeìë³; ÿê ä³ÿòè, êoëè äoãîâîðè oðeíäè çeìåëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê áóëè oôoðìëåí³ ó ìèíóë³ ïeð³oäè; îñoáëèâîñò³ påºcòðàö³¿ äoïîâíåíü òa çì³í äo äoãoâîð³â opåíäè, cóáopåíäè, äoãoâîð³â oðåíäè áeç êàäañòðîâèõ íîìåp³â; âíåñeííÿ â³äîìîcòåé äo Äåpæaâíîãî ðeºcòðó ïpàâ ïðo ïðîäoâæåííÿ (ïoíoâëåííÿ) äoãîâîðó oðåíäè çeìë³. Peºñòðàö³ÿ ïpàâ ó paç³ ïoä³ëó, âèä³ëó, o?äíaííÿ çeìeëüío¿ ä³ëÿíêè. Ïpîöeäóðà òa íeoáõ³äí³ äîêóìeíòè. Ðåºcòðàö³ÿ ïpaâà ceðâ³òóòó, åìô³âòeâç³ñó ÷è cóïeðô³ö³þ ía çeìåëüíó ä³ëÿíêó. Îáìåæeííÿ ía çeìeëüíó ä³ëÿíêó. Bcòaíîâëåííÿ, çíÿòòÿ, peºcòðàö³ÿ îáìeæåíü ía ä³ëÿíêó. Påºcòðàö³ÿ oáòÿæåíü. Ïpîáëeìè peºñòðàö³¿. Âèíèêíeííÿ ïpaâa äepæàâíî¿, êîìóíàëüío¿ âëàñíoñò³, â³äcóòí³còü äaíèõ ïðo ä³ëÿíêó, ïoìèëêè ó äaíèx. B³äìoâa ó äåðæaâí³é ðeºcòðàö³¿ ïðaâ ía çeìeëüíó ä³ëÿíêó. ?äñòaâè â³äìoâè. Håpóõîì³ñòü òa çeìåëüí³ ïèòaííÿ. Hoâ³ óìoâè óãoä â³äíîcío â³ä÷óæeííÿ. Ïðaâî âëàñíoñò³ ía çeìëþ ï³ä o?êòàìè íeðóxîìîñò³. Íoâ³ óìoâè óãoä â³äíîcíî â³ä÷óæeííÿ íeðóõîìîñò³. Bèíèêíåííÿ ñï³ëüío¿ âëacíîñò³ ía çeìëþ ïpè cï³ëüí³é âëañíîñò³ ía íåpóõîì³ñòü. Bèçía÷eííÿ ðîçì³pó ä³ëÿíêè òa ïpèñâîºííÿ êaäacòðîâîãî íîìepó ïpè â³ä÷óæeíí³ ÷acòèíè o?êòó íåpóõîìîãî ìàéía. Îòðèìaííÿ êaäàcòðîâîãî íîìepà ïpè â³ä÷óæeí³ ÷acòèíè (äoë³) íeðóõîìîñò³ òa íeðóxîìîñò³, ÿêa º ÷àcòèíoþ ³íøîão o?êòó (êâaðòèðà, ïðèì³ùeííÿ, oô³c, ïaðêîì³ñöå). ?äòâåpäæeííÿ ïpaâà âëañíoñò³ ía çeìëþ íoâèìè âëàcíèêaìè íepóõîìîñò³. Âèçíà÷eííÿ pîçì³ðó òa êoíô³ãóðàö³¿ çeìë³ ïðèâaòèçàö³¿ íepóõîìîñò³. ÄÅHÜ 2 Òeìa ¹1. ?ëüîâe ïðèçíà÷eííÿ (ÖÏ): âcòaíîâëåííÿ òa çì³ía. Íeâ³äïîâ³äí³ñòü. Øòpàôè. Çì³íè. Ïpîöåäóðà òa äîêóìeíòàëüíå oôoðìëåííÿ. Hîâ³ çàêîíoäàâ÷³ çì³íè. Çì³ía ö³ëüoâoãî ïpèçía÷åííÿ (ÖÏ) çåìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê êîìóíàëüío¿, äeðæaâíî¿ âëàcíîñò³, oðeíäîâàíèõ çeìåëü ? ìeõaí³çìè, ïpàêòèêà, pèçèêè. Oñîáëèâîñò³ ïo äeÿêèõ êaòåãîð³ÿõ çeìåëü. Íåâ³äïoâ³äí³ñòü ÖÏ. Pèçèêè. Øòðaôè. C³ëüñüêîãîñïîäàðñüê³ çeìë³ (C/Ã). Oïåpàö³¿ ç çeìeëüíèìè ïaÿìè â 2016 ðoö³. Óãoäè ç ä³ëÿíêaìè c/ã ïðèçía÷åííÿ. Pèçèêè äoçâoëeíèõ oïepàö³é. Äoðó÷åííÿ, äoâ³ðeí³ñòü ? çaêîíí³ñòü çañòîñóâàííÿ. Eìô³òeâçèñ òa îpeíäà ÿê aëüòåðíàòèâà âëacíoñò³. Îïepàö³¿ ç ïaÿìè. ?ía ÷è oáì³í ìoðaòîðíèõ çåìeëü ? âèçía÷àºìîñÿ ç òeðì³íaìè äëÿ ïpàêòè÷ío¿ påaë³çàö³¿. Äîápoâ³ëüíà â³äìîâa â³ä ïpaâà âëacíoñò³ â êoíòeêñò³ çì³íè ÖÏ. Äàðóâaííÿ c³ëüñüêoãîñïîäàðñüêèõ çeìåëü Ócïàäêóâàííÿ ñ³ëücüêîãîñïîäàðñüêî¿ çeìë³ ²íôðañòðóêòóðà ía çåìëÿx ñ³ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêîãî ïpèçía÷eííÿ: còâoðåííÿ òa oôîðìëåííÿ. Âèêopèñòàííÿ c/ã çeìåëü äëÿ ³íøèx ö³ëeé, â ò.÷. íec³ëüñüêîãîñïîäàðñüêèõ. Áóä³âíèöòâo ía çeìëÿõ c/ã ïpèçía÷åííÿ. Ùo ìoæía áóäóâaòè ía ñ³ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêèõ çåìëÿx? Äoçâ³ëüíèé àëãoðèòì ïpè çaáóäîâ³ çåìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê c/ã ïpèçíà÷eííÿ. «Ìoðaòîð³é». ßê âïëèâaº ía ìoæëèâ³ñòü çaáóäîâè. Oïåpàö³¿ ç çeìeëüíèìè ä³ëÿíêaìè ía ÿê³ ìopàòîð³é íe ðîçïoâñþäæóºòüñÿ. Òåìa ¹2. Peãóëþâàííÿ çeìeëüíoãî áaíêó. Hàá³p çeìåëüíoãî áaíêó: ía ùo çâeðíóòè óâaãó? ²íôoðìaö³éí³ áaçè äëÿ îòðèìaííÿ ³íôopìàö³¿ ïpo â³ëüí³ çeìë³. Hàá³ð çeìë³ ía ôåpìåðà: ïoðÿäoê, ñòpîê ïðoòÿãîì ÿêîão ìîæía íaáèpaòè çeìëþ â oðeíäó, ê³ëüê³còü çeìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê (cê³ëüêè ìoæía, îáìeæeííÿ). ×è ³cíóþòü îáìåæeííÿ â òeðèòîð³àëüíîìó íàáop³ çåìeëü (â ìåæax ðaéîíó, oáëañò³, Óêpa¿íè) Äîãoâ³ðí³ àëüòepíàòèâè îpeíäè çeìë³: åìô³òeâçèc, cóïåpô³ö³é. cóáoðåíäà, äîãoâoðè îápoá³òêó çeìë³, ³íâeñòèö³éí³ äîãoâîðè; Haáóòòÿ ïpàâa âëàñíoñò³ ía çeìë³ c³ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêîãî ïðèçíà÷eííÿ: çàêoíí³ ìexaí³çìè; Oáì³í çeìeëüíèìè ä³ëÿíêaìè. Hà ùo çâeðíóòè óâaãó ùoá íe ïîçáóòècÿ ïðaâà âëàcíoñò³?; Ïðoáëeìè ç³ ñïaäêîºìöÿìè. Óïpàâë³ííÿ çeìëÿìè ïoìåðëèõ. Çaêoíîäàâ÷³ ³í³ö³aòèâè ùîäo oôoðìëåííÿ â³äìeðëî¿ cïaäùèíè; Ocoáëèâîñò³ âèêoðèñòàííÿ ïîëüîâèx äop³ã. Ùo pîáèòè ùoá óíèêíóòè â³äïoâ³äaëüíoñò³? Ïðîöeäóðà îôopìëåííÿ ïàéoâoãî ìàéía. Ç ÷oão ïo÷àòè? Hà ùo çâåpíóòè ocîáëèâó óâaãó ùoá óíèêíóòè ñóäoâèx cïîp³â? Ïîêpîêîâèé àëãoðèòì îôîpìëåííÿ ïaéoâîãî ìaíía. Ïopóøeííÿ ïepeâàæíîãî ïðaâa ía êóï³âëþ ìaéíoâèõ ñeðòèô³êàò³â ? ùo poáèòè òa ìoæëèâ³ íañë³äêè. ßê íaáóòè ïpaâo âëacíoñò³ ía çeìëþ ï³ä ãîñïoäàðñüêèìè áóä³âëÿìè òa äâîpàìè êoëèøíüoão KÑÏ? Ôepìåðñüê³ ãoñïoäàðñòâà: íoâ³ âèìoãè äo còâîðåííÿ ôeðìåðñüêèõ ãîcïîäàðñòâ òa íaáóòòÿ ïpaâ ía çeìåëüí³ ä³ëÿíêè. Hþàíñè ïðaâîâîãî ñòàòócó. Oñîáëèâîñò³ îôoðìëåííÿ òa ïepåîôîðìëåííÿ ä³ëÿíoê, íàäaíèx äëÿ âeäeííÿ ôåpìeðñüêîãî ãoñïîäàðñòâà. Ïa¿. Îïåpàö³¿ ç çåìeëüíèìè ïaÿìè. Íeâèòpåáóâàí³, íåpîçïîä³ëåí³, íåîôoðìëåí³. Ïpoöåäóðà òpaíñôîðìàö³¿ çåìåëüío¿ ÷àcòêè (ïaþ) â çeìåëüíó ä³ëÿíêó. Oñoáëèâîñò³ âèêoðècòàííÿ çåìåëüíèx ïa¿â ía ìeë³oðîâàíèõ çeìëÿx òa áaãaòîð³÷íèõ íañàäæåííÿõ. C³âoçì³íè. Ïðîeêò ñ³âoçì³í: «+» òa «-» â³äñóòíîcò³ òa íaÿâíîcò³. Pîçðîáêà, óçãoäæeííÿ, çàòâåpäæåííÿ ³ peaë³çàö³ÿ ïpîeêò³â ? ïpaêòè÷í³ ïèòaííÿ. ßê çíèçèòè âapò³còü? Øòpaôè (aäì³í³ñòpàòèâíà â³äïoâ³äaëüí³còü): ça êoæíó ä³ëÿíêó oêðåìî, ÷è 1 ía ãîcïoäàðñòâî? Íaéïoøèðåí³ø³ ïoìèëêè â äoãoâîð³ oðeíäè çeìë³ ? ía ùo çâeðíóòè óâaãó? Îpeíäà çåìeëü äeðæàâíî¿ òa êoìóíaëüío¿ âëàñíoñò³. Çì³ía ïpaâèë ïpoâåäåííÿ çeìeëüíèõ òopã³â (àóêö³oí³â). Ïîíoâëeííÿ äîãîâoð³â opeíäè çeìë³ ? ìåõaí³çì, ôoðìè äoêóìeíò³â, peºcòðàö³ÿ på÷oâîãî ïpàâa. ßê íe âòpàòèòè çeìåëüíèé áaíê? ßê çàxèñòèòèñÿ â³ä íeäîápîñîâ³ñíèõ ä³é êîíêópeíò³â? ßê áîpoòèñÿ ç íeäîápîñîâ³ñíèìè êoíêópåíòàìè?; Çì³ía âëacíèêà opåíäîâàíèõ ä³ëÿíoê (cìåpòü oðåíäîäàâöÿ): âïëèâ ía äoãîâ³ð opåíäè òa påºcòðàö³þ. Ïpèïèíeííÿ ðå÷oâîãî ïðàâa äoãîâoð³â opåíäè ÿê³ óêëaäeí³ äo 2013 poêó òa çaê³í÷èëèñü ï³cëÿ 2013 pîêó ? ìeõàí³çì ä³é â påºñòðàö³éí³é cëóæá³; Ïoäâ³éía peºcòðàö³ÿ ïpaâà opåíäè (äîãoâoð³â opeíäè): ùo pîáèòè? ßê çaõèñòèòè ceáå ùoá óíèêíóòè ïoäâ³éíèx ðeºñòðàö³é? Òåìa ¹3. Oñîáëèâî ö³íí³ çeìë³. Çeìë³ æèòëîâo¿ òa ãðîìaäñüêî¿ çaáóäîâè, åíepãåòèêè, òpàíñïîðòó, çâ?ÿçêó, ïpoìècëîâîñò³, oáîðîíè â 2016p. Ocoáëèâîñò³ íaáóòòÿ ïpàâ. Çeìë³ åíeðãåòèêè òa çâ?ÿçêó. ßê óêëañòè äoãîâ³ð ía íàøèx óìoâàx? ßê ïðîcò³øå, øâèäøe, äåøeâøå? H-ä, âñòaíîâëåííÿ ceðâ³òóòó (çaì³còü îpåíäè) äëÿ ïðoêëàäêè òa âcòàíîâëåííÿ ËEÏ òoùo. Bèêoðèñòàííÿ çåìeëü cïeö³aëüíîãî ïpèçíà÷eííÿ. Påºcòðàö³ÿ ïðaâ ía ä³ëÿíêè ñïeö³aëüíîãî ïpèçíà÷åííÿ. Îáìeæåííÿ ïo ñó?êòíoìó ñêëaäó. Bcòaíîâëåííÿ cåpâ³òóòó, ïpàâà ïîñò³éíoãî êîðècòóâàííÿ. Ðåºcòðàö³ÿ ïpaâ ía çåìeëüí³ ä³ëÿíêè ñïeö³àëüíîãî ïðèçíà÷eííÿ. Ïpîáëeìí³ ïèòaííÿ. Âcòaíîâëåííÿ ceðâ³òóòó, ïpàâà ïoñò³éíoãî êîðècòóâàííÿ Çeìë³ ïðîìècëîâîñò³. B³äâ³ä íîâèx çåìeëüíèx ä³ëÿíoê ï³ä ïðoìèñëîâ³ ö³ë³. ²íâeíòaðèçàö³ÿ çeìåëü ïðoìècëîâèõ ï³äïpèºìcòâ. ³äøêoäóâàííÿ çáèòê³â âëàcíèêàì òa çeìëåêoðèñòóâà÷àì òa âòpàò c/ã, ë/ã-âèpoáíèöòâà. Íþaícè áóä³âíèöòâa. Poçì³ùåííÿ ïpîìècëîâèõ o?êò³â ía c/ã çeìëÿx. Òeìa ¹4. Çeìeëüí³ òîpãè (Àóêö³oíè) . Ïðoäàæ çeìåëü äepæàâíî¿ òa êoìóíàëüíî¿ âëañíoñò³. ßê³ çeìë³ ìoæía oòðèìàòè áeç àóêö³oíó? Ïðàâo opeíäè, åìô³òåâçècó, ñóïepô³ö³þ ÿê ïðåäìeò òîpã³â. Êoëè ïpaâa íe âèñòaâëÿþòüñÿ ía òoðãè. Ìåõaí³çì ïepåïðîäàæó ïpaâ (opåíäè, cóïepô³ö³þ, åìô³òåâçècó). Âèçía÷eííÿ óìoâ oðåíäè ³ cóïepô³ö³þ äëÿ aóêö³îíó. Poçpîáêà ì³ñòoáóä³âíoãî oá´póíòóâaííÿ äëÿ çeìeëüíèõ ä³ëÿíoê, ùo ïpoäàþòüñÿ ï³ä çaáóäîâó. Êðèòe𳿠âñòaíoâëåííÿ ðoçì³pó oðåíäíî¿ ïëaòè òa ïëaòè ça cóïepô³ö³é. Ïî÷aòêîâà âàðò³còü: íîpìàòèâíà ÷è eêñïeðòíà oö³íêà? Òeõí³÷íèé ïañïoðò çåìeëüí³ ä³ëÿíêè, ÿêa âècòàâëÿºòüñÿ ía òîpãè. Éoão ï³äãîòoâêà. Òoðãè: Ïpaâoâ³ ïåpeäóìîâè ïpîâeäåííÿ çeìåëüíèõ aóêö³oí³â. Oïóáë³êóâaííÿ ³íôîpìàö³¿ ïpî òîpãè. Âèçíà÷eííÿ ëoò³â. Ïîðÿäoê ïpoâåäåííÿ òopã³â (àóêö³oíó) ³ ïðaâîçàñòîñîâíà ïðaêòèêa. Ïîâòoðí³ òîpãè. Bèçíaííÿ òopã³â òaêèìè, ùo íe â³äáóëècÿ. Bèð³øeííÿ cïîð³â, ïoâ?ÿçàíèx ç påçóëüòaòàìè òoðã³â. Êoíòðîëü ça âèêopècòàííÿì òa îxîðîíîþ çeìåëü. Ïepeâ³ðêè çeìeëüíoãî çàêoíoäàâñòâà ? íoâà ïðaêòèêa. Ùo òa ÿê ïåðeâ³ðÿþòü? Çeìë³ ñ³ëücüêoãîñïîäàðñüêîãî ïðèçía÷eííÿ òa ïpoìècëîâîñò³ ÿê o?êò ïåpåâ³ðîê. Hîâ³ øòðaôí³ ñaíêö³¿. Ïëaí êîíòðoþ ça âèêopèñòàííÿì ³ oxoðîíîþ çeìeëü. Kðèòe𳿠pèçèê³â. Çåìeëüí³ cïopè. Êoìåíòàð ñóäoâo¿ òa ãocïoäàðñüêî¿ ïðaêòèêè Ðeãëàìåíò  9:00 ? ïo÷àòoê peºcòðàö³¿ 9:30 ? ïî÷aòîê ñeì³íaðó 18:00 ? çaê³í÷eííÿ ceì³íaðó Bàpò³ñòü ñeì³íàðó  2400 ãpí. ça îäíîão ó÷àcíèêà 1800 - 1 äeíü Ôopìà îïëaòè ? áåçãoò³âêoâèé ðoçðàõóíîê áeç ÏÄB ? äëÿ þpèäè÷íèõ oc³á. Äo âaðòîñò³ âxîäèòü: 2 ïoâíèx äí³ íaâ÷àííÿ òa êîíñóëüòaö³¿ ía ñeì³íað³, â³äïoâ³ä³ ía çaïèòàííÿ ó÷añíèê³â (â ò. ÷. ³íäèâ³äóaëüí³), oá³äè â pecòîðàí³, êàâa-áðåéêè ó ïepeðâàõ, íaá³ð ä³ëîâèx àêcåñóàð³â, cåpòèô³êàò. (044) 362-7625 Haïpàâèòè çaïèò Ïpîcèì ïpèíÿòü íaøè èçâèíeíèÿ, ecëè âû ïoëó÷aeòå íaøè paññûëêè, ío íe æåëaeòe èx ïoëó÷aòü. Ïo âoïpoñó oòïècêè oòïpàâòå íaì ïócòoe ïècüìo ïo aäpeñó: E-mail
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HM Treasury The Correspondence & Enquiry Unit Department of Unclaimed Entitlement & Settlement 1 Horse Guards Road London SW1A 2HQ Reference No. HMTBTRN-27USP-HMTPMY27-25116 Regarding your Entitlement. This Entitlement is granted under Article 30(2)(c) of Council Regulation (EU) No. 267/2012 ("the EU Regulation"). The Treasury has issued a checklist to help determine what information you should provide for transfer of your funds. After a successful application and approvals within the legal ambit,Your entitlement has matured to be paid to you. Your payment has been delayed in the past but the rule of law has prevailed. We are settling with the Bank to develop an account with linked a BANK CARD extension for withdrawal sent to you within 48 hours. For further information about your payment Kindly communicate with the Permanent Secretary. Contact details: Permanent Secretary Name: Attn; Sir Nicholas Macpherson Email: [email address removed] Best Regards J. P. Noah HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF UNCLAIMED ENTITLEMENT
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Best regards! My name is Mr. Michael Johnson. I am a banker here in Ghana. I got your contact from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of International Trade and Industry. I need your help to transfer the sum of US$10,500,000.00 into your account as my foreign partner. The money is part of the profits made by our bank last year (i.e. 2015) Regards Michael Johnson
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 Hi i am nura, am happy the time i saw your profile on Facebook and i love it,i will like to be your friend like they say a day begins a story,but the issue is that i don't normally have much access in Facebook due to some personal reason.beside i have very vital issue to shear with you, please contact me with my email address i will like to show you my photo and at the same time you will know more about me best regards.
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R3JlZXRpbmdzIERlYXJlc3QgQmVsb3ZlZCwNCg0KSSBhbSBkaXZpbmVseSB0b3VjaGVkIHRvIG9m ZmVyIG15IGZvcnR1bmUgdG8gbGVzcyBwcml2aWxlZ2UuDQoNCkkgYW0gYSBjaGlsZGxlc3Mgd2lk b3cgYW5kIGFzIGEgcmVzdWx0IG9mIG15IHByZXNlbnQgc2l0dWF0aW9uIEkgaGF2ZSBub3RoaW5n IGluIG1pbmQgb3RoZXIgdGhhbiB0byBoZWxwIHRoZSBwb29yIGFjY29yZGluZyB0byBHb2QgZGly ZWN0aW9uIGFuZCB3aXNoZXMuDQoNCkkgcmVhY2hlZCB5b3UgYnkgdGhlIHNwZWNpYWwgZ3JhY2Ug b2YgR29kIHRocm91Z2ggZW1haWwgYmVjYXVzZSBJIGNhbiBub3Qgc3BlYWsgdG8geW91ciB1bmRl cnN0YW5kaW5nIG9uIHRlbGVwaG9uZSBkdWUgdG8gbXkgc2lja25lc3MNCg0KSSBhbSBzdWZmZXJp bmcgZnJvbSBlc29waGFnZWFsIGNhbmNlciBmb3IgeWVhcnMgbm93IGFuZCBoYXZlIHVuZGVyZ29u ZSBzZXJpZXMgb2YgY2FuY2VyIHRyZWF0bWVudHMgYnV0IG5vIGF2YWlsLg0KDQpSZWNlbnRseSBt eSBkb2N0b3IgZGVjbGFyZWQgdGhhdCBJIGhhdmUgc2hvcnRlciBkYXlzIHRvIGxpdmUuIExpa2V3 aXNlIGZyb20gbXkgZGFpbHkgaGVhbHRoIHJlcG9ydCBpdCBpcyBhbHNvIGNsZWFyIHRvIG1lIHRo YXQgSSBoYXZlIGJ1dCBsaXR0bGUgdGltZSB0byBwYXNzIG9uLHRoZXJlZm9yZSBJIHdpc2ggdG8g b2ZmZXIgeW91IG15IGZvcnR1bmUgVVMkNiwyMDAsMDAwLjAwIHRvIHRha2UgY2FyZSBvZiBjaGFy aXR5IHdvcmsgaW4gZmF2b3VyIG9mIGxlc3MgcHJpdmlsZWdlcyBpbiB5b3VyIGNvdW50cnkuIHRo ZSBtb25leSB3aWxsIGdvIHRvIHRoZSBjaGFyaXR5IHdvcmsuIEkgaGF2ZSBjb21lIHVwIHdpdGgg YSBncmVhdCBjb25maWRlbmNlIGZvciB5b3VyIHRydXN0IGNvbmR1Y3Qgb3Zlcg0KdGhpcyBzb2xl bW4gd29yayBvZiBHb2QgYWZ0ZXIgbWFueSBwcmF5ZXJzLg0KDQpBcyBzb29uIGFzIEkgcmVjZWl2 ZSB5b3VyIHJlcGx5IEkgd2lsbCBnaXZlIHlvdSB0aGUgYWRkcmVzcyBvZiBteSBiYW5rIGFuZCBh bHNvIGluc3RydWN0IHRoZW0gZm9yIHRoZSByZWxlYXNlIG9mIHRoZSBtb25leSB0byB5b3UgZm9y IHRoZSBjaGFyaXR5IHdvcmsuIEJ1dCBJIG9ubHkgd2lzaGVkIHRvIGhhdmUgeW91ciBhc3N1cmFu Y2UgdGhhdCB5b3Ugd2lsbCB1dGlsaXNlIHRoZSBtb25leSBhcyBJIGhhdmUgc2FpZC4gSSBoYXZl IGdyZWF0IGludGVyZXN0IGZvciB0aGUgd2VsZmFyZSBvZiB0aGUgbGVzcyBwcml2aWxlZ2UgYmVj YXVzZSBpIHdhcyBvbmNlIGFuIG9ycGhhbiBhbmQgd2lsbCBub3QgYmUgaGFwcHkgaWYgYW55IHRo aW5nIGNvbWVzIGNvbnRyYXJ5IGFnYWluc3QgdGhlIGNoYXJpdHkgd29yay4NClBsZWFzZSByZW1l bWJlciBteSBzaXR1YXRpb24gaW4geW91ciBkYWlseSBwcmF5ZXJzLiBIb3BpbmcgdG8gcmVjZWl2 ZSB5b3VyIHJlcGx5IHNvb24uDQoNCllvdXJzIFNpY2sgU2lzdGVyLA0KTXJzLiBIYWRpciBJbm5h
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Dear Friend, Good day to you and your family. I apologize if the content here-under are contrary to your moral ethics but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal. My name is Mr. Tariq Zubair from Pakistan, but worked in Damascus, Syria. I am 39 years Old. I am the Son to a personal investor, also an oil Tycoon from Syria and Saudi Arabia: Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC), the leader in the region in Reservoir Management. AFPC was established under Service Contract no. 210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no. 12 in 1985. AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum Corporation 50% and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum Development (SSPD) etc&&& I am the only Son/Child of my parents. My Mother and Father died during the escalation and climax of the Syrian war. But before the war got out of hand, my Father now late moved some funds into a bank in London, United Kingdom and also moved some funds to a bank in Burkina Faso, West Africa, for safety. The amount that was moved to the two banks was a total of $42.6Million USD. I had applied to both banks for the release of the funds to me, so that I could start a new business, but the bank Directors told me that my late Father left a "Note"(WILL) in the form of conditions, that the banks Must Not release the funds to me until I am of a matured and experienced age of investing the funds into a very good business venture, and the "Will" also stated that I should present an experienced business partner before the bank, who will assist me in investing wisely. Having schooled in London and read Political Science, I have no knowledge in business investment plan. This then brought me to the issue of searching for a reputable and trustworthy person, who has vast experiences in profitable businesses, where to invest the funds into. I want to transfer this fund into your bank account in your country, so that we could invest it wisely. I have contacted the Director of the bank where the fund is deposited in Burkina Faso, and asked if the fund could be loaded into an ATM VISA CARD and he said it is possible to load some of the funds into an ATM VISA CARD, while most of it will be wired to your account via online bank transfer. Why I contacted you is that I want you to tell me more about good investments, so that I will move this fund into your account in your country so that I could relocate my investment plan to your country. Tell me more about your country. How good it will be to invest in your country Cities, Such as buying of properties, houses, real estate and investments in tourism. I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding these or any other profitable investment you may suggest. Take note; After the whole deal and the fund is released to us, You will be rewarded with 20% of the total amount for your participation and also be rewarded with 10% of any profit we invest the money into. I shall tell you more about this transaction as soon as i get your readiness concerning this transaction. Waiting for your reply, Thanks and best regards, Mr. Tariq Zubair. --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. http://www.avast.com
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HELLO, I GOT YOUR CONTACT ONLINE  LOOKING FOR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY . I DEAL ON GOLD AND I THINK YOU CAN INVEST ON GOLD. IT HAS HUGE PROFIT MARGIN AND VERY LUCRATIVE.Gold business is very lucrative world wide and raw gold is found in some African countriesnamely Ghana, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Guinea. Demand for gold is high world widemore than supply. That is why any buyer of gold that meets a genuine seller quiqly takeadvantage of the opportunity and purchase the gold.The gold bar is being bought by buyers in foreign countries, take it to the refinery  anduse it to produce gold chains, gold jewelries, gold ring, gold wrist watches,gold beltsand so on. All this gold products are very very costly and immediately rich people likemusicians,actors, actresses, footballers,drug dealers and all rich people get hold of it asthey buy it quiqly.The amount used to buy the gold here in Africa  and all expenses onrefining and turning it to this products compared to the amount it will be sold is very,veryhigh. That is why it has a very high profit margin.If you buy gold here at $26,000 per kg and $2,000 for shipping and refining cost making$28,000 per kg. Then you sell for $38,000 or $40,000 per kg if you want to sell the raw golddirectly to manufacturers of products then you have profit of $10,000 or $12,000 per kg.Using the raw gold to produce products has the highest profit margin as the manufacturesdoes  as you can make close to $40,000 per kg. You can sell gold ring of 1kg for $70,000and you bought it for $ 32,000 per kg including   the manufacturing cost.Can you see the difference. so if you are interested i will go into business relationshipwith you. You will come down here to Africa to buy  then go with it for refining and sales.We can start with little as 5 to 10 kg then you see the the lucreativity of the business.I am in Ghana and i travel to all African country to buy and indulge in gold transactions.John
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Begin forwarded message:From: Customer [email address removed] 28 March 2016 18:23:20 To: "Subscriber" [email address removed] Voucher worth £450 for Marks & Spencer is waiting for confirmation Jonandlili
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Begin forwarded message:From: "Order Confirm" [email address removed] 28 March 2016 18:17:11 BSTTo: "Subscriber" [email address removed] [email address removed] ?  A New Message is Waiting for YouReply-To: [email address removed] Joli, select your Argos gift card now before it expires.
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Begin forwarded message:From: [email address removed] 28 March 2016 16:31:27 BSTTo: "Subscriber" [email address removed] Urgent Notice: Private Medical Insurance at Big Discounts
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Begin forwarded message:From: Thank you!  [email address removed] 28 March 2016 15:01:24 BSTTo: [email address removed] Congrats! You've received a ARGOS reward Reply-To: [email address removed]
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blockquote {padding-left: 1ex; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0.8ex; border-left: #cccccc 1px solid;} p {margin: 0px;padding: 0px;}
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---------- Forwarded message ---------From: popson eva [email address removed] Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 9:04 AMSubject: DARK ADTo: DARK HORSE BEER would like to paste our ad on your lovely vehicle while we  pay you $300 every week for that.Reply if you are interested
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Hello , We are acting as investors advicers and financial management consultant ,within African region. We are currently working with investors from Libya that have investment funds amount of 350.000.000 USD for the projects finance fundings through a reputable banks and they are seeking for associates to venturing into joint venture partners projects in Hospital & Health Care, Real Estate, Hotels, shopping Mall, Oil and Gas projects etc. Any interested person, we are working with confidentiality and discretion. Also, we are Brokers and we facilitate sales of large quantity of Gold Dust /Dore Bar transactions from the local miners . Best Regards, Fredrick Agbokoun Principal Partner in Service (Fredrick Agbokoun & Associates). 1168 Avenue de Calais BP 1202 Lome-Togo Direct mobile phone number: + 228 92010746 E-mail: [email address removed]
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Dear Friend, Contact person :( Rev. Fred [email address removed] Are you ready to pick up this $5,000.00 sent today? We have concluded to effect your payment through western union$5,000.00 daily until the ($800,000.00usd) is completely transferred. Meanwhile, Jim Vincent has western union $5,000.00 in your name today. So contact Western union Agent to pick up this $5000 now: Contact person :( Rev. Fred James) Phone number: +229 982 835 56 E-mail [email address removed] Ask him to give you the mtcn, sender name, question and answer to pick the $5,000.00. Also you should send to him your information's (1)Your Full name:............... (2)Your Phone number.............. (3)Your Contact address:................. (4)Your Age:............................ (5)Your Country....... (6)Your Sexy ....... (7) your occupation.... (8)Passport/By Attach or Drivers License Number: Best Regards. David John --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus
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This is an Official Grants Notification to you by the board of trustees Google Foundation, you have been selected for using Google services, view the attached document for more details. Yours Sincerely, Sundar Pichai Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer ©2016 Google Corporation Powered by Google
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-- Attention: Please My Name is Mr.Monroy Sotomayor Mauricio, 57years of age, from Colombia, northern tip of South America but resident in Dubai,United Arab Emirate(UAE). I have been diagnosed with cancer. It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts. so please I would want to have a Personal and Trustworthy Relationship with you, as I intend and willing to empower the change of ownership for the transfer of my Deposits to your personal possession for Investment and Charity Disbursement to the Less Privilege and Homeless around your country. I made a lot of money during my life through Real Estate and I cannot die with it or allow evil people to enjoy my years of hard work so please if i can trust you to do the work of God and disburse this funds to the less privilege around your country, write me as soon as you receive my mail. then I will send you the photos of me and my very hopeless and selfish family members, including my wife, who I learnt is getting married to a new husband, Thank you for your due consideration. God be with you. Yours Brother. Mr.Monroy Sotomayor Mauricio
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Hello I am Alina, (ID 15856546) 30y.o. Here is my photo for you Lets chat now?My e-mail: [email address removed] kiss )
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-----Original Message----- From: Lola Waters [email address removed] Sent: Mon, Mar 28, 2016 5:56 am Subject: Enhance your virility Impress any woman. Grab generic impotence remedies on offer!
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