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Taking advantage of the cool of the morning, we moved off with the early

dawn. A fine sheet of water lay before us, and everything promised well.

The vegetation looked stronger and richer. Above the growth of acacias

and drooping gums, that leant over the banks kissing their reflection in

the limpid waters, rose on each side high broken ranges. Their heights

had round summits, just beneath which, in some, could be traced a low

line of cliffs, so singularly characteristic of Sea Range. The very

marked dip in the strata did not extend beyond the latter, and here I

could not detect any. Flights of large vampires, whistling ducks,

many-coloured parakeets, and varieties of small birds, made the river

quite alive, and their continued cry of alarm gave vivacity to the scene,

and disturbed the stillness that had reigned there for years. Every

living thing is terrified at the sight of man. This reach of the Victoria

enabled Mr. Bynoe to add two new birds to his collection; one, a species

of pigeon, but resembling a small quail in its habits and size; the cerae

of the nose, the beak and the feet, were a pigeon's, but the flight and

the manner of running along the ground, where it kept, were those of a

quail. It was found in small families of eight or a dozen, very wild and

scarce, and was only seen in this part of the river. The only one we were

able to get, had a very long pointed crest. The colour was a light red,

with a white chin and a black band across the throat; the tips of the

wings were slightly bronzed. It is figured in Mr. Gould's work, from this

specimen, as Geophaps plumifera. I was sorry to find, that the tide did not at present rise sufficient to

admit the large boats into the fresh water, so that getting a load would

have been a very long operation, had it not been for a tremendous fall of

rain that followed a thunderstorm, deluging every pool, and at once

affording the means of filling the casks. This storm began at South-East

and drew round by east to North-West, from which quarter it blew strong

for an hour. The torrents of rain lasted two hours, and cooled the air so

rapidly, as in that time to reduce the thermometer from 92 to 82 degrees.

This change was so sudden, that it made those who felt it shiver as if it

were the depth of winter, and RUSH INTO THE RIVER WATER TO KEEP


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