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This bird was, of course, the first to leave the nest. For two days

before that event he kept his position in the opening most of the time

and sent forth his strong voice incessantly. The old ones abstained from

feeding him almost entirely, no doubt to encourage his exit. As I stood

looking at him one afternoon and noting his progress, he suddenly

reached a resolution,--seconded, I have no doubt, from the rear,--and

launched forth upon his untried wings. They served him well, and carried

him about fifty yards up-hill the first heat. The second day after, the

next in size and spirit left in the same manner; then another, till only

one remained. The parent birds ceased their visits to him, and for one

day he called and called till our ears were tired of the sound. His was

the faintest heart of all. Then he had none to encourage him from

behind. He left the nest and clung to the outer bole of the tree, and

yelped and piped for an hour longer; then he committed himself to his

wings and went his way like the rest. Unlike most of his kinsmen, the golden-wing prefers the fields and the

borders of the forest to the deeper seclusion of the woods, and hence,

contrary to the habit of his tribe, obtains most of his subsistence from

the ground, probing it for ants and crickets. He is not quite satisfied

with being a woodpecker. He courts the society of the robin and the

finches, abandons the trees for the meadow, and feeds eagerly upon

berries and grain. What may be the final upshot of this course of living

is a question worthy the attention of Darwin. Will his taking to the

ground and his pedestrian feats result in lengthening his legs, his

feeding upon berries and grains subdue his tints and soften his voice,

and his associating with Robin put a song into his heart?

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