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Scam email #230210 - URGENT RECONFIRMATION

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The scam

From: Office of the New Minister of Finance

Federal Ministry of Finance

Federal Secretariat Abuja


Dear Customer

Approval on your inheritance part payment by the New Acting President

After the inaugural meeting with the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

had on Tuesday 27th June 2017 during which the new appointed Ministers

were given task by the Acting President to perform creditably and

regain the image of our country from the International Community,

where all debts owed to foreign contractors and individuals where

approved for immediate part payment

I wish to use this opportunity to congratulate you that your name is

among the approved list of beneficiaries forwarded to my office today

for immediate part payment of US$5,700,000.00 by the Acting President

of the Federation. This payment exercise is aimed at putting back

smiles and hope to our country's numerous contractors and

beneficiaries who has been frustrated and lost thousands of dollars to

the hands of past administrations and fraudsters in their attempt to

receive their lawful inheritance.

The Federal Government under the new administration wish to render an

apology to those beneficiaries who has suffered an untold hardship due

to the amount of money lost to the hands of these fraudsters who are

now in the watch eyes of the FBI and EFCC to arrest, prosecute them

and recover all the looted funds from them. We are sincerely sorry and

Government will do everything within the law to restore that trust and

confidence which is the purpose of this payment exercise.

Therefore, in order for us to complete this payment successfully to

the rightful beneficiaries, we require your cooperation to follow our

stipulated directives and provide us with the following information

for re-confirmation:

Full Name:


Direct Telephone:



Finally, indicate your readiness to receive your fund by notifying us

your preferred means of receiving your fund, either by bank to bank

Wire Transfer, Issue of International Certified Bank Check/Draft,

Issue of International Master Card on your name or through cash

payment by diplomatic means and most importantly, strictly stop every

other communication to any other person, financial institutions or

organization claiming to pay or assist you in this your inheritance

payment as New Acting President has stopped/cancel every other

arrangement in the past and handed all inheritance/contract payment to

this office and every communication should be kept confidential till


fund is confirmed in your account to avoid misinformation from the

unauthorized person.

Thanks for your cooperation and congratulations

Mr. Emmanuel N. Iwunze

Minister of Finance (State)

Private Email:

Tel: +2348144705071

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-0.0 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record
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digit (bvxw64[at]
0.1 DKIM_SIGNED Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not necessarily valid
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1.2 NML_ADSP_CUSTOM_MED ADSP custom_med hit, and not from a mailing list
0.0 MONEY_FRAUD_8 Lots of money and very many fraud phrases

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Where the scam probably came from

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