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National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC)
2013-10-09 11:37:42
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National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC)
The Presidency 7th Floor
New Federal Secretariat Complex
PMB 298 Garki-Abuja

As part of an ongoing annual Foreign Payments Reconciliation Exercise(FPRE), The committee was instituted by the Federal Ministry of Finance with a mandate to review cases of pending international payments and make settlements as appropriate. Our investigations reveal that you have been through various bureaucratic difficulties in a bid to secure the release of your funds, especially as it concerns payment of official charges.

Consequently we advice that you stop further communication with any local representatives concerning same, We know your representatives here in Nigeria or anywhere will advise you to still go ahead with them, which will be on your own risk, if you proceed with them.

As it is evident that you have met the requirements. An initial sum only will be paid to you as part of your pending payment. Please contact Kelvin Williams of FBI for Africa representative email kelvin.fbi.williams2@gmail.com you should please re-confirm these details for purposes of verification.
1) Full Name..................
2) Contact Address............
3) Telephone.................
4) Fax number for direct communication.........

Note that this is the second and final notice on this subject. Your funds will reflect in your nominated Bank Account within three Bank working days.
National Economic Intelligence Committee,

Abuja In Conjunction With
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division. J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc

Yours sincerely.

Public Relations,
Ms Allen Wood.
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