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Good Day,

I am Ms. Yael Ronen; I am the Executive Vice President Chief Internal Auditor with FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF ISRAEL LTD (FIBI), Tel Aviv branch, Israel. I am getting in touch with you regarding an extremely important and urgent matter. If you would oblige me the opportunity, I shall provide you with details upon your response.


Ms. Yael Ronen

Executive Vice President Chief Internal Auditor


42 Rothschild Blvd.

Tel Aviv 66883,Israel.

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From: Mr. Michel Mboma                                                    Johannesburg, South AfricaTel: + 27 81 845 9132Email: michelmboma3@yahoo.com
Good-Day!  My name is Mr. Michel Mboma from the Republic of Ivory Coast residing temporally here in Johannesburg South Africa; I know this might be a surprise to you. I got your contact through search on line from South African Information Exchange (SAIE) I am the son of Mr. Didire Mboma from Ivory Coast who was murdered recently in Ivory Coast uprising by President Laurent Gbagbo who lost November 2010 Presidential election in Ivory Coast and refused to step down for his rival Mr. Alassane Quattara. My father was a strong supporter and second in command to Mr. Alassane Quattara and the owner of Mboma Textile Industry in Abidjan.  Mr. Laurent Gbagbo ordered his troops to shoot at sight any gathering of the opposition which resulted to the murder of my father (late) Mr. Didire Mboma in January 2011 and before my father?s sudden death on December 2010 he came to South Africa for the purchase of arms for Mr. Alassane Quattara for it has been observed there will be use of force to get Laurent Gbagbo out of power. My father made the deposit of the money to a private security & finance company here in Johannesburg with the help of our family Attorney pending when he will finalize negotiations with South African Government for the sales of the ammunition.On his return back to Ivory Coast on January he was killed amongst other opposition members which attracted the attention of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UN) & African Union to immediately arrive Ivory Coast to protect Mr. Alassane Quattara and other top opposition members. My Mother was among the seven women that were shot dead on Thursday 03rd March 2011 by Mr. Laurent Gbagbo?s forces in Abidjan. I was instructed by my family members to leave for South Africa since I might be the next target by Mr. Laurent Gbagbo. Right now I am here as a Refugee in South Africa and would need your assistance as a foreign partner in order to move these funds out from South Africa to your country for our investment. The amount in question is (US$18,000,000.00) (Eighteen Million United States Dollars) the money was deposited in my name as the beneficiary by my (late) father as if he knew he was going to die soon. Would you be interested to assist me in this transaction, you will be entitle of 20% of the total amount, 5% will be set aside to defray all expenses that might be incurred during the process of this transaction while the remaining 75% will be for my family and will be invested right there in your country under your management.Would you be very much interested to partake in this transaction, do not delay to contact me on the above stated telephone number and email address for details and procedures. I will be waiting for your urgent and positive reply soonest. Thanking you for your co-operation in advance. (kindly reply via my email:(michelmboma3@yahoo.com) Sincerely yours,Mr. Michel MbomaFor The Family.

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