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Hello, This attached PO 76627 order was put on hold and customer service told us to contact someone in Accounting about this issue? You can reach me by email or my office at 336-822-4142. Thank you, Janifer Maly
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Dear Sir or Madam, Good day to you! This is Jasen Li from Nature Precision Electronics LTD,we are a PCB manufacturer in China. Our advantages are making high density PCB,we could make Min.Trace Width & Line Spacing as 4mil/4mil,and 0.2mm drill holes. I got to know from my other customers, 90% of their other PCB suppliers increased the pri ce, only NaturePCB keep the good pri ce and quality as before. May I know if your PCB suppliers increased the pri ces also? If so,you can try to ask me...... Here is our special pri ce for your reference: 1 layer & 2 layers (4 working day standard lead time,fastest 24 hours) within 10cm*10cm US D 20.00 (10pcs) 4 layers (5-6 working day standard lead time,fastest 72 hours) within 10cm*10cm US D 58.00 (10pcs) For more good pri ces,pls send em ail to me or add Skype,you will get the best pri ce and service. Thanks & Best Regards, Jasen Li Nature Precision Electronics LTD Em ail: jasen (at) Skype: jasenpcb
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[email address removed]  
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Greetings Mr. Wang FengyingI took the liberty to contact you with an unusual request. Please excuse me for contacting you. My name is Khanin Vladimir from country of Ukraine, St. Televisiania 4/24. My father was originally from the city of Lugansk , where as you probably know , now there are military operations. Our family now lives in the city of Dnipro. Many countries from Europe and America are now helping our state to save its independence and commitment to democratic values. But it's very hard for individual families and people in our country to survive. Knowing from the press about the fact, that you do charity work and help through various funds to many people, I took the liberty to write to you. Charities are important and I in no way don't want to underestimate it. But, helping some particular family in my opinion would be great benefit and will give heartfelt thanks. In our country it is very difficult to find decent and proper full paid job that could afford to adequately support a family, so I contact you I hope that man is not indifferent. If you have the ability to help financially and centralized to a single family, then why don't you help me? If you decide to take this step, then here is my data, and believe me, at least 10 people in my family will be forever in your debt and grateful to you. Ukraine 49005 St. Televisiania 4/24, Phone Number:+380676892428?With Respect Khanin Vladimir.
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Hi, Hope this email finds you well. I understand that you are one of the Exhibitors of upcoming event "KIOGE - Int'l Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference Oct 2017". I thought I'd check if you are interested in acquiring the "KIOGE - Int'l Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference 2017- Attendees List" for pre-show marketing campaign, Appointment Setting, Networking and various Marketing initiatives. Let me know if you would like to acquire 4,000 Attendees List? We have special discounted Cost for this month. Our directory comes with: Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, Website, Email, Contact Number and Fax Number. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you. Best Regards, Dennis Wright | Business Executive
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Date: 12 September 2017 at 23:27 Subject: UNITED NATION AND EUROPEAN UNION OFFICIAL WINNING PAYMENT VALUED $8,300,000M To: THE UNITED NATION ORGANISATION LONDON UNITED KINGDOM UNITED NATION PAYMENT APPROVAL OFFICE Special Duties/Logistics Department FOREIGN CONTRACT/WINNING PAYMENT BUREAU Our Ref: GBT /USA/STB Your Ref 25321/imf/us/09/10 UNITED NATION AND EUROPEAN UNION OFFICIAL WINNING PAYMENT VALUED $8,300,000M UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION AND EUROPEAN UNION ORGANIZATION do hereby give this irrevocable approval order with Release Code: GNC/3480/02/00 in your favor for your contract entitlement/award winning payment with the UNITED NATION to your nominated bank account. Now your new Payment,United nation Approval No;UN5685P,White House Approved No:WH44CV, Reference o.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No: 339331 , Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit Payment No : 103 , Released Code No: 0763; Immediate Citibank Telex confirmation No: -1114433 ; Secret Code No:XXTN013, Having received these vital payment number , therefore You are qualified now to received and confirm Your payment with the United Nation immediately within the next 72hrs. As a matter of fact, you are required to Deal and Communicate only with MS Barbara Dean, NEW DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL REMMITTANCE CITIBANK OF NEW YORK, with the help and monitory team from the CITIBANK OF FEDERAL RESERVE ACCOUNT OFFICE IN US which is our official remitting bank, Committee On Foreign Payment Matters in United Nation, has look up to make sure you receive your fund valued $8.3m. So contact: Barbara Dean. on [email address removed] for immediate release of your contract/inheritance/Award Winning claim Be informed that you are not allowed to correspond with any person or office anymore, You are required to send her the bellow information for your transfer. 1) YOUR FULL NAME: 2) ADDRESS: CITY, STATE: 3) PHONE: 4) COMPANY NAME(IF ANY) POSITION AND ADDRESS 5) BANK DETAILS: BANK NAMES: ACCOUNT NO: ROUTING NO: SWIFT CODE : BANK ADDRESS: 6) PROFESSION AND MARITAL STATUS, 7) COPY OF YOUR INT'L PASSPORT/DRIVERS LICENSE NOTE: YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT/COMMUNICATIONCODE WITH CITIBANK IS(022),YOU ARE ARE ADVICE TO SEND YOU FULL BANKING INFORMATION TO THE NEW CITIBANK OF NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL REMMITTANCE DIRECTOR HEADED BY Barbara Dean AND MAKE SURE YOU ADHIRE TO HER INSTRUCTIONS, WITH YOUR NEW PAYMENT CODE FOR RELEASE OF YOUR PAYMENT AND SEND HER ALL YOUR BANKING INFORMATION NOW. CONTACT CODE(002) OFFICER: Barbara Dean POSITION: NEW DIRECTOR,INTL,REMMITTANCE CITIBANK NEW YORK [email address removed] Barbara Dean (CHAIRMAN COMMITTE ON FOREIGN CONTRACT/AWARD WINING PAYMENT UNITED NATION AND USA GOVERNMENT). [email address removed] As we celebrate 200 years of history at Citi, we look towards the future. is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided by the Citigroup companies.
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Estimado usuario, Recuerde que el 95% de los correos electrуnicos entrantes se han puesto en espera debido a la ъltima actualizaciуn del servidor en nuestra base de datos. Para recibir y enviar tus mensajes regularmente. Haga clic en el enlace de abajo o copie y pegue en su navegador para actualizar su cuenta de correo electrуnico; Nuestro equipo tйcnico de webmail actualizarб automбticamente su cuenta despuйs de usar el enlace. Si no lo hace, su cuenta serб suspendida temporalmente por nuestros servicios. Aviso: Todos los propietarios de cuentas que se nieguen a actualizar su cuenta en un plazo de dos dнas despuйs de recibir este correo electrуnico perderбn permanentemente su cuenta. Gracias por su cooperaciуn Administrador del sistema Este correo electrуnico fue verificado por Virus Sophos UTM 9.
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Attention:Beneficiary, I know that you will be surprise to receive this massage but this is nothing but the truth.I am Dr.Michael Lawal, the Managing Director of the bluebird paying center united state. After on the meeting held with all banks including the Bluebird ATM Paying center United State. On the 25th Day of July 2017, your name was listed and approved for this payment as one of the beneficiary and our paying center was among the listed bank to pay the 100 of you the sum of ($3,000,000.00) {Three Million Dollars each as a foreigners, contractor,Ward Winners,Inheritance who at the time of execution did not receive his payment. We have resolved in finding a solution to your problem, and as you may know, we will arranged your payment of ($3,000,000.00)One Million dollars) through our ATM CARD (AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE) which shall be deliver to your door step, this is the instruction given by New Prime Minister London United Kingdom. This Bluebird ATM Paying Center United State will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in an ATM MACHINE in any part of the world. But the maximum is ($4,000) Four Thousand Dollars in three transactions per day. However, every other thing has been put in place for safe delivery of the ATM CARD to your Door step through American Express. you are requested to fill this form blow and send it back to us in order to use it set up ATM CARD in your name and bring it to your house as soon as possible. 1) Your Full Name : 2) Your Address: 3) Your Apt,Suite,Floor,ETC ( Optional ) 4) Your City: 5) Your State: 6) Your Zip: 7) Your Phone : 8) Your Email address: 9) Your Date Of Birth: 10)Social Security Number:We don't check your credit. We need this information to verify your identity Please fill the form now and send it immediately so that the ATM Card will be delivered to us for more details 541 727 0809 Text on (541) 539-6844 BLUEBIRD IS THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT,WHERE YOU GO Mr.Michael Lawal
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Good day Please find attached Purchase order, I have been asked by our board of directors to request an invoice from you so that we can do payment by Friday Regards
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This is James Loan Lending Company. We give out loans to companies and private individuals. have you been looking for a loan to start up a new business? do you need a loan to clear up debt? apply today in our affordable interest rate of 3%. You can have a loan within 3 to 4 working days if you meet to the demands of our company. Apply now. Note: All mail [email address removed]
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Hello there, I would like to know if you are interested in acquiring M2M Users List. Information fields: Names, Title, Email, Phone, Company Name, Company URL, Company physical address, SIC Code, Industry, Company Size (Revenue and Employee). Let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you with the counts and pricing. Regards, Katelyn Smith Marketing Executive To opt out, please reply with Leave Out in the Subject Line.
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Hi, Hope this note finds you well. I understand that you are one of the Exhibitors of upcoming event "Rehabilitation Fair - 2017" held on 21st to 23rd Sep in Lodz, Poland. I thought I'd check if you are interested in acquiring these "Rehabilitation Fair 2017 - Attendees List" for pre-show marketing campaign, Appointment Setting, Networking and various Marketing initiative. If you are interested, drop me a line. We will get back to you with pricing, counts and other information for your review. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Robert Shaw| Inside Sales, USA & Europe| [email address removed] address [email address removed] "If you don't wish to receive emails from us reply back with LEAVE OUT"
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Hi, You be the right person to discuss about AAPM&R 2017 Annual Assembly? Deligates List:- * PM&R Physicians, * Primary Care Physicians, * Orthopedists, * Rheumatologists * Neurologists, * Physical Therapists * Occupational Therapists You can acquire the list for your Unlimited usage or Rent the list and we deploy campaigns on your behalf. Let me know your interest so that I can provide detailed information. Best Regards, Christalle-Marketing Coordinator If you don't want to receive further emails please reply back with "TAKE OUT" in the subject
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Hello, I am Joey. A Bags manufacturer from China with BSCI, Disney SIL report. What make us specialize different?• Memory foam• EVA foam• Neoprene Products No. of production line Production Capacity Per month Bags/Sleeves 8lines 400Kpcs Tablet/Wallets 2 lines 100Kpcs The others 1 lines 300KpcsWelcome to get newest catalog, price list and goods inspection report. Have a nice day. JoeyHK Eastern-Pro Industries LimitedAdd: East wing, First Floow, 2-2B FengQi road, Fuchengao Community, Pinghu Street, longgang District, Shenzhen city.Tel: +86-0755-89355817 Alibaba Trade manager: cn1520209944kjbWebsite:
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Greetings My Dear, I sent this mail praying for it to reach you in good health, I have a business transaction worth of ($26.million dollars [email address removed] I am Mrs. Mimi. from Libya, my father died in war that happened in our country some years ago, that take the life of my entirely family, because my late father work with MUAMMAR GHADAFI the EX PRESIDENT LYBIA. So, I decided to donate this fund to a good person that will utilize it the way I am going to instruct herein. I need a very honest and God fearing person who can claim this money and use it for Charity works, for orphanages, widows and also build schools for less privilege. I accept this decision because I do not have any family or anybody who will inherit this money. Please I want your sincerely and urgent answer to know if you will be able to execute this project, and I will give you more information on how the fund will be transferred to you through an ATM MASTER VISA CARD. I am willing to give you 50% from the fund and you will use 50% for Charity Organisation in your country. The fund is in the (BOA) BANK OF UNITED GROUP OF BANK Burkina Faso for safety use. [email address removed] ) with the below information for more details: Your full names................ Your country of origin................ Your Mobile ;...................... Your International Passport Or ID Card ;...................... Yours Faithfully Mrs. Mimi
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Hi, I'm curious to know if you would be interested in purchasing Green Build International Conference & Expo 2017 Registered Delegates List. This list Includes Complete Contact details of: - Architects, Building Owners, Code Officials, Contractors, Developers, Educators/Schools, Engineers, Facility Managers, Financial Services Providers, Government Agencies, Green Building Thought Leaders, Builders, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Utilities& more... If you're open to learning more, I'm happy to send over a Pricing, Counts & Sample data for your review. Looking forward to seeing if you agree it's a good fit for you guys. Thanks! Regards, Valerie Vaness.
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Hello, Kindly find attached our Purchase order document as requested. Thank you, Janifer Maly
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Hi, Would you like to acquire IBM/SAP/Microsoft users or any other technology users to increase your client base? We have the below technology users databases from North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM HP Storage Netapp Commvault Iron Mountain VERITAS Brocade 3PAR EMC Quantum Emulex Dell Information Fields - Name, Title, Email, Phone Number, Company name, Web Address, Physical Address, SIC Code, Industry, and Technology they use Please review and let me know your selection and I can provide counts we have for the same. Appreciate your time and look forward to hear from you. Thanks, Betsy White Database Consultant |Tech Business Point | List acquisition | Technology Lists | Email/Data Appending | Search Engine Optimization | To Opt Out, please reply with Leave Out in the Subject Line.
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Hi,  Would you be interested to acquire Collaboration Software user’s contacts list. Every contact from this database has completed verification on the 2ndof September 2017 to give you 95%+ accuracy and ensure your message reaches the right contact from the right company. Information - Name, Title, Email, Company Name, and Company Details like, Physical Address, Web Address, Revenue Size, Employee Size and industry. Please let me know if you are interested to acquire this list, we will be happy to assist you. Have a great day. Thanks,  Rachel Fruth Marketing Analytics  powered by GSM. Free mail merge and email marketing software for Gmail.
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在这竞争激烈的年代,如果还只是被动依靠B2B?展会等待客户上门的话,您是否觉得还行得通? 我们外贸软件每天针对上万的行业目标客户推广 主动出击抢先赢得客户合作机会,逆转当前局势。 快速搜索数据客户群自动开发全球客户,助力快速成单!!! 咨询QQ: 2754907112 电话:18588422706 利用你们的产品的“关键字”搜索出你们行业的所有的经销商,进口商,OEM商等所有的联系方式,直击终端客户。
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Hi, Did you get a chance to review my previous email? Please advise what are the next steps of your interest? Let me know if you would like to review few sample records from your target audience. I can send it over. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Judy Spearson Marketing & Sales Executive LP Inc. To edit mail preference, please reply with Opt-Out in the Subject Line. [email address removed] Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 8:57 AM To: '[censored]' Subject: Oracle software users Hi, Would you be interested in a unique list of Oracle software users for your upcoming marketing initiatives? Below mentioned are titles suggested by our date intelligence team for higher ROI's: IT Decision makers: CIO, CTO, Chief/VP/Director/Manager of IT/Infrastructure/Engineering Operations, Big Data and Analytics, Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Contract Specialists, Security, Storage, Database, Administrators, Architects and more. Business Decision Makers: CMO, CIO, CFO's, VP- HR, Chief/VP/Director/Manager of Marketing/Sales/Business Development/ Human Resources/Supply chain/ Finance/database and more. Leadership Decision makers: CEO, Owners, Presidents, Managing Directors, Oracle Cloud, COO and more. The list comes with complete contact information like: Contact name, Email address, Title, Company name, Phone number, Mailing address, etc. Please let me know if you are interested in any particular titles so that I can process few samples for your review. Regards, Judy Spearson Marketing & Sales Executive LP Inc. To edit mail preference, please reply with Opt-Out in Subject Line
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) mrs arin laboso
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Hello, Would you be interested in the below Software Users contact information for your marketing purpose? ERP- JD Edwards, Infor Baan, SAP, Exact Software, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, etc.CRM- SalesForce, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Siebel, Teradata, Epicor, Infor, CDC Software, etc.Engineering Software- Autodesk, Siemens PLM, Adobe, AutoCAD, MAYA, Revitt, Solidworks, PTC, MADCAD, etc.Cloud Computing- Amazon, RackSpace, Google APPS, Hyper-V, NetApp, etc.Storage application - NetApp, EMC, Citrix, HP, Brocade, DELL, etc.Security Software- Symantec, McAfee, IBM, Riverbed, Tabberg, Commvault, Juniper Networks, F5, etc.Networking- Brocade, Symantec, Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel, etc.Medical Software- NextGen, AllScripts, EMR, McKesson, Practice Fusion, eClinical Works, etc.Accounting Software- Sage, PeachTree, Timberline, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Deltek, Lawson, QuickBooks, etc.Business Intelligence- SAP Business Objects, Microstratergy, Tibco, Microsoft BI, QlikTech, Information Builders, etc. We provide data across the globe - North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and LATAM. We provide the decision Makers contacts like CIO, CTO, CISO, IT VP, IT Director, IT manager, IT head, etc. Please review and let me know if you are looking for any type of list and we can service you. Await your response! Thanks,Carol Data Specialist  powered by GSM. Free mail merge and email marketing software for Gmail.
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Hi sir, Our factory produce the following items,if you are interested,we will give you the best price: Stretch Film machine use PE Stretch Film manual use Jumbo Stretch film Pre Stretch film POF shrink film Silage film We welcome your inquiries. Vicky General [email address removed] www.zengaoindustry.comShijiazhuang Zengao Import&Export Co.,ltd
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Sent: Sun, Sep 10, 2017 1:40 pm[email address removed] This email confirms your purchase of the following subscription: Name of Subscription: PREMIUM Account Name of Application: Virtual Trainer PRO : Exercise Workout Fitness Content Provider: Virtualtrainer Sweden AB Date of purchase: 09/09/17 Subscription Period: 3  year Renewal Price: $399.99 Payment Method: iTunes account The subscription period will automatically renew unless you turn it off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current period. To cancel automatic renewal or manage your subscriptions, click below and sign in. Developer's Support Page or Terms of Use:   If you did not authorize this purchase , please visit iTunes Payment Cancellation Form and follow the steps Regards, Apple Apple Inc. You can find Terms of Sale and Sales Policies in the Terms and Conditions. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Apple Support website at Apple respects your privacy. Information regarding your personal information can be viewed at Copyright ?2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved   ------=_Part_477364_576859949.1505224190306 Content-Type: image/jpeg; name=header_invoicereceipt_l.gif Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: inline; filename="header_invoicereceipt_l.gif" Content-ID: R0lGODlhlgAsAPcAAP///56lqOXn6NLV1p2kqJ+mqJ6lp7i9v56lqZ+mqfLz87G3uaSrruzt7p2l p8XJy/n5+djb3J2kp56kqJ+lqMvP0Z6mqJ2lqJ+lqd/h4quxtL7Dxff4+J+mp+3u77S5vNzf4Pz8 /Pr6+9HU1vv7+6eusPX29snNzqivsdnc3aetsKCnqv39/ayztaasr6WrrbK3uubo6enr7KGnqv3+ /vLz9MrO0J2mqLO4utbZ2qatr/v7/Kuws7S6u+/w8e7v7/P09J+mqqKnqp6mp/Dx8dfb26Goq7K4 urm+wPj5+bi9wNXY2aqwsq60t9TY2KWsruXn57C2uevs7aSrq6mws6etsaSrr+Pl5tzf38jMzrq/ wqKqrOrs7ebo6O/x8b3BxLC2uOjp6v7+/svP0MPIyeHj46qwtK2ztNfa2/z9/crOz7W6vejq6sXJ ys7R07W6vK2ztqmvsqGpq8PHyuvt7Z6mqdPW19LW15+kqN/i47m+weTm597h4qOqq6yytbrAwebn 6MjNzra7vb3CxOLk5ff39+Hj5AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH5BAAAAAAALAAAAACWACwA AAj/AAEIHEiwoMGDCBMqXMiwocOHECNKnEixosWLGDNq3Mixo8ePIEOKHEmypMmTKFOqbOjhwRk2 K2PKbAgiToIZHmbq3DnQ0JYCDj6I4Ek0JocjFgwkSFG0aUosCRBIaJPGqdWSJwisOEHiqleOhTw0 MCHwyogfLLwICFODBsMICxZE+EpXoIIxC1CUiJIFiggTEbSg6PMEDhkuChsEWBxAwQHGkCMvPlAX JSENAQwQIJDAgBwNKgpMSBAAAYECVuywQCgAsoDHkmNTrlyyy4sLASRQCIAhgIXSBhwoJRCgAIEW RBAqYLCYgePYsmmTTKLEdAEECRJQsEB8wu8EEwxM/yBQokziChUaAIgwoH17yO7bz5UuMgPxAgkw SCid2YAB0ZtdYAACIFgEGX0ozdFBAAT8R9x9HdRBQQIESEDcBmIsJMCGAhx0oEENcAgBQRBwqB4A JW44IoobKqCheycepMCGMZYEg3EFFKCZBfgtliMCBkjQW4ELfViQkQTBFkCHA7U2mUBOLqnABpAd UONAAzAHmQZXRoAZZBuYRMV1AjpQQGmbBUCBjgHgNgUgDCE5kJwCKckklIzNBgFjFWgJGQNXPgDd kgMJKpkGJjGRGQZnDmFABwRgt58Ev91gxB5xMuahpgbZSVCUswEg2QELVEnQAIwtkIEAhgbAwIgZ QP+2AKkBVGBSEwYwaN0EEiBgWpoYaBbAEpkutqmxnTJ2JwCgzskYoAJFAJmLACiQKkGtDgAAlYtp OxC1JOnx4AUAPljamQPi90ZXCtEpKqcFedpkns4uNp9ApdorUAWMZUCQYk8q6a9KaowXHAXE+WfB mpSOByQFdxQJL0HuyovnkwLJiWq3dSrL4YbPAsBvc/eeFOt1xDlAbnETDvhbAB04sIITISTkbsXK fkpvxhMDsHEA3g4aGYp+uvoAuCQBAYYFCFCQqwPC9YrAmQ5IoJkDU39hc888IxtvzvNi/K7XAv0c tNCcPhdZySMFMvWZDFLgwAT8VahZZ7z+sTXZ9Qb/cJDFzO48tt+nMnZ2t/El/ukDRQ9Mkgw6dLaY eDliQK5w42UWVR57E34k1wAoWXKzXXtetuH4Mob0QhC0usBJNuiIQABYd1YABpudhgEe/g2yQ+fH ml4oYw9gK7jGqIvMZ0TugsTBB01LkEBS/OWaowFrViFFu6C7Ky3qEPwcQKjIc1wtfCvadaICjgfe HEoxqGAaY9e3iTVQQTDFPd+lHwRB0X8SW/mANpCR5ekAB2BO8ZQXgFnlazELPEkRhOArM7mgBx/g QWeUUgA3FEt4/TvI9yLzANiQr2dmMx50XgeAB0ZmAek7CR8EYYY1jIAOHOCAD9CABD/gIAc1kxj/ VAaXkAj4iQHa4haiQoil5DWJW7Kylc9cGAANDCCGCGrIxxYSohjNaENN4lBBviiA1YVRAFcSSIrK mMU2uvGNcIyjHOdIxzra8Y54zKMe98jHPrYxIAA7 ------=_Part_477364_576859949.1505224190306 Content-Type: image/jpeg; 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Attention My Dear, Track your MTCN; 810 978 4583 This is to inform you that the America Embassy office And United Nations Has today with FBI instructed that we should start transferring your fund worth $7.5m U.S Dollars, compensating all the SCAM VICTIMS, and your email was found as one of the VICTIMS approved by the American security leading Team and United Nations Representative Officers after meeting with IMF Minster Dr . Jonas Gian.. So between Today you will be receiving the sum of $5,000 dollars, per day However be informed that we have already sent the $5000 dollars this morning after the programming of your payment on dally bases. This is to show that your payment has finally been approved to avoid cancellation of your payment total $7.5m Usd. You have only Ten hours to call this office upon the receiving this email the maximum amount you will be receiving per day "starting from today is $5000 and the Money Transfer Control Number of $5000 today is below. NOTE; The sent $5,000 is on hold because of the instruction from US Embassy's Delegates, they asked us to place it on hold by requesting the (Clean Bill Record Certificate) in order to fulfill all necessary obligation to avoid any hitches while you receive your payment through Western Union money transfer in your country, the necessary obligation, i mean here, we need to obtain the (Clean Bill Record Certificate before you will be allowed to pick up) And it will cost only $74 dollar take note. Below is the information of $5000 sent today, you may be able to track it in our website But you can't pick up because the obligation has not been carried out. We haven't affected it online for security reasons, to avoid Internet hackers stealing the money online. Senders, Name ====== Jose Ora MTCN;======== 810 978 4583 Question======== When Answer======== Today Amount======== $5000 We need the below details from you, to enable us fully activate the payment to your name for it to reflect in your country's western union branch office, and to update our file records: 1. YOUR FULL NAMES: 2. Postal ADDRESS: 3. PHONE NUMBER: 4. SEX: female 5. AGE: 7. COUNTRY: 8. ID CARD: Send the needed $74 fee through Western Union on the below information and get back to me with the Mtcn alongside the requested information to enable us update your fund for available for pick at once. Receiver's name====== Jose Ora Country====== Benin Republic City====== Cotonou Text Question====== urgent Text Answer====== today Amount====== $74 MTCN===Sender=== [email address removed] ) [email address removed] Thank You Tamas Ram
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Tel:+229 61 4631122
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    你好: 我司的产品主要的特点是 1.搜索国外客户联系方式多 快 省心   一天可以搜索到2W到3W之间的客户联系方式                                               2.产品可搜索到全球200多个国家的客户,可以多个国家一起搜索目标客户的联系方式省心  省力                                                   3.我司还可以为您配置一个海外独立云服务器,每天可以无xian制的发送邮件,不怕被封sha,且有专人帮您管理。                                                  4.售后是二对一的贴心服务,保障您购买后可以正常使用 每次更新我司会马上通知您更新  以防在使用期间不能正常                                                    使用。                                                                                                    5.演示扣号:23*260*34*132(加之前请去掉特殊符号),电联:135*34*70*8624
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Hello, Hope you are doing well. I am working with a reputed leading Search Engine Optimization Company in India having the experience of getting our customer?s websites top in Google and producing high revenue with top page rank. I was recently visiting your website and saw your website is not on first page on Google for most of the relevant and user oriented keywords pertaining to your domain so I was wondering. If you would be interested in getting very Affordable Search engine optimization done for your website. Let me know if you are interested and I would happy to send you more details on this. I look forward to your positive response. Kind Regards Online Marketing Consultant PS: I will happy to send the "Proposal" and "Pricing" further more. Note: - If this is something you are interested, please respond to this email. If this is not your interest, don't worry, we will not email you again.
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[email address removed][email address removed][email address removed] [email address removed][email address removed][email address removed][email address removed] 
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My Dear Friend, I need a little help from you. May the peace of God be with you and your family.I know it will be a great surprise reading from me today but consider this a divine intervention as a pastor explained to my understanding. My name is Mrs. Teresa Stang, a widow from Oklahoma USA and am writing you from my sickbed because i have been fighting cancer and the doctors says i have only few weeks left. I want to entrust my money ($ 4.5 millionUSD) to your care for charity purposes to help the less privileged as my late husbands relatives want me dead so that they will claim all my late husband and i worked for. I will tell you more about myself and what you need to do with the money once your receive it.Please write me soon as my health is pretty bad and my doctors says i will be moved to the intensive care unit anytime soon.Have a blessed day and please do pray for me.God bless you. Here is my contact email Address [email address removed] Yours Mrs Teresa Stang
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Attn: Dear Sir/Madam I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. My name is Dr.Kingsley Moghalu, the former deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, I am writing you this letter just to seek your mutual understanding towards shared activity together Volunteering is a great way for business partnership JV In our current performance of Annual Account Audit, our auditors found within our database some couple of accounts with over inflated amounts with huge deposits to the tune of $45,000,000.00 (Forty-Five Million US Dollars) of which we intend to move out of the country through serious foreign assistance, This fund will be influenced in your name and address and be transferred to our affiliate bank in UK due to the restriction to we all top government officials not to participate into any international transactions upon your acceptance,Then upon the good conclusion of the transfer 60% 0f the total fund will be invested in your country 30% goes to you while 10% will be for the international and local expenditures we might in cure in the process of the transfer. If you are familiar with private banking affairs, those who patronize our services usually prefer anonymity, but also some levels of detachment from conventional processes. I therefore seek your consent to collaborate with me for the transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account, If you find yourself able to work with me, contact me through this same email account with the following comprehensive personal information as required of you: Your Full name: Your Present contact address: Your Telephone and/or fax number: Age: Sex: Occupation: A Scanned copy of Passport or Work ID or Driver?s license for the transfer process. I await your prompt response. Regards, Dr.Kingsly Moghalu. [email address removed]
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We are an India based IT company in INDIA. We Offering high performance Marketing Solutions for businesses. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends. Contact us for more details or quotation for your website.
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address [email address removed] address [email address removed] address [email address removed] address [email address removed] hat am 9. September 2017 um 12:10 geschrieben:Attn:Dear Beneficiary After extensive close door meeting with board of directors and other stake holders in the government including sub committees of the house of assembly and the house of representatives federal republic of Benin republic. It was resolved and agreed upon that your fund would be released on a special method of payment, you are hereby notified that your inheritance/contract payment of Three Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars $3.5 Million dollars has been approved to be made to you through UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA ATM VISA CARD. this will be issued to you from your account at your fund's country of origin and linked to our bank for easy and successful ATM transaction in your country. This method of payment is designed by the government to avert fraud perpetration or stoppage of fund by some agencies either through anti terrorist certificate or other certificates. This swift credit card would be issued to you as soon as you respond to this email You are required to furnish this office with the following information to enable us commence action in processing and programming your due funds into an ATM swift card for your use in making daily withdrawal in any ATM machine in any part of the world. Your full nameAddressCountry of originYour telephone numberOccupation/ age/ sex- The ATM card would be issued in your favor and all your information will be inserted into the card. Upon completion of this issuance of the ATM card, it would be send to you together with the access pin number via courier to your residential address Kindly get back to us by reconfirming your full information Please feel free to call us immediately if there is any question needed to be ask (International) Call at +229-9961-9049 OK. Yours faithfullyMr.Stephen WestwoodDirector,Foreign Operations.Uba Bank Plc
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Date: Sep 12, 2017 04:35 Subject: Partnership Proposal To: Cc: Greetings, First I must solicit your confidence in this project, I am Elena Arzak, a Spanish Lloyd international bank SA broker residing in Leeds united kingdom After my long search on a well experienced trusted individual I am obliged to open this vital business discussion with you for a possible investment partnership. My client and I are in need of urgent silent foreign partner whose identity can be used to move total TWENTY FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS, for investment. My client is Mr Jihad Makdissi, a defector from the Syrian regime and a former Foreign Ministry Spokesman of the Syrian Government from 1998 to 2012 He is a member of Syria's (Catholic) Christian minority and one of the few members of Assad's government fluent in English and French. MODALITIES: I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successful. With an attorney that will prepare the necessary document/ a sworn affidavit change of beneficiary that will legalize the funds in your name. All that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full Names and Address so that the attorney can commence his job. After you have been made the next of the beneficiary to these funds. The attorney will also fill in for claims on your behalf and secure the necessary approval and of probate in your favour for the move of the funds to an account that will be provided by you. My assurance is that there is no risk involved at all in this matter, as we are going to adopt a legalized method and the attorney will stand and represent you in all procedures until you confirm the receipt of the total funds available in your account for investment. Please endeavour to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this issue. Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated bank account we shall then share in the ratio of 70% for my client, 30% for you. Should you be interested please send me your, Full names, Private phone number, Current residential address. And I will prefer you reach me on my private email address below: [email address removed] finally after that I shall provide you with more details of this operation. Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated. Kind Regards, Ms Elena Arzak
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Date: Sep 11, 2017 20:03 Subject: Apologies to To: Cc: Hello , Hope you are doing well. I'm writing to you because we want to know if you had a bad experience with our services/website the last time you visited us. Amazon recognizes the impact of any bad situation in our community. You are worthy member of Amazon community and we will continue to work on improving our services by giving convenience and top notch technology. We are obligated to take steps to protect our beloved customers. Like our way of saying sorry, please accept this complimentary voucher worth 50 GBP . *claim here* Best regards *Sandy S.* *Customer Service Representative* * * Premium
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Date: Sep 11, 2017 17:49 Subject: International Monetary Fund. To: Cc: -- Hello Beneficiary, We would like to bring to the notice of the general public that several variants of financial scam letters purporting to be sanctioned by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or authored by high ranking IMF officials are currently in circulation, and may appear on official letterhead containing the IMF logo. The scam letters instruct potential victims to contact the IMF for issuance of a ?Certificate of International Capital Transfer? or other forms of approval, to enable them receives large sums of monies as beneficiaries. The contact e-mail information is always BOGUS and unsuspecting individuals are then requested to send their personal banking details which the scammers utilize for their fraudulent activities. Contrary to what is stated in these scam e-mails, letters, or phone conversations, the IMF does NOT authorize, verify, monitor, or assist in contract or inheritance payments between third parties and/or Governments, nor does it endorse the activities of any bank, financial institution, or other public or private agency. For purposes of clarification, the IMF is an inter-governmental organization whose transactions and operations are carried out directly with its member countries. If you have already received such e-mails, you are advised to terminate all further contacts with the scammers, and in the event that you have sent them funds, you can contact Mr. Frank Daniel to assist you and have all complain forwarded to the EFCC in Nigeria. We apologize for all loss and with the help of the Nigeria government, we where able to recover so much money from scammers, that is why we are compensating you with the sum of $5.000.000 US dollars, from the Nigeria government, to receive this payment, you are advised to contact out IMF officer Mr Frank Daniel. To assist you with the receive of your compensation payment, Note: To receive your compensation payment, it would cost you just a $150 dollars for the setting up of an online baking account that needs to be setup to your name in Africa, to proceed, kindly contact our agent with your information needed below. 1. Full Name .................................. 2. Sex ................................ 3. Residential Address ............................. 4. Fax/ Phone Number ............................ 5. Country ...................... 6. your Identity card ................. kindly reconfirm the above information, it's for the benefit of your transaction. Contact Name: Barrister Frank Daniel [email address removed] Best Regards. International Monetary Fund. Mrs.Christine Lagarde
#232556 - Sent September 12 2017 by
International Monetary Fund IMF Dr.Patrice Tarry Managing Director 790 19th Street P/N United States Of America. ATTN:Good Day Dear Customer; The Transfer arrangement with Money Gram Department did not progress due to Money Gram Money Transfer cannot be able to get you the payment because of such large amount did not to transfer by Money Gram money transfer. The Money Gram method was not clear due to the (I.M.F & others Authorities) did not granted the large amount we are trying to get you by Money Gram, Because of the large amount I would like it to be sent to your bank account in the USA in amount of $8000 in each transfer until you get the total funds of USD$30.7Million on your name, it is possible to wire the money into your account and avoid difficulties with the Authorities. Please let me know if you like the idea, Note that $74 is the only cost you will bear to have the first $8000 payment into your account, this $74 charged is for the form we will use to deposit the money into your account. email me now and let me know if you will pay this $74 Form fee to have the first $8000 into your account, I am very sure of what I said, and it is a promised. SEND $74 Us Dollars VIA WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM TO SEND THE FEE TODAY OK. Receiver name== Simon Azuka Country ==ѕnin Republic City======COTONOU Test Question=== Zip Ans ==== Code Amount==== $74 Send it and get back to me with the payment info such as MTCN I believe that you will get $8000 clear into your account in 1hours. Try send this court fee and email me with the MTCN & senders name. Thank You. Dr. Patrice Tarry Managing Director [email address removed] International Monetary Fund(IMF) The IMF: Organization and Finances MN. 55104 United States Of America This is United States Of America call; 210 987 0266
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世界上最便宜的投资就是观望,你不主动开发, 在等客户的同时, 您的同行已经抢先一步了。 等待只会让自己失去主动权,开发新客户就是这么简单。 主动式外贸邮件营销,为您在外贸道路上保驾护航,帮助您开发专属您的优质海外目标客户 主动了解总比坐以待毙强,十分钟让您打开外贸客户开发新世界!!! R9fKQ80g 了解更多的外贸客户开发和管理技巧!!加QQ:  3118570557  为您介绍一下
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