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-- Financial Conduct Authority DC1 1200, One UN Plaza, Washington DC 10017,1775 K Street NW USA Our Ref: SFSA/EU8/PY10 Good Morning, Are you the owner of this email address? We are not sure you received our previous message but we wish to congratulate and inform you that after thorough review of all delayed and all unclaimed funds, lottery funds, Inheritance and contract funds, etc., your payment file was forwarded to our office for the immediate payment of US$3,280,000.00 compensation to you, with Ref No: SFSA/EU8/PY10. The auditors report shows that you have been going through hard times by paying a lot of money to certain groups of individuals for the transfer of funds to your bank account, all which has been delayed by some dubious officials. We therefore advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence outside this office since you do not have to pay any money or fee to receive your funds to any one except the Legal Endorsement and Signing Service which will only cost the sum of the $50 since you have met up with the whole funds transfer requirements. If anybody ask you for any other payment after the $50, do not write to us again! Should you follow our directives; the US$3,280,000.00 will be credited to your bank account within the next three (3) working days and transfer copies forwarded to you and your bankers for confirmation. For the immediate transfer of the US$3,280,000.00 to your bank account, kindly send your TELEPHONE number by email directly to our foreign payment officer below: Mrs. H. S. Jessica Zefarina Foreign Payment Officer Telephone: [email address removed] PLEASE NOTE: All further correspondence should directly be to Mrs. Jessica Zefarina and should have the reference number: SFSA/EU8/PY10, sent along with your Full Names and Telephone numbers for prompt attention. We shall contact you with our official mail services once hears from you therefore get back to us so we shall forward your Bank ID in your behalf. Yours sincerely, Victoria Bazley Financial Services, USA
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Dear Receiver How are you doing?? Choose payment option,? Diplomatic Delivery? or? Bank Transfer Your Compensation Fund which is currently estimated at $1,000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars) has been approved by the BHC/FCA. After the last survey/draw your e-mail was randomly selected among others to receive this Fund. You are advised to select from the options below, the means by which you will like to receive your Fund: ?? Diplomatic Delivery ?? Bank Transfer Feel free to contact me for further explanation. Regards Mr. Gerald Williams.
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- This mail is in HTML. Some elements may be ommited in plain text. - YAHOO!!! 2018 [email address removed] , Your account has not been updated. Yahoo! Inc. strongly advise you to update your account to avoid unexpected closure. All files on your mail including (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Draft) will be denied. Secure Now to avoid unexpected closure of your account. Thank you! Yahoo! Mail Inc
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Greetings, How are doing? I wish to inform you that i have been able to moved the funds to Paraguay with the help of another person, i got a help from another man and was able to move the consignment to Paraguay where i am presently trying to invest my own share of the funds i have left a bank a check of US$800.000.00 (Eight hundred thousand United States Dollars) for you but i handed it over to Mr.Utomo Utomo,the Chief Executive Officer of DHL & Courier Company Jakarta Indonesia and directed him to give you the check You should contact him through his private email: [email address removed] and he will hand over the check to you Again, you are not to pay for the delivery Charge, the Insurance premium and the Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country because I have already paid for them, the only money you are expected to pay is $85 only for the security keeping fee of the cheque so far i would have paid the fee but the company insisted that I should not because they don't know when you will be contacting them and to avoid demurrage or further cost. You are to reconfirm the below information to them to avoid any mistake on the Delivery. Postal address; Full Names: Direct telephone number; i will be out the internet for sometime but write me to let me know, and when you have receive the check, take it to your bank to cash your own money and you write me so that we can rejoice together yours friend Mr.Larry James
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Money sent today here is the MTCN: ( 739-679-9385 ) Western Union Money Transfer EMS Post Office Agent Location BENIN FOREIGN CONTRACTOR PAYMENT OFFICE Attention: How are you doing today? Please take your time to read and understand this message and please get back to me as a matter of urgency. After our official verification perusal we have obtain facts that you are the debonair beneficiary of the total fund of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars($1.500,000.00) deposited in our office by the ministry of finance of the Federal Republic Of BENIN through fund vault KTU/9023118308/03 from United Nation, since this fund was given by the Paris Club International on your name we never heard from you till now, we want to use this opportunity to congratulate you once again for this immensely donation given to you by the Paris Club International, You are to pick up your first payment of $5,000USD immediately. Please you are advise to go through this e-mail carefully and make sure you understand and comply with the contents before replying. We are instructed by Federal Government of BENIN to transfer your fund to you via our installment transfer through our service (Western Union Money Transfer) so you will be receiving $5,000.00 USD daily until the successful installment transfer of your total fund of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars($1.500,000.00). Meaning that you will be receiving your $5,000 USD till the two hundred twenty five days which is the number of days required for you to receive your total fund of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars($1.500,000.00). Mean while you are required to send us the re-new payment file which is $56 usd for the $5000USD that we have already transferred to your name but cannot be pick because it was place on hold by the management. Reason, because we intend to deduct the transferring fee out from your total fund but the Financial Trust Fund Committee of BENIN Republic proof in accordance to United Nation financial edits of 1990 as related to international fund transfer policy as agreed with Western Union acts that no one has right over your fund as it have been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted from your fund until it all gets to you to avoid any Mal-practice in making excessive deduction from your fund, be informed that if the policy is not observe it might involve corruption which in other words might lead you loosing your fund, therefore take note that we cannot deduct your transfer fees from your fund. Here is the information of the one we sent on your name now to you, but it will remain on hold and the receiver name will not be given to you until your payment file re-new before we can release the first $5,000USD to you. To you be sure that the money is available in your name, you can track it and confirm the availability of your first payment. Click on our web-site via this tracking link to track your available money. Sender Name...............EMMANUEL OKECHI MADUKA MTCN NUMBER: 739-679-9385 Transfer Status: (Available) Amount:.......................$5000.00 USD Therefore, copy the name below and go straight and send our official re-new payment file of $56 usd to enable us proceed on your payment release immediately, below is the information of our account officer which you will use to remit the $56 usd Western Union Money Transfer been our re-new payment file for your $5,000.00 usd. Below Is The Western Union Or Money Gram Or Ria money transfer Payment Information Receiver's Name:........ Leo Nweke Country:........ Benin Republic City:........ Cotonou Amount:........$56.00 Test Question:........ Honest Test Answer:........ Trust Sender's Name:........?? Money Transfer Control Number:........?? Your urgent respond is highly needed to enable us to release your first transferred $5,000USD within an hour, include your telephone number as you reply with your payment MTCN for the transfer fees. We hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is (WUMT-824) so you have to indicate this code when contacting as your subject, I do hope you totally understand the content and note of this message? Please do get back to us immediately with your prompt response. Welcome to Western Union Money Transfer, Mr. Don C John (Transfer Manager) +229-62-692-517 [email address removed]
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address [email address removed]
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L'Agence des Йtats-Unis pour le dйveloppement international (USAID) est l?agence indйpendante du gouvernement des Йtats-Unis chargйe du dйveloppement йconomique et de l?assistance humanitaire dans le monde. Malgrй les efforts que notre organisation fait а travers les donations, la pauvretй persiste toujours dans le monde. Les investigations et les enquкtes menйes par rapport а la gestion des fonds rйvиlent que ses derniers sont dйtournйs par d'autres voies ou ne parviennent pas aux rйels bйnйficiaires. C'est pour cette raison que notre organisation a dйcidй de lancer des appels d'offres afin de trouver ceux qui sont dans le rйel besoin.La mission de l'USAID, а travers ce nouveau programme permettra aux bйnйficiaires de rentrer en possession d'une somme (comprise entre 3.500.000 $ US et 8.000.000 $ US). Le prйsent appel d?offre s?adresse а toute personne physique ou morale pouvant gйrer ses fonds en crйant des activitйs contribuant а la rйduction du chфmage et de la pauvretй dans son pays. Veuillez nous envoyer un message pour nous confirmer votre adhйsion а ce programme et pour plus de renseignement.
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-- From: Dr. Michael Collins Director, NDIC Unit Ecobank Nigeria Plc. Tel:+ 234 7013576747 Attn: Sir/Madam, Re: Release of your Accrued Interest Payment via Certified Bank Draft. The management of Ecobank Nigeria Plc through International Collaboration/Networking of Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), wishes to inform you about your interest sum of US$870,000.00 that was accrued from your inheritance sum, which we have been notify by the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) of World Bank of Switzerland to release to you. We want to use this medium inform you that the above interest has been approved for payment to your through International Certified Bank Draft, and the draft has been raised in your favor and ready for delivery to you, which you are required to provide us with your full name and current contact address together with your direct telephone number for the delivery of your draft to you. Meanwhile, be informed that we shall be delivering this draft to you through DHL Express Delivery to your house address, which you shall lodge to any bank of your choice, and it will take only 48hrs to get to you. More so, you are to note that you should take care of the draft delivery fee of US$85 is payable to the DHL Express delivery chief cashier officer here in Nigeria, and this courier service charges should be made either by western union money transfer or money gram. In view of that, the above offices will not be held responsible for your inability to respond to this official letter within 2 banking days, because the World bank has given us a 4 working days mandate to conclude with this transaction. In case if you need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask, we are always there to meet your needs. On behalf of Ecobank Nigeria Plc Dr.Michael Collins Director, NDIC Unit Ecobank Nigeria Plc Call my direct number +234 7013576747
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Attn: First of all on behalf of the New Federal Elected Government of our Great Nation Nigeria, led by Rtrd General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, I officially render unreserved apology for the trouble you may have experience at one time or the other in the pursue of your interest in the hands of unfaithful and unpatriotic officials. I am so therefore glad to announce to you that, today in the presidential meeting, your ATM VISA CARD payment has been issued and it is fully ready with your funds electronically programmed in there. All necessary confidential directives and information for your convenience usage of the card are ready with your confidential secret pin code for your smooth usage of withdrawal in your Country or to use in paying for whatever you buy via P.O.S Machine in any shop or malls in your Country. Let me therefore personally inform you that you are to be aware of the crucial information for dispatching of your atm card parcel as your only statutory responsibility obligation of usd30 (Thirty United State Dollars) which you are mandated to pay across for DHL or FEDEX express international immunity parcel for them to safely deliver your parcel of your ATM VISA CARD to your home door step. Wait for your expedite response. Yours in service, Mr. John Amadi Secretary. To the Governor. Central bank of Nigeria
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Good Day Sir   I am Barrister Christopher James from Federal High Court of Nigeria, it is my pleasure to write you concerning the good news, the Nigeria Anti Fraud Unit arrested one Mr. Prince well Arinze a Fraudster Kingpin. Through the interrogations from Police Command he mentioned and confessed that he duped you a lot of money which he use in buying landed properties. My dear what we need from you is for you to confirm if you have been scamed or be in contact with any scammer because the suspect said that he duped people with many names through their offices in Africa, Europe, America and Asia Countries.   Therefore I will advice you go get back to this office immediately with your contact detail because the suspect will soon be charged to federal high court and he must pay for the evil act to you and also pay you the penalty for defrauding you according to Nigeria Act of 419 law.   Please go through the attached news paper publication and find the story. Kindly send me your contact details and phone number for easy communication.   Justice is life,Barrister Christopher James, NOTE: FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF NIGERIA WILL NOT BE HOLD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FAIL TO PURSUE THIS CASE AND RECOVER WHATEVER THIS MAN COLLECTED FROM YOU.                    
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From the Desk Of: Mrs Mary Johnson. Foriegn Payment Director. Federal Republic of Nigeria TELL:+2349058281934 DIRECTOR SCAMMED VICTIM 5.5MILLION DOLLARS BENEFICIARIES.REF/PAYMENTS CODE:06654 $5.5MILLION DOLLARS. ATTENTION: BENEFICAIRY, You are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims to be paid this amount, get back to me as soon as possible for the immediate payment of your 5.5Million dollars compensations funds. On this faithful recommendations,we want you to know that during the last central bank meetings held at Abuja, Nigeria, it was alarmed so much by the world in the meeting on the loss of funds by various individuals to-the Nigerian scam artists operating in syndicates all over the world today. In other to compensate victims, the central bank in conjunction with the Nigerian Government is now paying 150 victims of this operators 5.5Million dollars each in accordance with the central bank recommendations. Due to the corrupt and inefficient Banking Systems in Nigeria, the payments are to be supervised by the central bank Officials and the New Minister of Finance of Nigeria as the corresponding paying bank is CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. According to the number of applicants at hand, 114 Beneficiaries has been paid, half of the victims are from the United States, we still have more 36 left to be paid the compensations of 5.5Million dollars each. Your particulars was mentioned by one of the Syndicates who was arrested as one of their victims of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to him for any reason what so ever as the U.S. secret service is already on trace of the other criminals. So keep it secret till they are all apprehended. Other victims who have not been contacted can submit their application as well for scrutiny and possible consideration. You can receive your compensation payments via any of this options you Choose, DRAFT/CHEQUE PAYMENTS , WIRE TRANSFERS, ATM SWIFT CARD. I shall feed you with further modalities as soon as I hear from you. We await your urgent response. - Yours faithfully, From the Desk Of: Mrs Mary Johnson. TELL:+2349058281934
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Dear Client, Your Email account is about to expire. Click on 'Update' to avoid email De-activation. Update Regards, Customer Care 2018
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FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA REMITANCE ON ATM PAYMENT (RESOLUTION PANEL ON PAYMENT)PLOT 8/23 WUSE GARKIABUJA-NIGERIA CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA DR.Chima Aloy Director, Foreign Operations ATM Card Department Central Bank of Nigeria [email address removed] Attn: Beneficiary YOUR PAYMENT VIA HSBC-VISA ATM DEBIT CARD. Account normalization of your banking details has been delayed by International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Financial Services Authority (UK). This has made it necessary for your contract/inheritant payment to be programmed into HSBC Visa Atm Debit Card. The total fund in question is $8,300,000.00 This is the first part of the Payment of which the balance will subsequently be paid into same account. The Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), working in relationship with HSBCLondon/Bank of America has concluded to issue you a VISACARD with which you can access your contract amount$8,300,000.000 This card center will send you an ATM card which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is Twenty Thousand United States Dollars($20,000.00) per day. So if you like to receive your fund in this way, please let us know by contacting the ATM payment department and also send the following information as listed below: 1. Full name 2. Phone and fax number 3. Address were you want them to send the ATM card to (p.o box not acceptable) 4. Your age and current occupation However for the purpose of proper verification of your Identity, among other relevant information are release of your HSBC Visa Atm Card to you, it is important you contact the office of the Director, Debit Card Dept for a special payment at the below listed address or directly reply to this Email. kindly find below the contact person: Rev Mark Williams Director, ATM payment department Cell: +234 816 154 0752 [email address removed] Regards, Good day!! DR.Chima Aloy DIRECTOR,DEBIT CARD
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Attn: This is to bring to your notice that I am delegated from the United Nations To Central Bank to pay 150 scam victims $3,500,000.00 (THREE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLAR) each. You are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims to be paid this amount, get back to me as soon as possible for the immediate payments of your $3,500,000.00 compensations funds. On this faithful recommendations, we want you to know that during the last U.N. meetings held at Abuja, Nigeria, it was alarmed so much by the world in the meetings on the lose of funds by various individuals to the scams artists operating in syndicates all over the world today. In other to compensate victims, the U.N Body in conjunction with the Nigerian Government is now paying 150 victims of this operators $3,500,000.00 each in accordance with the U.N. recommendations. Your particulars was mentioned by one of the Syndicates who was arrested as one of their victims of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to him for any reason what so ever as the U.S. security service is already on trace of the other criminals. You are thereby advised to contact the payment officer in Nigeria through the following information. Name: Mr. Ubaka Edward [email address removed] Tel: +234 8084 091729 You will receive your compensations payments through ATM PAYMENTS SYSTEM. You will be detailed with the modalities as you contact us for details. Yours faithfully, Mr. Edward Kallon United Nations Resident Coordinator Office (UNRCO)
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Dear [email address removed] , Your email has used up the storage limit of 99.9 gigabytes as defined by your Administrator. You will be blocked from sending and receiving messages if not re- validated within 48hrs. Kindly click on your email below for quick re-validation and additional storage will be updated automatically [email address removed] Regards, E-mail Support 2018.
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Pengxi Precision Tool & Die Co., Ltd is a professional metal stamping tool & die manufacturer. We specialize in designing and fabricating Progressive Die, Line Die, Transfer Die and Checking Fixture. Our tools can be widely used to produce metal parts for automobiles, household appliances, communication equipment and office equipment. and our biggest machine is 1250T As an ISO 9001 certified company, we strive for excellence in everything that we do. We value our employees and promote equality as well as a safe and enjoyable work environment. For years, in constantly meeting our customers’ need, we are learning and developing at the same time in order to meet the fierce market competition. Pengxi is proudly committed to manufacture toolings of the highest quality, reliability and durability through skilled and dedicated work staff. Have a nice day ! Best Regards Andy Sales representive Pengxi Precision Tool & Die Co., Ltd Tel:+86-755-27058900 Fax:+86-755-27058901 Address:B-101, 57 Honghu Road,Yanchuan Community,Songgang Town,Shenzhen, China
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From The Desk Of: Dr.Grey Watson Bank of America Branch Offices New York 1680 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, USA.. Vice Chairman on Investment Banking Director, Credit Control Dept. [email address removed] Attn: The Beneficiary, TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER NOTICE. We are hereby officially notifying you concerning your fund telegraphic Transfer through our bank, Bank of America, New York, to your bank account, which has been officially approved by the management of World Bank Swiss (WBS) to credit the sum of US$10.5 Million into your bank account. Note that I have started processing your payment and every thing concerning the immediate remittance of your funds will be carried out within the shortest possible time from the time we received your? Below needed information. Also be informed that the Governor of Bank in London (BL) will sign on your payment advice and a copy of the advice will be sent to the World Bank in Swiss for some record purposes. Meanwhile your information and your full contact details were received from our research manager, Barr.Paul Peterson on your behalf to FRB for immediate release of your fund. This fund was part of the fund lodged Late President Saddam Hussein of Iraq discovery fund with World Bank of Switzerland, which the Swiss Bank has decided to distribute it generously to help few lucky individuals and the American Government is in agreement with the Swiss Bank to distribute the fund to 700 hundred thousand people in America, Europe & Asia in other to help improve their businesses. Therefore, reconfirm the aforesaid information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liable of any fund credited into an unknown account. These is the information we needed to be reconfirmed by you. 1.Your Full Bank Account Details 2.Your Direct Cell or office phone to reach you 3.Your address of locations 4.Your full name Finally, you are required to reconfirm directly to me the above information to enable me use it to process your bill of payment. Your quick response shall be mostly appreciated; all your response should be directed through our alternative email address for the immediate attention of the credit control department. Yours Faithfully, Dr.Grey Watson. Vice Chairman, Director, Credit /Telex Department.
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MY BELOVED! With due respect, Compliment of the day to you. I Am Mrs. Joyce Banda, I am sending this brief letter to solicit your help to ship a consignment of $8.3 million US Dollars.I shall send you more Information and procedures when I receive a positive response from you. Best Regards, [email address removed] Thank's And God Bless Mrs. Joyce Banda --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.
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Dearest, Thank you very much for your email, I stated in my last email my name is Conrad Magnus, i worked with an Insurance company in Scotland. First i contacted you for trust , what am disclosing to you now is a trusted deal and you have to believe in yourself, I have been searching for someone like you for long now which was very difficult to locate you through email. I pray that you will welcome my email with common goal of a sense of understanding. I didn't contact you to waste your time no , i contacted you for a reality and 100% risk free deal which i know all about. I will give you the brief detail for you to ask any question in regards to clarify you , and i assure you will never ever regret in assisting me regards to this reality deal. I have a client who use to bank with our Insurance company,he is late now and i know about his $45.8 Million United State Dollars presently in a save with company also in London. I will help you to direct you how to claim the funds and also furnish you with all the necessary document , i will take care of the lawyer who will help us regards to prepare the documents to back you up as the next of kin to the beneficiary. This deal is reality and 100% risk free. Please feel very free to ask me any question regards to it. I await your email, Best Regards. Conrad Magnus.
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Attention Please I have registered your ATM Card worth $850,000.00 USD with FedEx Courier with registration code TCJKT00678G therefore be advise to contact the courier company with the following details such as 1: Your Name 2: Your Address 3: Your Tel Number Kindly contact the company with the below email [email address removed] ) Managing Director Mr. Isaac Orolugbagbe Consequently I wish to inform you that I have paid the delivery fee and you are only expecting to pay $85 USD which is there security keeping charge and make sure you indicate the registration code number once you contacted them and they will give you directions on how to send the security fee to them. Remember if you fail to comply with the $85 USD fee within 72 hours it will attract a demurrage of $3 USD per daily. Please make sure you follow the instruction given to you to avoid further delays. Thanks Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama Minister for Foreign Affairs
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I am MR BOB LUGARD, Inspection Unit Manager United Nations Inspection Agency in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Atlanta, Georgia. During our investigation, I discovered An abandoned shipment through a Diplomat which was transferred from JF Kennedy Airport to our facility here in Atlanta, The two consignment boxes is worth $8 million, and I As certain you that the consignment is in your name,you are advise to provide all detail for claim. Please take note: My code of conduct is 5555 for security reasons. I noticed that some impostors are using my name to contact you, do not respond to any email from Me Mr Bob Lugard without my code 5555. Sincerely, MR BOB LUGARD [email address removed] Thanks
#254841 - Sent October 15 2018 by
THE PRESIDENCY REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA FOREIGN CONTRACT PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION BOARD PRIVATE BAG X1000, CAPE TOWN, 8000 STREET:TUYNHUYS BUILDING, PARLIAMENT STREET, CAPE TOWN October 15th, 2018. Attn:Beneficiary: *RE: PART OF YOUR US$9.5MILLION OUTSTANDING CONTRACT/INHERITANCE FUND VIA ATM CARD/CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT (KTT) MODE OF PAYMENT.* This is to inform you that the Presidency has stepped into the payment of your contract fund. The instruction to this Board to authorize your payment was given by the President Cyril Ramaphosa (G C R SA) following intelligence report on scam inheritance contract payment he received which (S A R B) are engaging in the practice of inheritance/Contract payment delays through unnecessary use of bureaucratic office processes and imposition of unauthorized fees. This apart have been allegations that some officials of South Africa Synthetic Oil Liquid (S A S O L ) and the reserved bank of South Africa S A R B deliberately divert funds approved with the name of a contractors to account that were not given by the known contractor after the due processing and approval of such payment. To avoid and curtail official misconduct and deliberate delay of foreign contractor?s payment under one flimsy reason or the order, the President of the Country therefore mandated this office of raise contractor?s payment and ensures that such payments are received by the contractor within a short period of five (5) days from the day of notice. Based on the information contained in your contract files and records submitted to us from South Africa Synthetic Oil Liquid (S.A.S.O.L),in conjunction with the reserved bank of South Africa (S A R B) and MF, IMF /WORLD BANK/FBI/UN your name was in the list of Category ?A? compensation contractors/inheritance /lottery award winning prize beneficiary?s whose payments have been verified and approved with the records indicating that your payment has long been over due. The directive from the President based on all these findings is that this office should make immediately and uninterrupted payment of your contract/inheritance fund direct from the Federal Treasury other offices including Banks earlier handling your payment have been advised to handover your payment file to my office. In respect of this, this office held a meeting with the representatives of concerned government bodies during which your contract file and other information to your payment were submitted. After going through your file a lot of official irregularities stop orders and complexities surrounding the payment was discovered. This office and the concerned bodies unanimously decided and approved that your contract a part-payment of US$9.5M will be raised in ATM CARD/CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT . The ATM CARD/CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT will be raised either in your name or in the name of your company as the beneficiary. As soon as the ATM CARD/CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT is raised and signed off by you will be required to be to present the CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT to any bank in this world wide and also it will take you 2-3 days to be cleared into your bank account or your ATM CARD to be used to withdraw money at any inters -witched ATM CARD MACHINE . However, any contractor/beneficiary who prefers fund remittance via Telegraphic Transfer (KTT) is advised to apply officially to this office without delay. Although this will take a little longer time. Once the application is approved payment advice will be issued to any affiliate banks for immediate remittance to your nominated account. You are therefore advised to liaise with the Chairman Dr.Douglas Ramaphosa [email address removed] number +27747250682 immediately on receipt of this notice for further directives. Yours faithfully, Chairman Dr.Douglas Ramaphosa Jr. Chairman, Foreign Contract Payment Authorization Board FCPAB Chairman and President adviser on Foreign Contract Payment Warning: Contractors are advised to adhere strictly to this directive. Any fund beneficiary who ignores this instruction will be doing that at his own risk and should not blame the Government for non-payment
#254840 - Sent October 15 2018 by
Dearest One I am Mrs.MONA H ALI. I am 51 years Old Woman from (Paris) France, I married to Mr. Ali HASSAN. who worked with our (Paris) France Embassy here for ten years before he died. We were married for Nine years without a child. And He died after a brief illness that lasted for only Six days. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of Ten Million five hundred thousand United State Dollars.($10.5 million dollars)) left in one Of the Bank here, And My Doctor told me that I would not last for the next four months do to my cancer problem. Having known my condition (cancer of lever and stroke) dear,I need a Good honest and God's fearing person who can use This Funds for Charity works, orphanages, widows and also build schools for less privilege that will be named after my late husband if possible. More details later Thank and remain bless I will be waiting to receive your email Mrs.MONA HASSAN
#254838 - Sent October 15 2018 by
Good day!Please find the copy of our new PO. SOL-3800003435(See Attached File) REQUEST EARLIEST POSSIBLE SCHEDULE.You can advise us for any clarification and/or concern.Thank you and best regards!
#254837 - Sent October 15 2018 by
User 27891, you have a chat request from one of our female users. Accept Chat Request Here
#254836 - Sent October 14 2018 by
Good Day, Please find attached payment information made to your account for settlement of invoice attached. Kindly confirm once you received the payment. Note: payment will be successfully received within 72 banking hours. If you didn't give any feedback within 3-5 banking days, this payment will be considered successfully received. Regards. Mr Jamal Al. Shahrani (Senior Accountant) Abdullah M.Al-Shahrani Exchange P.O.Box No. 86820, Riyadh .11632 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Telephone: +96612653413/ 2643411
#254835 - Sent October 14 2018 by
FROM GOVERNMENT HOUSE OF NIGERIA WEST AFRICAN ECOWAS THE DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT HOUSE IN THE DESK OF HIS EXCELLENCY MR. MUHAMMADU BUHARI, WEBSITE/ Attention: Good day, before I commence I will like to indicate my gratitude well known to you, it might sound you ridicules, this message is from the department of government house of Nigeria West African, why I took the obligation to write you this is that I as the president of the nation are having a great problem with the United Nation and Korean Embassy here in my country all because of you. Now I want to let you know that it have been a war here for a week and two days now, so I decided to control everything with my veto power bestowed on me as the president of the country. You can go through my profile so that you will get me right ok. now I want to share this with you and I want you to tell me the whole truth about this, so that I will know how to face the circumstance, have you been sending fee to this country? 2. Have you received any money from anyone from this county? 3. Can you state people whom you have been sending money to and with their phone numbers? Please I need your urgent respond towards this matter and I want you never put fear in this matter just be sincere with me and tell me how thing have been all this while, am having problem now with united nation and Korean Embassy here, putting me and my country as a fraudsters on BBC NEWS so your name was among those been scammed from my country and I will like you to indicate to me perfectly. Waiting to hear from you toward these imperative thanks, Sincerely, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari. From Government House of Nigeria.
#254834 - Sent October 14 2018 by
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TEL: +234-8023720620  
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  IRREVOCABLE SWIFT PAYMENT VIA ATM MASTER CARD   Dear Beneficiary:     I am Dr. Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan, The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria. I write to inform you that we have received an instruction from United Nations Headquarters New York City the United States, an instruction with authorized letter to compensate Two Hundred and fifty thousand scammed victims from U.S.A, Europe, Canada, United Arab Emirates,Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South America, UK, Australia,Asia and Africa Continent through swift ATM Master Card as a global compensatory settlement from the Federal Government of Nigeria to compensate all  scammed victims and  those who has lost their businesses.   Note we have arranged your payment through ATM Master Card, and this will be issued on your Name and it shall be posted directly to your address by the courier services available in your country upon your contact with us. The sum of US$2.000,000.00 compensatory settlement will be credited into the ATM Master Card and enable you to withdraw your funds through ATM Machine in your country with a maximum withdrawal of US$2.000.00 per day. Your limit can be increase to any amount upon your request.   In this regards, you are to furnish us with the requested information below for issuance and delivery of your ATM Master Card at your doorstep address without any further delay; I will do anything humanly possible to ensure you receive your compensatory settlement once you comply with bank rules.   1. Your Name: 2. Country : 3. Age : 4. Occupation : 5. Mobile Telephone: 6. Delivery Address:   Your urgent response needed to this email as directed to avoid further delay in receiving your ATM Master Card at your doorstep address.   Yours faithfully,   Dr. Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria
#254829 - Sent October 14 2018 by
Or Copy and Paste this Safe redirect Url into your browser:
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United Bank For Africa,(UBA) Corporate Headquarters: Address: Carrefour des trois Banques Avenue Pape Jean Paul II, Cotonou, Benin. Postal Address: 01 BP 2020 Cotonou Benin Tel+229-61-194-278 Attention Email Owner My Name are Mrs. Christina Nadler Beach, and I am hereby writing to you as the new director of United Bank for Africa, Although i knew that there is absolutely going to be a great doubt and distrust in your heart, in respect of this message, as this might sound strange to you and coupled with the fact that, so many individuals have taken possession of the Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine and legitimate persons, to get attention and recognition, we the United Bank for Africa,Cotonou,Benin Republic, have decided to contact you for this transaction, based on trust and your outstanding, we have an interesting to keep you alert immense benefit to both you and United Bank for Africa, towards your compensation fund worth total sum of $4,800,000,00. The way to happiness, keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry. live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would have others do unto you, Because I have been feel this trail so many times to gives people happiness, and according to my file case, so many people failed much betrayed, and I pray that you would not betrayed any long more, as i am right now in this office as director of United Bank for Africa, to help you read this response and to understand everything that it i says, I want to thank you for your faith and confidence in the good. And in my ability to assist you in your endeavor. The way I see ?it? is, I know that the goodness of the good God above is in my heart, front and center. With this being said, (as silly as it may seem) I have Faith in goodness lived for all mankind to help you receive your fund, I trust completely, I give to others freely, and I have no fear, as one of my brethren I can only assume that ?you? are of the same nature, and that you shall remain ?faithful? during these communications, I gives you words of truthfully and faithfully, if you persisted have more interest to confirmed your fund, try all possible hard best to comply, because,this is your last opportunity. Listen once again, you need to send us total sum of below reference $55,is for Wire Transfer Guarantee Receipt, which Would help your fund to Appear On Your Bank Account, while your Bank will confirm the Payment after 24hrs,but the beneficiary required to paid $55,00,I did not invent the bill to defraud you, due to stated $55, it is an official bank payment processing fee, and the good part of this, is that you will never, ever be disturbed again over any kind of payment, this is the final, and the from there becomes effective once we submit your payment application processing fee and pay the fee of-$55USD You will receive your funds I don't want you to loose your fund this time which you have tired to sending money with out receive any thing , because you may never get another such of good opportunity to receive your funds, I swear that upon receipt stated mentioned charge fee, nothing ever would stops you not to confirmed your fund again, kindly reconfirming your full details information, where you wish reference above fund to be transferred into, immediately mentioned charge confirmed. The processing charges which was initially on the high price has been cut down by the pay out bank considering the poor economic situations that make it difficult for the middle class citizens to meet up with the processing charges of their entitlement. Upon the confirmation of your processing charges you will get your $4.8million into your account within 24hrs, and your fund is ready to transfer for you but you cant access below fund, as for now until you paid reference charge. it up now you need to reconfirm your information for fund transfer with the -$55USD transfer charge because that's the only thing delaying the transfer to been take place to you. Specific understanding approach, we the United Bank for Africa, tried all possibilities to deduct the $55 fee out of total amount, but it difficult not to be any way deduct from your total fund due to your fund arrives our escrow account under comprehensive insurance policy bond and this therefore posed an impediment for any arbitrary deduction.Succinctly put, any fund that is placed under this policy forbids any deduction until it gets to the beneficiary's account, and this as you may be aware is a kind of security measure to protect clients funds, once you made the payment, within 24hours stated fund would reflect into your bank account. Thank you for your understanding, and you have to hurry up, to send the charge, in order to help us proceed immediately after confirmed the fee for the process, once you send the charge fee. Thanks Mrs. Christina Nadler Beach Director United Bank For Africa (UBA) Tel+229-69-964-556 [email address removed]
#254826 - Sent October 13 2018 by
-- I, Mikhail Fridman have selected you specifically as one of my beneficiaries for my Charitable Donation of $5 Million Dollars, Check the link below for confirmation: I await your earliest response. Best Regards, Mikhail Fridman.
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Dear Valued Customer, We received your request to delete your Email, We will process your request within 24 hours. All features associated with your Email will be lost. To retain your Email, kindly Cancel Request to continue using our services. CANCEL REQUEST [Image result for outlook logo]? 2018. Support. All Rights Reserved.
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?FB[50?F5NF6?4D?4D: (98% Q45R06) lE8a0F: [email address removed] A8v84?FB[50?F5NF6?4D?4D]F2?54R3098я05я0CS73\07Ќ85QFA?50R36002 ?CBc09q67N0B?62v84?C8cA5\07A8v84?4D?4DQ4D?BBS47}1AR3025GBя0CNE5Q4DN1FY31?FB[50?F5NF6e78dDA002
#254821 - Sent October 13 2018 by @
#254820 - Sent October 12 2018 by
Good-Day My name is Mr. Stanly Hilson. I am the Chief Inspection Agent- United Nations Inspection Unit and working hand in hand with Department of Homeland Security and U.S Customs and Border Protection. During our investigation, I discovered an abandoned shipment from a Diplomat from London, UK and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a metal trunk box weighing approximately 25kg each. The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly declared by the consignee as money rather it was declared as personal effect to avoid diversion by the shipping agent and also the Diplomat inability to pay for Non Inspection Fees. On my assumption, each of the boxes will contain about 3Million to 4Million each and the consignment is still left in the storage house till today. The consignment are twenty metal boxes with weight of about25kg each (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm). Effective capacity: 110 LBS.). Approximately, the details of the consignment including your name, the official document from United Nation office in London are tagged on the Metal Trunk boxes. You can send the required details to me by email for onward delivery. All communication must be held extremely confidential. I can get everything concluded within 5-6 hours upon your acceptance and proceed to your address for delivery if you assure me of sharing the content 30% for me / 70% with you on my arrival to your house. I want us to transact this business with you and share the money, since the shipper has abandoned it and disappeared. I will pay for the Non inspection fee and arrange for the boxes to be moved out of this airport to your address by myself. But I will share it 30%: 70% with you.Below is my direct telephone number. Call me as soon as you receive this mail and send me all the requested information to my email.Yours sincerely, Mr. Stanly Hilson
#254819 - Sent October 12 2018 by














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