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Hi, you're funny. You've got cool pics in your profile :) My friend gave me your email address, I don't know why but I decided to drop you a line. I'll be in Australia soon and if you've got some free time, I would be very glad to meet you and to get acquainted. I attach my picture. I'm in clothes there!!! And not the one you thought about :P Write me back, I will be waiting. Till very soon! --Email Scanned by MailSharkSafeguarding Global Email
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Hello Good Morning Business Owner, Do you want more leads, more customer and more revenue? We are an Australian based digital marketing company who specialize in helping local business to get more enquiries from their website. Can I call you and take your 15 mins without any obligation and run some ideas I have in mind to help your business grow? I am looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Sophie Ownes Marketing Head | IT Sales
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Kindly quote us your best prices for the items listed on the spreadsheet below wanted by our new client. Please Check it and let us know if this could be gotten at the specific prices stated. Then send Us the sample cost and quote, shipping with DHL to Oman. Please quote reasonable prices for us we plan to make good profit after doing business. Pls confirm. regards, Mohammed Al Barwani Global Source Trading L.L.C. 387, P.C.: 117, Al Wadi Kabir, CBD Area, Behind Oman Air Sultanate of Oman PO53783983.xlsx(34Kb) View | Download PO53783979.pdf(39Kb) View | Download
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Brown Exports Quote For the listed Product as attached in the document, with FOB Prices, we need to make new order for 1 x 40ft. Thanks. Waiting for your prompt reply . Best regards, Mr Tom Crater Purchase officer Brown Exports Purchase Oder201601.xls | 1 file (total 387.5 KB) VIEW | DOWNLOAD -- *DISCLAIMER* This e-mail communication is confidential and is intended only for the individual(s) or entity named above and others who have been specially authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read,copy,use or disclose the contents of this communication to others. Please delete the email and any copies of it. Thank You.© -- powered by phpList, --
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Чтобы получить БЕСПЛАТНУЮ КОНСУЛЬТАЦИЮ СПЕЦИАЛИСТА необходимоЗАКАЗАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ОБРАТНЫЙ ЗВОНОК ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС >>Наши менеджеры свяжутся с Вами в ближайшее время после получения заявки.      
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Hello Database Updated: Fresh Quality and large stocks Added everyday ! Attractive replacement system ! You will enjoy us ! Smtp247 Team Best Regards
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手上外贸资源满意吗? 目前很多外贸企业遇到以下难题: 平台难做? 客户有效询盘减少? 展会成本太高? 客户范围太窄?   我们软件作为一家专业为外贸企业提供客户开发解决方案的公司:我们能为你做到轻松开发客户,订单不断,开发出属于自己的客户群。我们能为你的企业制定一套专业的客户开发解决方案服务,承诺百分百出效果,无效全额退款。 我们产品的功能及其优势: 1、利用搜索引擎主动开发全球目标客户。 2、短时间内就能收到大量询盘和订单。 3、主动地找到你的目标客户群体。 4、主动将你的产品邮件群发推广给客户。 5、避免外贸淡季,避免询盘多,成交少,外贸开发投资高,B2B询盘质量不高的困局。 6、外贸客户开发不再难,不再走弯路,让全球客户主动联系你。 如果你对我们的产品以及服务感兴趣,欢迎你回复邮件或加我QQ详谈。 详情请咨询:演示QQ:2755365043  手机:18038068680
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Your email client cannot read this email. To view it online, please go here: To stop receiving these emails: -- Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Email
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AURORA DIVIDEND INCOME TRUST (MANAGED FUND) INVOICE 00347 DUE DATE 15/09/2016 BALANCE DUE A$ 85.04 View invoice Dear Customer, Here's your invoice! We appreciate your prompt payment. Thanks for your business! AURORA DIVIDEND INCOME TRUST (MANAGED FUND) © Intuit, Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy | Terms of Service This email and any files transmitted with it are intended solely for the use of the addressee(s) and may contain information that is confidential or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, reproduce, disclose or distribute this email, including any attachments. Please disregard the contents of the email, delete the email and notify the sender immediately.
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Hellow, I am Elina Just looking for sex for one night. I am not a prude, but I tend to be fussy. Ages 30-50 please. If you interested then come to my profile My profile > search me with elina001
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Dear Sir/Madam We are garment supplier from Hong Kong, China. It is our pleasure to get in touch with you. Our production range cover both woven and knitted garments, such as T-shirt, polo, sports shirts and shorts, tracksuits, jackets, sweat shirts, shirt and dresses and many more. Our customers include a number of world-wide renowned brands, such as Asics, Onitsuka Tiger, Champion, Stussy, Ferrari, Lotto, Converse, Freshjive, etc. We mainly work at OEM basis, that means we produce according to customers' design and specification. If you have your design ready, I would invite you to send the details over for quotation. There are more reference photos on our website, and there will be more photos to be uploaded soon. Please take a look and give us your feedback. With over 40 years experience in the industry, we are sure that we can provide our help to you. Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Best Regards, Robert WooWinsome Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd.,12/F., Wai Ming Comm. Bldg.,757 Nathan Road,Hong Kong
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American Company SHIP 2DAY LLC provides high-quality forwarding and ebay escrow service. The main purpose of our company is to assist people of the whole world to deliver and get goods in the shortest time. We have covered US market and now we are going to lead Australian market. We haven't got any office there yet. Currently we are seeking our agents in Australia. The vacancy is a shipping & receiving clerk. Requirements 1. Only adults. 2. MS Office, Acrobat Reader, mobile phone, availability to receive and to send items. Duties 1. To receive incoming shipments of merchandise. 2. To prepare merchandise for shipping. 3. To keep records concerning these transactions. 4. Quick response to emails and phone calls. Job Activities 1. To verify and keep records on incoming and outgoing shipping and prepare items for further shipping. 2. To print shipping labels, attach them to the items. 3. To unpack items into container. 4. To prepare records of items shipped. 5. To keep files of shipping records. 6. To trace missing or misplaced shipping. 7. To save receipts. 8. To provide daily/weekly reports using email and mobile phone. Salary You will have up to $85 AUD per every received, checked, unpacked if it is necessary and shipped item. If you got interested, please reply me and I will provide further instructions for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards HR-manager SHIP 2DAY LLC
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Here's invoice INV-0860 for 4,001.93 AUD. The amount outstanding of 4,001.93 AUD is due on 30 Sep 2016. View and pay your bill online: If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks, RED 5 LIMITED
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  Dear Friend, We are a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production and the exportation of metal components such as, aluminum, iron, steel and stainless steel parts for over 10 years in China. Our main products are the following:1. Sheet metal fabrications, Stampings/punching & deep drawings3. Pipe fittings, bends, clamps, branches and so on3. Machining parts. CNC machining4. Castings and Forging Parts.5. Construction hardware We are mainly producing these complete products according to buyer's drawings or samples. Looking forward to your early reply. Thanks. Best regards, Zengshan ZhangShijiazhuang Youzheng MachineryTel: 86-311-80663708Fax:86-311-89106173
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From: Brenda Schultz [email address removed] Sent: April 4, 2017 04:49 Subject: Project of $,7,970,000.00 / Hello I’ve an important matter I will like to discuss with you concerning a project of ($,7,970,000.00) I intend to establish with the help of a partner. If interested, reply to : [email address removed] address removed] Best Regards. Nixon Brenda Schultz Kingwood Park High School Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance, BIM, Accounting, Computer Programming. 281-641-6768 Please Note -My Email Address has changed [email address removed] address removed] Humble ISD is moving to Gmail. This is a district-wide implementation now through March 2017. This means that all Humble ISD staff members will have a new email address ending with [email address removed] address removed]. Please update your contact information for all Humble ISD staff using the new credentials [email address removed] address removed] (ex. [email address removed] address removed]). This message and any attachment are intended only for addressee(s) and may contain information that is considered sensitive or confidential. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the misdirected e-mail. Furthermore, any release or further disclosure of information related to a student without proper legal authority or written consent is prohibited by law.
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B2B的价格战太激烈了,垃圾询盘居多,展会的成本又高。  S N 9 8 8 O e 0 k 9 R 7 0 还有其它好的开发客户方法吗?? 0 d 7 f 0 9 9 L 9 Q 9 e 8 8 K N 答案是有的,现在用搜索引擎找客户是比较流行的方法了。搜索引擎收录的客户都是质量比较好的,找出客户联系方式来,主动出击,怎么也比坐着等客户来好的。  0 8 8 O 9 g N 9 7 9 8 但是搜索引擎一个个手动搜索,效率太低了,而且搜索到网站,还要一个个找客户的联系方式,太麻烦了。 L 7 0 N O e 7 h R M j 有没有一种方法,可以节省时间成本,提高开发客户的效率呢? %RAN_ K N 9 M K e h 8 d g h e OCHARi 双喜软件就能做到了,几分钟搜索全球范围的目标客户,几百甚至上万个客户不是问题!订单不断!!避开B2B的价格战,展会的成本高。让对你们产品感兴趣的上游客户主动来找你。 S c j i 8 g L 8 8 i 9 8 L j f   演示Q Q: 1352614075 {可利用贵司常用的产品关键词,免费在线演示软件功能和效果} 联系电话:15011847686   d 0 9 N P h O d Q P i 8 e ----------------------------- 若不需要此类邮件请设置拒收,抱歉打挠i
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Hello, I am writing to inform you that our financial Company, RAYSTORM INVESTMENTS LIMITED(REG No: 05363671) located at Suite B 29 Harley Street W1G 9QR London,United Kingdom is currently offering Bank Guarantee(BG) and Standby Letter Of Credit(SBLC) for lease at five percent(5%) and purchase at forty percent(40%) from Issuing Bank, HSBC BANK PLC LONDON,UNITED KINGDOM. Kindly reply if interested or for further enquiries. Best Regards, GERHARD SANDER Financial Agent Raystorm Investments Ltd Suite B 29 Harley Street, W1G 9QR London, United Kingdom Tel: +442033183547 [1] Please be advised that all information provided through this email and any attachment is subject to the Confidentiality Policy of Raystorm Investments Limited.Any attachments thereto, is intended only for use by the addressee(s) named herein and may contain legally privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail, and any attachments thereto, is strictly prohibited. If you receive this e-mail in error please immediately notify us and permanently delete the original copy, any copy of this e-mail, and any printout thereof. Links: ------ [1] tel:%2B442033183547
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Hi, Hope you are doing great. Would you like your company to be listed at the top of Google for multiple search phrases (keywords) relevant to your products / services? We can get your website on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Please reply on this e-mail for more info. Kind Regards Siya Singh (India) Marketing Executive We will be more than happy to send you “Proposal” and Pricing.
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Hi, We are an Indian based Website Design & Development with PHP Development and Mobile Application Development and offer services at modest rate. Our services at a glance: - . Website development (Custom Website Development, PHP, Java, .Net Development, Ajax Programming, etc.) . Website designing (Logo Design, HTML designing, corporate website design, PSD to XHTML/HTML, etc.) . Open source customization/ CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Word press, etc) . Ecommerce website development (Magento, OS Commerce, Zen Cart integration etc) . Web Programming Services (PHP MySQL Development, PHP Frameworks, JavaScript Frameworks etc) If you are interested in our services the please share your valuable requirements with us so that we can analyze your requirements and provide you the best solution accordingly. I'm waiting for your reply. Thanks & Regards, Neha Web Development Consultant Note: We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple \"NO\",We will never contact you again. --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.
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Hi Kindly treat this as a gentle follow up mail as I was wondering if you have gone through my previous mail, please let me know your views so that we can take this forward. Waiting for your response. Thanks MoHIT Dutta ________________________________ From: Mohit Dutta Sent: 25 October 2016 18:06:38 Subject: Android App Development Hi, My name is Mohit and I am from very reputed India based Mobile Application Development Company. Our Company conceives develops and manages high quality applications for mobiles. WE DEVELOP CHART TOPPING MOBILE APPS with world class UI & UX for businesses to whom mobile is equally important as web. Our Expertise: Ш iOS App Development Ш Android App Development Ш Mobile App UI Design Please get back to us to know with your Queries, Requirement & best quote in case you are interested. I?m waiting for your reply. Kinds Regards, Mohit [Business Development Consultant]
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Visit Us Today For Fresh Tools :
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Hello, Get fresh and accurate data for your marketing campaign. We have recently updated our MySQL users list and have added new contacts to our master file. We can provide you contacts across the globe and we can filter the contacts by industry and other filters. We provide 100% opt-in contacts and verified regularly so you can get accurate information to carry out your campaign and get good ROI. We can provide you with other technology users as well. Let me know your requirement and I will get back to you with more information. We also provide services like data verification, data appending, e-mail campaigning etc. Thank you for reading my email, look forward to hear from you soon. Regards Allison Miles To Opt Out, please reply with Leave Out in the Subject Line.
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HI,This is Oliver from FOSHAN KEBI New Materials Co.,ltd. I am supplier of Bitumen Based Damping Sheets. All our products have been RoHS certified and get a high reputation and hot market in Americas,European country and Turkey,other countries. Bitumen Based Damping Sheets are used extensively to reduce vibration in flat, resonant surfaces such as vehicle panels, machine guards, domestic and industrial stainless steel sinks and preparation tables.Here are the technical data as followings:1.Combined Loss Factor: 0.08~0.132.Tensile strength:≧50N(100×20×2 Test Samples)3.Intensity:1900mm (g)±50 (1mm)4.Flexural Properties:23℃Φ30 no frature after Zinc Rod Winding Text,crack permitted.5.Impact Resistance:-20℃/24H (No Flowing)6.Heat Resistance,℃ 150℃/30 min No Flowing(60°Angle)7.Cold Flexibility -40℃8.Evaporation ≤0.6%9.Contraction ≤4%(4.8%)10.Smoking Temperature 200℃11.Peel Force ≥25N(5cm2 self-adhesive type)12.Flammability Bustion Velocity<100mm/min;Automatic quench time<5S Best and regards! OliverFoshan Kebi New Materials2-4,FU AN INDUSTRIALS PARK,LIAN DU CUN,LELIU TOWN,SHUNDE DISTRICTPost code:528300,Foshan-China.Offic Ph:+86-0757-23818995 FAX:+86-0757-23818995
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Hello there, I am writing to you in regards to our recent list release, and check if you would be interested in acquiring recently verified Comcast Contacts list. We also have other types of Comcast Users like: DirecTV Users, Verizon Fios Users, Time Warner Cable Users, Dish Network Users, AT&T Users, Charter Communications Users, CenturyLink Users, Cox Communications Users, Verizon Wireless Users, Funny or Die Users, Altice USA Users, NBCUniversal Users, Suddenlink Users, Sprint Users, AOL Users, T-Mobile Users, Showtime Users, Walmart Users, Cisco Users, CNN Users and many more... We also have Comcast Products Like: Broadband, Broadcasting, Cable television, and Digital telephone, HDTV, Home Security Systems, Internet, Movie production, Sport management, Theme parks, TV production, Venture capital, VoIP phone and many more... Information fields: Names, Title, Email, Phone, Company Name, Company URL, Company physical address, SIC Code, Industry, Company Size (Revenue and Employee). Let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you with the counts, sample and pricing. Regards, Amy Hodge:) Marketing Executive To opt out, please reply with Leave Out in the Subject Line.
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wrote: FRESH & CHEAP PRICES HURRY UP LIMITED TOOLS & PRICES ADDED HURRY UP Shells: 7$ ONLY ) cPanels: 10$ FRESH RDP: USA ADMIN RDP HOSTED - 30$ / USA USER RDP HACKED - 12$ SMTP INBOX Delivery 7$ / 13$ ONLY SMTP PACKS 10 Smtp 55$ WEBMAIL 12$ / 30$ Mailer 10$ Live Set-up Support Through teamviewer. We accept these payment methods: Bitcoin & PerfectMoney Visit right now and enjoy the best tools on the internet!
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S. Goodman [email address removed] Date: Nov 8, 2016 4:17 PM Subject: RE: TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER NOTICE?? To: Cc: From The Desk of: Dr Charles Holliday Jr.. Bank of America. Branch Offices New York 1680 Broadway, New York. NY 10019, USA. Vice Chairman on Investment Banking Director, Credit Control Dept. We are hereby officially notify you concerning your fund telegraphic Transfer through our bank, Bank of America, New York, to your bank account, which has been officially approved by the management of World Bank Swiss (WBS) to credit the sum of US$18.5 Million into your bank account. Note that I have started processing your payment and every thing concerning the immediate remittance of your funds will be carried out within the shortest possible time from the time we received your? Below needed information Also be informed that the Governor of Bank in London (BL) will sign on your payment advice and a copy of the advice will be sent to the World Bank in Swiss for some record purposes. Meanwhile your information and your full contact details were received from our research manager, Barr.Paul Peterson on your behalf to FRB for immediate release of your fund This fund was part of the lodged Late President Saddam Hussein of Iraq discovery fund with World Bank of Switzerland, which the Swiss Bank has decided to distribute it generously to help few lucky individuals and the American Government is in agreement with the Swiss Bank to distribute the fund to 700 hundred thousand people in America, Europe & Asia in other to help improve their businesses. Therefore, reconfirm the aforesaid information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liable of any fund credited into an unknown account. These are the information we needed to be reconfirmed by you. 1.Your Full Bank Account Details 2.Your Direct Cell or office phone to reach you 3.Your address of locations 4.Your full name Finally, you are required to reconfirm directly to me the above information to enable me use it to process your bill of payment. Your quick response shall be mostly appreciated; all your response should be directed through our alternative email address for the immediate attention of the credit control department. Yours Faithfully, Dr Charles Holliday Jr.. Vice Chairman, Director, Credit /Telex Department.
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Dear Sir or Madam:   Nice to know your company from web.   We have much experience on below types of gear racks:Spur teeth gear rack;Helical teeth gear rack;Round gear rack;Tube gear rack; Special gear rack. Material: Steel, stainless steel, POM, Plastic, Copper, Aluminum and so on.   Our facilities include: 4 pcs #Y58200 CNC large gear rack shaper, 8 pcs #Y58125A gear rack shaper, 6 pcs England gear rack shaper and 2 pcs Russia gear rack shaper etc.   If you have any gear rack inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.   Best wishes,Kelly Han
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Loretta LeBoeuf
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  很多外贸企业业务员依然处于被动客户开发方式,依旧是通过平台,展会,手工谷歌搜索等方式来开发客户,效率低下。 那么阿里巴巴等平台效果已经大不如前,展会价格高效果也有限。 您是否为了“寻找外贸订单”而发愁? 您是否在考虑“如何拓展海外营销渠道”? 您是否正面临“展会效果有限该怎么办”? 您是否在思考“B2B效果不好该如何结局”? 您是否有试过通过搜索引擎主动式开发国外客户呢? 百分之九十的优质客户可以通过搜索引擎接触到,那么绕开活跃在中国的中间商,主动联系国外终端客户才是目前最好的客户开发方法。 外贸搜索开发软件可以帮到您: 1,每天为您搜索过万国外行业目标客户信息,系统一天的工作量抵一个业务员一个月的搜索量。 2,每天定时、定量自动一对一投递开发信推广至您的目标客户,让您每天轻松增加3个询盘,甚至更多询盘。 3,增加团队凝聚力,让每个业务员每天都有事可做,而减少人才流失。 4,减少在B2B平台等待的时间,展会高昂费用的投入,增加老员工积极性,让新手快速入门。降低外贸客户开发成本。 5, 我司为企业提供专业解决方案套餐服务,一套完整系统化客户开发方案,更加省时省力,满足中大型企业每天的推广量,承诺保障效果! 6,多一种方式多一种机会,多一种尝试多一份成功,机会留给您。通过我们公司软件系统一个星期出样品单,出订单的客户大有人在。适用于外贸各行业以及个人SOHO。 欢迎您的咨询,演示QQ:2755365043   电话:18038068680
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Hi, I trust this email finds you well. Would you be interested in acquiring below clients list for your email promoting effort. We provide the Database across North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America. The List Include: Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Sap Business One ERP, VMware, Google Cloud, SAP ERP, Zoho, Oracle, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft Cloud, Salesforce, JD Edwards, Big Data and many more. Information Fields - First and Last name, Phone number, Email Address, Company Name, Job Title, Address, City, State, Zip, SIC code/Industry, Revenue and Company Size. The leads can also be further customized as per requirements. Let me know your interest, so that I can share few samples just for your review. If you're not the right person, please forward it to the right person. We can provide you list on your requirements. Target Market: _______________ (Technology) Target Location: _________________ (Globe/USA/UK) Target Title: ____________________ (Decision Makers) Look forward to hear from you. Best Regards, Carina Chiara, Digital Consultant If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply as 'leave out'
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Dear Email Account Owner, we here by to info you that we are currently upgrading from our old anti virus XOAT14 to our new Anti virus software VKAT16 2017/2018, to enable your email not to be spam or hack by email hackers. We here by advice all our customer to click on the link bellow and fill so that we can upgrade our Email account from global hacker/spammer on our new 2017/2018 Anti Virus to prevent your email. Here is the link:! ApzzJzXPpMyifKmtm6B7z4-qbFo WARNING!!! Any E-MAIL OWNERS who refuses to upgrade his/her Account within 24 hours after notification of this update will permanently Be deleted from our data base and can also lead to malfunctioning of the user's account and we will not be responsible for your loosing your account. Thanks for your understanding towards our service. Thank you for surfing the Internet and for using our service. Warning Code: VX2G99AAJ Thanks for your co-operation. Help Desk
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EliteSinglesPolice confirm a DVD player was in the Tesla car that was on autopilot when its driver was killed in a collision with a truck, amid conflicting reports Harry Potter was playing on the portable system after the accident. If you are not able to view this mail, please click here.     3 reasons, why you should choose EliteSingles   Meet my matches now!   « Take personality test »     -- Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Email
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Dear Sir/Madam We are village local gold miners located here in Mali in West Africa we hereby make this offer of au metal gold dust under the penalty of perjury with full responsibility. the purity bellow. The purity bellow. 1. Product:Au metal (gold dust) 2. Origin:mali,west africa 3. Type: alluvial 4. Purity:92.7% or better 5. Carats:22+ 6.Pirce $26,500 USD We are searching for a serious gold buyer,whom we can establish a long term business with,to enable us discuss the procedures of delivery and payments,you know that the local minners has not being to school in this case they don’t understand the baking procedures about gold,now is you or your mandate will explain to us how you will want the business to be. i want you and your company to be my AGENT. Best regards. Mr Ahmed Usman Skype: kenni.metaux
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Hi, Are you interested to reach out for Retail and Supermarket Contacts? We can provide you with verified contacts of Retail, Foodservice and Distributors and also List contains of Company name, Website, Full Name, job title, Email Address, Fax Number ,Postal Address country, and many more. Kindly share with us your requirements & I can assist you with the same. Regards, Luke James Business Development Executive Phone: +1 302 261 3555 Note: You were specifically sent this email based upon your company profile. If for some reason this was sent in error or you wish not to receive any further messages from us please reply with subject line as "Exclude" to exclude from all future.
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ÒÎÂÀÐÛ Ñ ÌÀÊÑÈÌÀËÜÍÎÉ ÑÊÈÄÊÎÉ >>>   [email address removed]
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