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Secretary-General MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES (INTERNATIONAL FUNDS TRANSFER / AUDIT UNIT) TRANSFER BY INSTALLMENT ACCEPTED BY THE BANK Attention: Having understood your unstable situation, we in united Nations begged the Bank to accept payment by installment on your behalf, to enable our beneficiaries receive their payment that we may reconcile with all countries of the world. We understood your plight as someone who has suffered a lot to get this fund into your private account. As a matter of urgency, i want you to write the Barrister and request that you want the money to be transferred to your account by installments to enable him forward all the documents to the paying bank, so that once the first payments enters into your account, you can then use money from there to facilitate the transfer of the rest, once the first installments enters into your account that will equally give you another opportunity to do a test-transfer and withdrawal from your account to master Federal Reserve Online transfer procedure. *Suggestions:* If 50% of $1000 is equal to = $500 By calculations: if $1000 can handle US$1 Million Dollars $500 can also comfortably transfer the sum of US$500,000 Once the $500,000 is successfully transferred, you can withdraw money from there to handle the transfer of your rest US$7.5M NOTE: Write the Attorney immediately and tell them how much you have with you right now so that the Bank can calculate to tell how much you may receive as first payments-by installments, Do not be shy to indicate the amount you have in hands (no proper-amount is so small to trigger installments-payment base on our discussion with the Bank) so that the first payment will move to your account for you to confirm the existence of the fund before your proceed for the balance. [email address removed] Congratulations! MRS. BETTY WRIGHT. PERSONAL ASSIST TO MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES (UN) SECRETARY GENERAL
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