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Hi, It has come to the attention of United Nations that you have been going through hard ways in order to see to the release of your fund payment, which has been the handwork of some miscreant elements from this country; we certainly do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. The United Nations compensation commission is working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. It is my pleasure to inform you that your payment issue is settled and United Nations Secretary General (Antуnio Guterres) has issued a Cashier Check valued at ($9.8million) in your name. All you need to receive your entire funds in a cashier?s check is (Notarized Claimant Affidavit) from International Court of Justice for the release of this sum of money to you as the sole beneficiary, which is a laid down procedure in the financial institution for a situation like this and it is a basic requirement for you to successfully claim the funds. THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS COSTS; 1) Affidavit fee: $45 2) Notarization fee: $42 3) Filing fee: $38 4) Total fee: $125 We're working harder than ever to help people move money quickly, reliably and more efficiently across borders and around the globe. In order to help us serve you better and expeditiously, you are expected to pay this $125 on a reasonable time to enable our legal department obtains the document before the check expires. Please be assured that once we confirmed your payment, your cashier?s check will be registered with DHL, for onward delivery, at the same time we will email a new invoice to you with the tracking number; you will be tracking your shipment online in 24 hours till you received it. Please write down your real and correct name and shipping address, including the postal code and your phone number carefully and completely. I look forward to the pleasure of your kind favorable response fairly soon, in the meantime with kindest regards and best wishes. Yours sincerely, Mr. Adenuga Adams United Nations Compensation Commission
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Christopher Adebayo Ojo, SAN is a former Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As such, he is also a past head of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Justice. He is a legal practitioner and is licensed to practice in Nigeria, England and Wales. He is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria SUPREME COURT OF NIGERIA Justice of the Supreme Court of NIGERIA Attn: Greeting to you, This is an official message coming to you by the chief justice Christopher Adebayo Ojo, SAN, I am writing to inform you about your fund because after the meeting held Three days ago by the board of directors i meant to understand that you are not yet received your compensation fund $4.5Million United state dollars which the federal government instructed the United bank for africa to transfer to you. However i want to inform you that Mr John Ben and Mr.William Leo including Mr Tony Johnson was arrested today and by weekend they will be taking to court and after the court all of them will be jail at the same time for illegal activities towards your payment by collecting your hard earn money from you which is not Normal. Secondly. I want you to stop any illegal transaction you are having in this Africa concerning your fund because we have already issue out a cashier check that contain your fund and it was handed over to Dr David Anderson the DHL Delivery controller,For the DHL to deliver you check to your home address and the only amount you will spend on this is $75 and you will have your check from the DHL agent without anymore delay or any other payment. Finally don't ever delay on making the payment because i don't need anything that will make you not to receive your check from the DHL,and don't be surprise about why it was only DHL that is in charge for your cashier check delivery, It is only DHL that will deliver it to you without any problem or disturbance for airways action tax force,so i want you to follow my instruction and i assure you that within the next 24 hours you will receive your cashier check from the DHL agent and as a man of honest and trust,i am saying all this just to prove to you that i am the only person who will make it happen so kindly get back to me after reading this mail to enable us get this done once and for all. And below is the payment details to send the needed fee through Money Gram Money Transfer or Western Union Money Transfer. so that your cashier check could be shipped to your home address as soonas you make the payment today. Recipient:EMMANUEL OBALIM NNEVI Country: NIGERIA City: Lagos Text Question: God Text Answer: Work Amount: USD$75 We hope your immediate positive response with payment details or payment slip attachment once you make the payment to enable a speedy shipment of your Check to your home address. Kindly Still Update Us With: 1. Your Current Home Delivery Address where your Check should be mailed 2. Your Private Mobile Number for the DHL Express to Contact you when they arrive at your door step. Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences you might have encountered in the past, in pursuit of your funds. Now that this my office, Fund Reconciliation Department is involved, you will have no cause to ever regret again as soon as you adhere to the above given instructions. I have alert the Customs and also your state police for the fund to be deliver to you without any restriction and problem when the fund get to you in your location area. Thanks . Best Regard , Christopher Adebayo Ojo, SAN is a former Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As such, he is also a past head of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Justice. He is a legal practitioner and is licensed to practice in Nigeria, England and Wales. He is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria Chief justice of Nigeria
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