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UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20220. Attention: Email Owner I am, Steven Turner Mnuchin Secretary of the United States National Treasury. President Donald Trump nominated me to be the 77th Secretary of the Treasury on February 13, 2017. The United States Senate unanimously confirmed me to the position on February 16, 2017 and I was sworn into office the next day, by Supreme Court Chief Justice. As Treasury Secretary, I am the President?s leading policy advisory on a broad range of domestic and international economic issues. We inform you today that have intercepted the delivery of a Luggage valued the sum of $10,500.000.00 USD (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which was collected from an authorized delivery agent which was sent from United Nations and the delivery was stopped at a local airport here in the U.S holding a Luggage which he confessed that you are the owner, he made us understand that the funds belongs to you as a Compensation prize from the United Nations and he was sent to deliver it to your home. After proper investigations, we discovered the delivery agent does not have tangible documents to deliver this Luggage to you, and he was stopped and sent back to his country,meanwhile, the funds were retrieved and kept in our custody in your favor. After several investigations to know the source of the funds and to confirm the legitimacy of the funds, we confirmed that the funds are clean and not act of Money Laundering or for sponsorship of Terrorism in the U.S. After acknowledging the delay in your retrieved funds which is truly $10,500.000.00 USD (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). The Secretary of State (Mr. Rex Tillerson) scheduled a time frame to settle all foreign/local debts which includes Contract/Inheritance/ Gambling/ Compensation (Sponsored by Microsoft and National Lottery) and other international loans. News had it that over the past, numerous individual (s) who happen to be impostors (claiming to be individuals, banks and organizations) are claiming to release numerous sums of fund via numerous ways. With the help of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI) and other relevant security agencies, we have noticed that people have being asked to pay outrageous amount of money by these impostors for the release of their funds to them. We want you to stop all communication that has to do with these fraudsters who have been requesting unreasonable sums of money from you to release your funds which they do not have access to. And I want you to know that your funds valued at US$10, 500,000.00 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) have been approved by the Treasury Department of the United States, and I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. I contact you independently of our investigation and no one is informed of this communication. [email address removed] and she will depart our office with your Luggage containing your total sum and come straight to your home to deliver it to you, remember to paid the total sum of $210, 00, for United States Treasury Department Approval, It's the delivery agent's duty to wait until you count and confirm the total amount delivered and also it's still his duty to escort you to your bank to deposit the cash but only if you wish. In order for us to process your delivery, you need/must get back to us with the below requested information: Your full Name:_____ Your Address:_____ Occupation:_____ Home/Cell Phone:_____ Age:_____ Nearest Airport:_____ Contact her immediately with your home address and request for immediate delivery of your Luggage. I will contact her Department now and inform him of your email. Let me know immediately when you contact. NOTE: This matter must be treated within (5) Five working days if not, you will leave us with no choice than to send back your Luggage from the issuing organization. Please contact her as soon as possible with the required information and your full willingness to finalize this transaction. Congratulations!!! Thank you for your co-operation and hope to hear from you soonest. Mr. Steven Turner Mnuchin Executive Secretary United States Treasury Department Main Treasury 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20220
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Attn: Online Beneficiary, Your details information has been received and confirmed with what we have in our database before we proceed to set up your Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account, we want to bring to your notice the simple procedure to achieve this aim with our bank under my supervision. First and foremost the origin of funds has previously advised in my initial e-mail was from the United Nation Organization on unpaid payments from deposit funds from Africa and Eastern Europe. Your name and contact information was retrieved from the short listed data on the file of the United Nation Organization. If you try to recollect, you would remember conducted some businesses in either of the mentioned two tier regions (Africa and Eastern Europe) and the purpose of selection was randomly made by the United Nation Organization. Our bank stands out from all the presently distressed banks in United State and Northern America to enable the payment of your overdue transaction that has been pending for the past several years released. I want you to clearly understand that, I am here to serve you according to the instruction from FBI, Homeland Securities of States and United Nation Organization in particular. Moreover, I am not here to play any kind of joke with you. The clearances from JP Morgan Chase Bank and US Treasury Department to enable your online Transfer go smoothly has been issue to our Bank. Meanwhile, you have to clearly understand that, before we can set up a new Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account for you here in our bank, the activation fee must be paid by you and it will reflect in our database and your original account which was instructed from united nation will be activated. You have to send the sum of US$50 dollars iTunes Card to activate your Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account, this payment will be credited to your Online account before we can fully remit the amount value of US$25,000.000.00 United States Dollars This is why it is important that we first of all receive the Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account Activation fee in our bank, which in turn would record and file the payment of US$50 dollars iTunes Card and forward the information to our headquarters here in USA. Then the funds would be received, in iTunes Card registered into the system and once it is sighted, then an instruction would be issued out to that effect and the documentation would be formally presented to JP Morgan Chase bank just as described in my most recent correspondence with you explaining. Please, if you cannot afford to pay this US$50 iTunes Card don?t reply back to our e-mail; we don?t have time to beg you to set up Bank of America Personal Residential Online under our supervision. Once your buy the US$50 dollars iTunes Card make sure your send the Copy of the US$50 dollars iTunes here in Our Mail Address as instruction, Thanks My Regards Mr. Jonathan Jefferson Williams Director. Online under our supervision United States of America. [email address removed]
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