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Are you aware that one Mrs Imelda William came to our office with the complete fees for needed Transfer Permit Certificate(TPC) from Office of Presidency United States here and with Source of Fund Certificate(SFC) from country of the Origin of your $200 million ....claiming that you sent her to come and claim your $200 million with us ...bellow is the account she said that we should transfer your $200 million on your behalf ... BANK NAME : WELL FARGO ACCOUNT NO: 7971434735 ROUTING NO : 321270747 BANK ADDRESS: WINDMILL LANE LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89123 ACCOUNT NAME: IMELDA WILLIAMS , Get back to us before we transfer your $200 million to your the above mentioned account on Today ...... If i did not hear from you from now till today i will transfer your $200 million to the above account ....Thank you for banking with us...Yours In service... Mr. Peter F. Stanton Chairman and CEO Washington Trust Bank. Phone number : +1 646-905-0565 Address: 717 West Sprague Avenue Spokane, WA
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?Dear: Beneficiary,..... Good News .... See attach your OFFICIAL AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE in our Meeting with President Donald Trump?? of United? States of? America with? World leaders / Washington Trust Bank? Boards of Directors and Country of Origin of your $200 million?..Africa Government? Representatives here? in Washington D.C United States of America ...Your payment with interest rate for past years now is $200 million with our bank here has been Re-Approved by the World Leaders and President? Donald Trump? who vow that he is going to make America Great Again? by making sure that you receive your long Inheritance Contract Payment of? $200? Million from Africa? and your $200 Million has been transferred to our bank here in your name? ..?He instructed? that I will be transferring? $10 Million in each transfer to your nominated bank account till you received your full amount of $200 Million completed?. Your first transfer? of? $10 MILLION must Transfer to your account on 29 June 2018? as we have planned?.You are advice to reconfirm your full name/address/cell phone / bank details and scan any of your national id cards or Driving license to facilitate us start your transfer? on 29th June? 2018 unfailingly?? This only thing this will cost you is for you to secure?? Transfer Permit Certificate (TPC) from united states Government to make your transfer is pure legal? and protect you not to have any problem with any Agency when you are withdrawing your fund because with the certificate immunity coverage from United States Government will protect you and cover you out of all problems ..?As we are ready to start the transfer? as soon as it reflect in your account within 48 working hours another $10 Million will enter again the next day till you receive your complete $200 Million with us ?... I wait your quick respond as President Trump has instructed....View attach Authority? to Release Letter from President? Donald Trump /my working id card and follow instructions .....Get back to me to attach you the Re- Approval documentations from states Government in your name to proofs ........Thank you for banking with? us...Yours In service...Mr. Peter F. StantonChairman and CEOWashington Trust Bank.Phone number :+1 805-467-7158Address: 717 West Sprague AvenueSpokane, WA
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