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Scam email #229382 - Your International Check Draft is Ready

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The email was sent on 2017-05-19 20:18:25 and appeared to be from but this address could have been spoofed.
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It was probably sent from in Unknown, Benin

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The scam

E-mail, Elected :

This is official announce to you that, it may interesting to know that not
long after the United States of America Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Authorities, completed the merger processing of all pending payments due to
the petition raised by the USA Government, about their unpaid funds, and We
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) United States of America, Authorities, has
discovered your name among those that failed into scams victims, Note that
United States of America Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Authorities, is now
approve, to settle all unclaimed consignments(concealed funds) and
International Contractors, in case, if you have expecting any consignment
luggage box, in any Airport, we the United States of America Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) Authorities, has taking proper in charge, avoid the scams
activities,in case you receive any email or calls,stated that they have your
Consignment,coming to you,kindly contact us immediately,for more verify and

And the crew confirmed that the investigation on the fund was concluded
yesterday, while your expecting fund $20,000,000,00. is right now under care of
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Authorities, because we found it difficult to
locate your your full details home address, to delivered above fund, by United
States Service (DHL) and is our duty to protect reference below fund ,note
that the investigation crew reconfirm that the fund is a legal refunds from
REGIME of Mr.President,Donald Trump, to be your inheritance won compensation as
a scam victim, This resulted of the funds belonging to you is the from random
selection done by Global Economic Recovery program with their counterpart the
NEW GOVERNMENT OF USA, to assist scams victims, who lost funds in scam artists,
Note,you would going to receive this $20,000,000, form of International
Check Draft.

In your response with all the indications, we discovered that your are the real
beneficiary of the funds, further clarification methods to delivered the
International Check Draft. to you, while certainly pay/send a $240,00,(Two
Hundred and Forty Dollars Only) down here in (IRS) Immunity Order, before
United States of America,(IRS),would dispatch below reference International
Check Draft,to your resident home address, for the Federal deed of surrenders
as Refer to the Enforcement Authority with respect to transportation of
Delivered, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will hands over your
International Check Draft, as soon as we confirm that you have posted the fee
through issuing us the Money Gram reference number for claiming the fee in the
Country, State and City as directed.

Note : the United States of America (IRS) carrier agent will call you, after
you send the fee, so you can direct him on how he will reach you to delivered
the International Check to your personal collection, under the
supervision of Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of International Affairs,
Mr. Patrick Jeff Muller, will monitoring the (IRS) agent, until the
International Check Draft fund is delivered to your personal receipt, contact
us for urgent assistance E-mail- , once again, reconfirming
your full details, where you can receiving your International Check

Information Officer, Mr.Alan Berlin

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Where the scam probably came from

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