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Scam email #230098 - LETTER OF APOLOGY( FGN)!

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I am MR. MICHEAL DUKE, Chairman Debt Reconciliation Committee of the

office of the presidency, I have been directed by His Excellency, the

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (MUHAMMADU BUHARI), SFF,

GCRF), to bring to your immediate notice and urgent attention that this

new Government understand your plight, the huge amount of money you

have spent and all the disappointments you have suffered in the past to

get your contract fund paid to you. Due to what we described as

selective payment and incessant demand of excessive fee by some

unscrupulous and corrupt erstwhile officials in charge of foreign
contract payment in the past.

However, upon assumption of office by this Democratic Elected

Government, series of special meeting were held home and abroad with

some leaders of the World Monetary Institution e.g. World Bank Group,

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Paris and London Club of Creditors,

European Economic Community ( E .E. C.) and envoy's of our

Correspondence International Bank of Settlement Worldwide affiliated

with the Central Bank of Nigeria. The purpose of this special meeting

is to (i) rebuild Nigeria Economy (ii) pay all Foreign Debts.

In this regards, and due to the good and positive results we receive

from this special meeting a Total sum of US$2.5 Billion U.S. Dollars

have been approved from the supplementary Budget Bill which was

approved by the Upper House of assembly recently to pay all foreign

Contractors whose payment have been hanging since 1989.

In order to show the World that Nigerian is a truly Democratic and

Transparent Government, this New Government has decided to give all

Foreign Contractors 100% assurance that in 48 Banking Hours their

contract Fund will be effected to their nominated Bank Account.

The Government of Nigeria inaugurated the Nigerian National Petroleum

Corporation (NNPC) under the full guidance of the World Bank Group who

is to check the progress of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

(NNPC) and see to it that every Contractor receive his/her money

immediately the Contractor has contacted the (NNPC) and the (NNPC) have

been empowered to effect all payments previously ape proved by the past

Regimes/Administrations which their payment were not effected.

This morning a Telex Signal attached with a Presidential Instruction

Stamped and Signed by the President have being sent to (NNPC) to

contact you for the payment of your Contract Fund and two other

Contractors within 48 Hours.

You are however,strongly advised for the interest of your person, your

esteemed Company to Contact the Chairman, Contract Award Committee, MR

FRED UWANDU on Tel: +234- 7010058105 E-mail:

for the immediate payment of your Contract Fund within the next 48

Banking Hours.

The Central Bank of Nigeria or other Financial Institutions does not

have the power to effect your payment without the due clearance from

the highest body which is the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

(NNPC) you are advised to call the (NNPC) on Line: +234- 7010058105.

for the immediate payment of your Contract Fund as they are on stand-

by to effect your payment into your nominated Bank account within the

next 48 Banking Hours Immediately, you contact them.

Sir, on behalf of this Democratic Government of Nigeria, I apologize

for any delay you might have encountered in receiving your money in the

past. However, Congratulations in advance!

Yours faithfully,


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