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The email was sent on 2019-01-15 21:57:58 and appeared to be from but this address could have been spoofed.
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My name is Mr Jan Eliasson, I am a crime fighter and Deputy
Secretary-General of the United Nations. I was mandated to come to
Nigeria-Africa to investigate frauds that are being committed here in
Nigeria at intervals. I am presently working with the Nigerian inspector
general of police, some FBI and CIA agents to ensure that the perpetrators
of this Evil activities are urgently apprehended.

"I am very honoured to be invited to eradicate fraud completely in Africa
which I have vowed to do without any fear or favour," but it baffles me to
discover that your impending funds from Africa, which was intercepted,has
not been released to you till this moment after being cleared by the
Nigerian Presidency,Federal Ministry of Justice and the Finance Ministry.
It is also clearly indicated that you have made several attempts and spend
much money to transfer your funds to your account but to no avail.

With the help of the Nigerian Police, special FBI and CIA agents in
Nigeria, We have managed to apprehend some scam syndicates who made some
confessional statements and indited Ex-Governor of Central Bank of
Nigeria(Professor Charles Soludo and his successor Dr.Lamido Sanusi,
Mr.Godwin Emefiele. They have confessed how they have impersonated the
names of some UN Executive members like MR BAN KI-MOON, Mrs.Inga-Britt
Ahlenius and Ms.Carman L. Lapointe Mrs Paulette Beal to defraud their

Please, we have noticed that Nigerians are very ruthless and have defrauded
so many foreigners we have also discovered the irregularities in foreign
payment files intentionally masterminded by these scammers and urgently
called the attention of the World Bank President and Mr. Bank Ki-Moon and
they both came to a resolution that the Federal Government of Nigeria must
pay a total amount of $10.5M to each of the people whose names were found
in the list till this irregularity has been corrected.

This approved amount must be made available to all beneficiaries within the
next 14 banking days or an Economic Sanction will be placed on Nigeria by
the UN and other international Organizations.

NOTE: On no account must you be requested to pay any fee by any Bank or
individual in Nigeria. The only fee you must pay to receive your fund which
covers every other fee is a UN POLICE FUND CLEARANCE REPORT FEE OF
$225.This must be paid directly to my office here for the procurement and
endorsement of all your fund approval/release documents by the UN.

WARNING!!!!!!. The UN has never for once sent any Diplomat to Nigeria for
any payment. IF you have any dealings with anyone claiming to be any of
these persons, please STOP immediately or we shall cancel this payment of
USD$10.5M that has already been approved to you.Note that,the UN POLICE
FUND CLEARANCE REPORT FEE is must and very important, so take note of that.

NB: Every communication should be made through this e-mail address: ( on how to send the $225 only.

NOTE: We have asked for the above UN POLICE FUND CLEARANCE REPORT FEE to
make available the most complete and up-to date records
possible.immediately Contact me via E-mail for instructions on how to send
the $225.any other contact or payment you make apart from the UN POLICE
FUND CLEARANCE REPORT FEE is at your own risk. WE will like your respond to
this call to avoid any further delaying.

Do not be afraid for the fee, when replying this mail, include your full
name, phone number,position and address so that we can register it here.

Thanks for your anticipated compliance to this message.

Mr Jan Eliasson
UN Deputy Secretary-General.
UN Crime Fighting Officer.
Phone: +234-814-758-0825.

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-0.0 SPF_PASS                   SPF: sender matches SPF record                    
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                                blocked. See                                      
                                #dnsbl-block for more information. [URIs:         
 0.0 PP_MIME_FAKE_ASCII_TEXT    BODY: MIME text/plain claims to be ASCII but isn't
 0.1 DKIM_SIGNED                Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not           
                                necessarily valid                                 
 0.0 LOTS_OF_MONEY              Huge... sums of money                             
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 0.1 DKIM_INVALID               DKIM or DK signature exists, but is not valid     
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 0.0 T_FILL_THIS_FORM_SHORT     Fill in a short form with personal information    
 1.2 MONEY_FRAUD_8              Lots of money and very many fraud phrases         
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 0.0 ADVANCE_FEE_5_NEW_MONEY    Advance Fee fraud and lots of money               
 0.0 FORM_FRAUD_5               Fill a form and many fraud phrases                

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