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The Presidency
Federal Republic of Nigeria
United Nation & IMF Payment Monitoring Office
Presidential Complex, Garki
Abuja, Nigeria

Attn: Fund Beneficiary.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: US$2.750 Million Part Payment of Your Over Due Outstanding Debt.

Following the inauguration of the new government of retired Gen. Mohamadu
Buhari President & Commander in Chief Federal Republic of Nigeria on the
29th of May 2015, in his inauguration speech he vowed to fight and wipe out
corruption in the government that has endangered the social economic well
being of the country and following his recent meeting with US president
Barack Obama in which he reiterated his ambition to wipe away corruption in
the Nigeria system and government especially, in his bid to achieve this
zero corruption he requested that the US assist his government in this
fight through the United Nations and on the strength of this he inaugurated
a special committee in his government to work in conjunction with the
United Nations and IMF Investigation Advisory & Supervisory team to achieve
his goal. This special committee is to monitor through the CBN, Federal
Ministry Finance, NNPC and other financial sectors all unpaid contractual
and foreign beneficiary?s payments debts.

We have in this regards advised the suspension of involvement of all
financial institutions and commercial banks assigned with the
responsibility to release any beneficiary payment that is not approved by
this office hence it might end up to be a scam. In strict compliance to
this we have forthwith taken charge and responsibility to monitor and coo-
handle the final release of all unpaid foreign payment directly in
conjunction with the genuine Banks and financial institutions involved in
some of these payments globally. You are therefore strictly advised to
henceforth stop correspondence with any of these financial institutions you
are dealing with and deal directly with this office for the security and
safety of your payment which would be finally released via any of our
approved foreign correspondence bank that would be designated and
authorized for the final release of these payments.

In this regard be informed that all funds assumed to be released by Bank
Draft, Checks, ATM, via any of the existing, fictitious or Commercial Banks
locally or international or passing through any of the existing or
fictitious financial institution abroad has been suspended these includes
all cash payments or assumed diplomatic courier payment which most of these
fictitious impostors do not have the legitimate immunity coverage to carry
out such level of transaction and should you prefer cash payment, it will
be effectively carried out under our strict supervision with an immunity
payment coverage to ensure a smooth and risk free conveyance and delivery
of the funds to you without any hitch or questioning from your government
on the legitimacy of the fund hence all payment coverage documents would be
issued to you by us backing the legitimacy of the funds.

In the light of the above and to facilitate the final release of this
payment to enable this office carry out such method of payment or any
preferred mode of payment in your favor legitimately be inform that your
payment will now be handled by this office in-conjunction with Nigeria
Government and payments would be strictly monitored by us only through or
approved recommended banks or finance sectors abroad to ensure a legitimate
payment. In strict compliance to this order you are advised to discontinue
further correspondence with any of these aforementioned financial
institutions company or any person or group of persons you find yourself
involved with locally or internationally for the safety and security of
your funds. In this light your strict adherence to this official advice is
highly imperative hence the United Nations, World Bank or IMF whom we
exclusively represent would not be liable for any unforeseen circumstance
your none compliance to this advice would cost you or your company haven
intervened positively in your favor as the global financial, economic
security watch dogs of the world.

In strict compliance to this you are advised to reconfirm your personal
identification to enable this office re-validate and investigate the delay
of your payment and monitor the final release once found satisfactory for
release. As soon as this is received we shall keep you posted on the best
way to receive your payment either by bank to bank transfer via our
correspondence bank in USA, or Europe which payment will be directly
monitored by this office to ensure a swift and genuine release of your
payment which can also be indubitably released via cash payment under a
special arrangement hence this office has the diplomatic immunity to carry
out such level of payment genuinely without any hitch hence to carry out
such level of transaction all documents backing such cash movement must be
procured to ensure a safe delivery of funds to the recipient beneficiary.

In conclusion be informed that the United Nations, World Bank and
International Monetary Fund (IMF) have in view of the global economic
reality reached an understanding a consensus with this present government
of President Mohamadu Buhari that every legitimate beneficiary?s payment
found satisfactory after due payment verification should be released
without any charges except for the procurement of the (BPPF) AO1H which is
for the processing of the beneficiary's payment which value of the form
should not exceed the global standard cost of US$295 (Two Hundred & Ninety
Five United States Dollars Only) as approved by the World Bank & IMF which
is in strong compliance of Beneficiary Statutory Payment Act of 2002 and as
amended in 2007.

It was therefore agreed that any other statutory cost aside the
Beneficiary?s Payment Processing Form (BPPF) Form (AO1H) of (US$295 only)
should be deducted from the principle amount. In strict compliance to this
payment resolution, you are advised to reconfirm your details which should
include your direct contact telephone and scanned copy of your
international passport or drivers license to enable us send you the (BPPF)
Form (AO1H) for payment re-validation and processing and release of your
prolonged payment which has been delayed for so long without any positive
result after all the funds you might have possibly spent in your pursuit of
this fund and should you have any questions do not hesitate to do so.

Thanks as we look forward to your timely response and to process your
payment please kindly get in touch with this office and pick up your
payment processing form and thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jefferson Makati. (UNIMFPM Representative)
Alhaji Bello Mohammed (Payment Coordinator UNIMFPM)
Cc: Governor CBN
Cc: Federal Ministry of Finance
Cc: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

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